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chasin' one another
in the sand...
we're barefoot...
splashin' as we run...
oh no, you've caught me...
(or did I let you?)
once again,
you take me in your arms...
we collapse in the sand,
along the oceanside...
we're listenin' to the waves
and the seagulls cry...
darkness is embracin'
the night...
you and I,
starin' into the star-filled sky;
we're givin' each one a new name...
before too long;
you take me
by the hand,
pullin' me intimately
alongside you...
kissin' me with such
a passion...
"ohh mmm"
savorin' these moments...
as we're longin' to become
as one...


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
Sometimes I wonder
if there's
Someone Just For Me!
Sometimes I wonder
if I've already
met him.
Or if our paths
in our lives
just haven't crossed yet-
I'm searchin' for him,
I hope he's searchin', too!
Sometimes I feel
like just givin' up
on this long search!
How do I know
if he's searchin'
for me?
I've thought, too many times-
that I've, at last, found him!
I long to hold my
Someone Just For Me!
I want to be loved by
Someone Just For Me!
And give all my love to
Someone Just For Me!
I know who
I want as my
Someone Just For me-
but this Someone
is with another.
Why, oh why,
can't you be...
Someone Just For Me?


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
zebra Dec 2017
damm men
predatory *** hounds
chasing skirts and tights
aching **** idiots
disciples of Eros
Christs of fetish
reconciling nothing
veiling that principled demeanor
of feminist culture
"of don't objectify me".....translation
sensual form is not natures ruse
machine Eve must
override override override

well the id does not negotiate
the superstructure of affected political tele-reality
the liberal chattering class
who interminably speculate male motives to be some vainglorious power trip
while corperatized media personalities
feign out of control lust as a mental disorder
sit up like shuddering pekingese
yessing the lascivious
as a fiction

no ladies
its not just power
theories are not testosterone
it is pure unadulterated
urge to merge
like the beluga **** channel
sea world as you've never seen it before
where male dolphins
batter and *******
the weaker ***
in search of feral harmony

in an overbuilt society
yet to become a civilization
are we
scissored between a wild ****** id
of the damed
and the Victorian sacred
of the damed

oh you silky damsels
makin men moody and humid
pure **** heroine
a poison ivy of ***
like a rash
givin men folk the itch
cant stop the twitch
rubber *******
in a rubbing frenzy
from your soaking heat and odor

we are  a rumbling of muttering torments
for the forbidden taste
of you
we are pan in a mad dance
for glistening shanks
and buttery kisses
we are the early bird looking for the worm
hunters decreed by the liturgy of heaven and hell
a constellation of infatuation and lechery
mad with adoration
love slaves in a raging furnace of desire
*** addicts
that just say yes
turgid dogs
hole sniffers
voluptuous monsters
all johnny apple seed
and sometimes your salvation
as you are ours
knowing that sometimes
real eroticism eclipses morality

and yes my darlings*

asia Apr 28
i wanted you
to feel my love
rushin through my tight hugs.
i wanted you to see
i wasnt givin up
on you
mainly us
i wanted you
even if you fussed
i stayed when it was rough
i wanted you to say
things you were
scared to say
show me
tell me
its a must
i juss wanted you
to know i cared,
i loved you w everythin
showed you all my trust.
even after everythin..
tht happened.
i want you.
i want an us.
Ken Pepiton Mar 24
My house is built in the path which
the red leopard butterflies are using in their trek
up the east edge of the valley
where I rest,

peaceful and alive, thank you for the thought.

These red leopard butter flies are passing at
a rate of
a couple dozen every sixty
heart beats, steady

rest in peace, old man, one ******* young'n says,
we're givin' them hikers on the PCT
a run.

Yeah, I say, I'll be Odinic. Watthehey eh
I'll keep an eye out as I go
to and fro on the face o'th'earth

Sing the real song, mask off?

Can't. Won't work. Like make ying
neither ying nor yang,
hermes rules:
no comdemnation here.
Simple as pi.
A caught thought, I know not what to make of it.
I wonder sometimes what God was thinking...
when he gave us a second chance...
He's all seeing, all knowing...
He knew what would happen...
without a second glance...

We have free will...
as we did before...
So you think He would have...
just shut that door...

Gone on to something new...
giving up on me and you...
Or maybe there's hope...

Even now, with all that has and is happening...
in our world...
Things gearing up, tempers getting hot...
I have to believe that He did know the outcome...
when He gave us another shot...
And that gives me hope...
makes me believe he hasn't...
left us here to rot...

It gives me hope...
that God has not forgot...

We do have choices...
we can still make...
to prove that we did deserve a second take...

We are the most intelligent species...
on this planet...
But, we take EVERYTHING for granted.

We are selfish and greedy...
when there are others that are so needy...

They're is no difference between us...
Money and things won't change that...

In the end we all end up in the same place...
all that money you spent on your body...
and beautiful face all melting away...
in a natural decay...

You're money and material things all givin' away...
You're image and memory over time...
getting smaller every day...

Until no one remembers you anymore...
just like the homeless man...
they find dead, down by the corner store...

So maybe we should ALL take a deep breathe...
step back and count to ten...
Because if we don't...
there is no way WE are ever going to win...
patty m Mar 29
I thought we had a truce
we even signed a treaty
now you're putting me down
on walls of graffiti


I **** it up
drain the cup
taste it
don't waste it .

