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am i ee Sep 23
hello boy,
who is me!

you don't answer,
so i see.

you are me.
don't you see?

lost in duality!

you and me.


2023 esk
#nonduality #love #loss #bofriend #adaita #wonder #life
am i ee Jun 9
eileen’s dream

was it you?
was it us?

was it you as me?
was it me as you?

shifting, changing
polarities, dualities

did eileen ever
have any dream?

or just this waking one
intermixed with her
sleeping ones?

or was it just a cigar
named for an eileen?

~esk June 2023
am i ee Feb 15
sitting alone

surprises appear

fun ensues

wonder ensues

life, lessons..

so much

I’m not ready
to have you leave me

you have so much more

to teach me

I know your heart hurts
i know you are tired

I know your barrel is almost empty
but just don’t leave me now

I need you

i  think you need me now
life is sweet pain and sweet bliss
don't give up. it is delicious pain and joy
live it to the fullest
it is too short .. go for it
in all its manifestations;
am i ee Dec 2022
My heart unfurls
from this dip in duality

Smile appears
laughter erupts

Ah, you got me
yet again

Duality my
fun little friend

How peaceful it is
to step back again

Space to breathe
space to see you

as ME

~nbnmnt. 26 Dec 2022
am i ee Dec 2022
the new boyfriend
now the gone boyfriend

such fun we did have
that first morning

what is your name?
I can't remember yours either

how much fun is that
after a crazy night

barking dog
wandering paws

such delight

hotels, bars, roads
in common

lives lived in parallel
at the same time

movies, songs

laughter, yoking
such great fun

chasms of differences
matriarchy patriarchy

making someone into
what you like

i've been there too
how funny to have you

do that to me too

endless days
and nights

of talking

voraciously consuming
one another's forms

ah the adventure
ah the divine touch

seeing yourself in
the other

duality at its
very very best

duality at its
very very worst

you can't save another
nor fix them

the road
is a solitary one

the work is hard
and it plumbs the depth of your soul

of who you are

don't waste your time
in this life

recognize who
and what you are

we are ALL
the ONE

see yourself in
each and every creature

each and every being
every tree

every star
every celestial object

each and every drop of rain
and every body of water

laugh like a child
cry like a child

love like there is no tomorrow

nothing is ever lost
only changing form

om mani padme hung
may all live lives of ease, of health, of happiness, of infinite love
am i ee Dec 2022
got myself a new boyfriend
turned out to be my twin


never laughed so hard
cried so much

danced so long

moaned in ecstasy so many times
well there goes that vow of celibacy

re-entering this manifested existence
a little quiz from the absolute

7 years of silence and stillness and solitude
turned on its head

Oh the joy
the delicious pain of

isn't it a hoot?

and now he is gone

where will this roller coaster end
this time?

will he ever reappear again?
am i ee Sep 2022
friends just  left

moon shines bright

such a good night

:  )

love to all !!!
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