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what a waste Nov 2018
Anymore he's ****-poor,
an off-mood in it's final form.
A Monday morning set on rerun.
Somebody fetch the kid a coffin,
his serotonin is stretched thin.
Put his thinker on the block
and cure him with a swift chop.
He won't need it where he's going.
The cubicle smaller than a molecule,
and the fine print's never optional.
what a waste Nov 2018
I keep the 59fifty with me,
crown fit with the flipped brim.
Grin situated like a grizzly's.
I'll put a ***** down quickly.
Clip him in the kidney like a fifth
then watch his miss switch teams.
Appease her til her knees hurt.
Sign a jersey, ergo the curb.
My door reads do not disturb.
Delete me if you feel the urge.
Make no mistake, I will not search.
This is scorched-earth antics at its worst,
no stone will be left unturned.
Smarter than your average oaf,
my art works like an Ork on coke.
Just because you lack a clue doesn't
mean the world must follow suit.
There's a thumb in your mouth, and you
wonder why the words won't come out.
what a waste Nov 2018
Bring me the bottom of a bottle.
Any old dusty, decrepit glass will do.
Stiffer the poison the better.
I've run out of ways of spelling s.o.s
and I want something real to last.
Love comes when you least expect,
but I've long since given up
and haven't found it yet.
what a waste Oct 2018
Zero friends but I got the T.V to binge
Red lens caving in, sofa surfing to the bitter end
Lovers flicker by like the rent that's spent
Better get to clicking 'fore the fantasies win

Skew my eyes with the waters of Parime
These two cents will do not a penny more, okay
I've long been dead, the grave sits in an ashtray
I don't need bread, I'll stay misplaced 'til I decay
what a waste Oct 2018
**** sleeping.
It's 4 am and the windows sit tilted.
Feels like winter but it's the bone that splinters.
No snow outside just the woe of billions,
though still cold enough to uphold some liquor.
Orwell's vision - a fresh print - first edition.
I'm here to worship the hissing behind the television.
To slip in between the cracks of black and white
til I'm peddling end times like I want it done right.
Spare me a match and I'll bring the 'mite,
we can start where the litter lies.
what a waste Aug 2018
Who am I kidding. Jabberjaw has withdrawn.
He couldn't paddle inland with an undertow so strong.
Now he's just another shark frantic for it all.
All hail the swarm impatient like confetti in a storm.
The honeybees are curious, I wonder when they'll charge.
The queen must've been too busy feasting on the hoard.
Their hearts riddled with tooth enamel like it was poured.
Dismantle me at my core. I no longer wan't it to work.
what a waste Aug 2018
They gave us some time to think about it,
but what's the use?
I knew it the moment your eyes met mine,
and the breeze came through
tipping me to my toes like the night.
Yes, I'm yours and you're mine.
**** possession, I just haven't figured
out the next best thing.
Baby, I'd like to live my life,
but what's the use
if it ain't you by my side.
Ooh, girl. With those baby blue queues
you'd never see me getting outa line.
Hypnotized. I'd wait a life time for the right time,
change tides like Poseidon or get you
extra cheese if that's something you needed.
They gave us some time to think about it,
but what's the use?
I knew it the second you smiled that white lie.
*******, can you make a broken man feel fine.
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