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Vicki Kralapp Aug 2012
The warmth of life has come at last
to me along this spring time path.
Sweet fragrance floats on morning breeze,
while colors dance on plants and trees.
As orchids peek from under pines
I float off to past years and find
myself recalling days gone by
and always you who’ve said goodbye.

But while this past now flirts with me,
I take the time to let it be
and make a choice along my way
to seek out love another way.
I still recall what’s left behind
and in this heart will always find
a life that took a crooked path,
but now has found it’s own way back.

Time’s given me a second chance
to see life at a backward glace.
To learn at last from my mistakes,
so with this choice a chance I take.
To find another soul like mine,
and with that soul my life I’ll find.
My heart has come full circle now,
from life through death a blessed whole.
All poems are copy written and sole property of Vicki Kralapp.
vos flèches clignotantes
(Your flashing spires)

vos dômes de glace
(Your domes of ice)

et ma peur du paradis éternel
(and my fear of eternal paradise)

vos reliques volées, vos os de porcelaine
(your stolen relics, your porcelain bones)

maintenant fait pauvre Bethléem entendre vos gémissements
(Now makes poor Bethlehem hear your moans)

vos châteaux vieillissants, vos portes nacrées
(your aging castles, your pearly doors)

exhumé dans les cendres du purgatoire
(Exhumed in the ashes of purgatory)
Good riddance.
Carter Ginter Oct 2014
The mason trudges on
night and day to finish
his masterpiece. Clockwork,
he waits like a prisoner
for the jurisdiction to
fall in his favor. Each
opportunity: he will steal it.
Adhesive to stone and
metal support:
This wall will not
fall. No, this one he will not
let dissemble. Opposing the
prior ruin, plagued
with age and abuse,
the once damaging blows
instead drive this puzzle together.

Attend carefully.
Every door slammed behind
to shut me out,
Each painful stab in your glace
lancing through my chest, into
the black cavity life has consumed
into me.
He will work
to layer his project, this
projection of my cautions, until
the last glimmer of light disappears
behind the last stone in the
last wall. Now a true prisoner,
my mind lies
in contentment.
figurative metaphor for the wall my mind builds to keep people out
emily mikkelsen Dec 2016
I long to photograph you,
save you
keep you unchanging
just a glace of your beauty
wonder, overwhelming.
how do you manage
to take my breath away
each time?
I say I'm fine
but that is a lie
still falling for you
zumee Nov 2018
Les mots:
du sucre glace
sur les sommets
de nos pensées.
Why forget the face of bright sunshine,
Whom's smile melts ones frigged heart,
Whom's eyes are the color of a Hershey's sweet,
Why I look away?
Because, one glace at you knocks me off my feet,
Not a day passes that I don't think of you,
Oh how I long to prove my feelings so true,
Never shall I think twice about winning your heart,
Living without you tears me apart,
How I long to hear your voice once again,
How soft are your words,
How quiet is your voice,
How I long for your gentle touch,
If only I had control over what I do and say,
If only my tongue would preach,
My feelings so deep,
If only you were mine to keep.
I got some ideas/Inspired by: Althought I did not copy the poem I was inspired by it. This is too my Sebastian.. (Not literately to the anime character, but to one whom resembles him although this Sebastian's name is Micah, and Micah is sweet compared to the bitter sweet love of Sebastian Michaelis. As you can guess by now, I have a crush on an anime character as well, but I do not love Micah because of his looks, he is so sweet and shy and I like that in guys.. That rhymed.. .)

— The End —