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am i ee Apr 2016
delicate small black feather
spotted and dotted in white
you bring such delight

small lightish-grey feather
having come to rest in the gutter
there you are found

an expected surprise this morning,
want to travel along, a little way,
with me?
am i ee Apr 2016
peaceful, dark,
rainy morning
with puppy & tea
am i ee Mar 2016
blanketed in gray

brings calm, tranquility
am i ee Mar 2016
hawk greets
trees bare
empty paths

water flowing
goose ***** into river
heron takes flight

red headed woodpecker
flits from tree to tree
a happy morning sight

footsteps crunching dry leaves
deer dash off in a rush
white tails high

first morning of the new third month
this in year of the Fire Monkey....
am i ee Feb 2016
late afternoon sun
streaming through the glass door

rays shining on pine needles
and bare tree branches
am i ee Feb 2016
tall red rubber boots on this rainy morning
bring me joy, happiness.
stomping in the puddles,
hiking in the wet wet leaves.

standing still as the raindrops
pour down over umbrella,
drops pounding the pond with intensity,
watching mother nature in action.

still winter but with little
signs of spring emerging.
green green shoots of jonquil leaves,
a bit of sun and warm will bring color.

for now the trunks of the trees are grey
and branches bare.
crows caw on this quiet wet morning
flitting from branch to branch before taking flight.

raindrops mix with creek water,
rushing down over rocks
and logs,
dams created.

such beauty and peace
on this raw morning,
such profound love is found
in the stillness and silence...

in Mother Nature
in the Tao.....
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