U dish out loathing and fear
sink it right here
your tongue lashin'
rehashin' old news
lets exchange barks and bites
for soft purrs and mews.

But U wanna be bad
with your  backstabbing play
if you want me to submit ,
try 50 shades of gray
spread the jam
don't tell me who I am
cuz now I'm takin what I want
like a wolf on the hunt,
unbuckled and prime
don't U cross the line.

**** it up
drain the cup
taste it
don't waste it

no blanket of security
no purity in your smile
cuz I'm taking  you down
without givin' U a trial

back door girls
can't be trusted
trifling *****
You've just been busted.

**** it up
Eryri Sep 2018
Which one hurts ya?
Born a ***** or raised a *****?
Take your pick.
Mother Nature can be sick,
But so can your mother and so can your father.
Look at yer brothers
Look at yer sisters
All of 'em idiots
None of 'em got jobs
What's your prospects?
A life of desk jobs?
Nah, dealing and stealing
Taking without feeling
That's what you'll do
No dreams of being well-to-do.
You were born poor,
Raised to be poor,
Cos you're forgotten by the government,
No votes to be gained from givin' you a helping hand.
Born poor, stay poor.
No cultural capital
To help cast off the metaphorical manacles
That shackle any sense of aspiration that might give you inspiration
To defy nature
To defy nurture.
I'll prove ya wrong!
I was born poor for sure,
Raised poor is right,
But my folks weren't sick,
They raised me not to be a *****
My bloodline shows no decline
Just not born with entitlement,
So don't judge,
That's just ******* lazy
Don't believe the argument:
Nature versus nurture
I am me, now,
So don't get frenetic about my genetics.
I have free-will
I will pay my bills,
Not be defficient,
But be self-sufficient.
And what about you?
Sat in your Ivory Tower
Indulging in your power to judge those you don't know,
Believing them to be a product line of people scrounging,
Needing hand downs from the Crown
Doing nothing but clowning around,
Smoking dope
Being without hope.
But I will be someone,
And prove you wrong,
So put your patronising way to bed
Coz I'm not lazing away until I'm dead.
A lame comment on political and class divide.
“ Well there you have it ,
    all suited and booted the outer man
Mr buzz Mr Fuzz ,
catch me if you can ?
I’m the kind of guy you want to meet ,
the kind of man that will lift you off you’re feet .
Have a few jokes ,
give this one a try ,
Is that lady givin me the eye ?
Tall and dark my posture be ,
just waiting for a pretty little thing to bother me .
Here I am quiet table ,
lights are low ,
here she comes
and there I go “

“Now I’m sat here a bumbling wreck ,
afraid to talk ,
sweat running down my neck ,
now there’s jelly in my belly ,
and I’m wondering what’s on the tele ?
What times the train for my journey home ,
Where is the toilet I need a **** .

“ Well that’s been fun and we both agree ,
   I’m not her type ,
  She goes out for a *** ,
and I head to the bar ,
and bring up the courage to talk once more .
T Aug 2018
My life has changed in so many ways
I have not seen the woman I love in many of days
I will not stop till she is back in my arms where she belongs.......This I vow I will make up for all of my wrongs
I will not make it on my own.......Not while she is home all alone
This is the woman that I love ......and I am so afraid .....I can't make up for the mistakes I made......neither one us shall be alone any longer....I have made my body and mind a whole lot to this beautiful woman whom I cherish......we will be together till we perish...the time has come to grow with this love that the Lord has Givin us.....and this time baby there will be no fuss....this is what he planned all along ...all the signs are there for all the world to live as one for eternity you and me laugh and dance and sing no more drama and our minds will be free
#it will be just beleive
Wayne Wysocki Aug 2018
Two cigarettes and a beer, dear
That's how long I'll be here
If you never show
Then I'm gonna go
After two cigarettes and a beer.

You know I'm not big on forgivin’
And not much for talkin’ things through
But if you’ll swing on by
I'll give it a try
Though I don't think I'll hear nothin’ new

Baby I've heard your last reason
For standin’ me up like you do
You think it's all right
If I'm waitin’ all night
And that's why I'm just givin’ you

Two cigarettes and a beer, dear
That's how long I'll be here
If you never show
Then I'm gonna go
After two cigarettes and a beer.
© 2018 Wayne Wysocki
King Tutankhamun Sep 2018
I sense the rain diggin' into my brain harder than a migraine
So I take tokes of the Mary Jane simple and plain
Things ain't the same ever since you came
Into my life from the kids to my universal wife
Married to the cosmos so I can expose
Myself to energy that was left
Of my consciousness
Sick of the the nonsense
I'm feelin' dry wipe the tears from God's eye
Never knew why?
How I'm feelin' the madness filled with sadness
Which I could reverse the pains fillin' soon to burst
Out of emotion life's a constant commotion
as my thoughts sink deeper than an ocean

Many can't stand the rain....

It's early in the morning I'm bawling crawling
In my sleep as my chakras begin to creep
I'm in too deep peep
the madness running around
Percolating soon to drown what's that sound
I'm hearing voices of past choices block out the
visions of a gloomy glare though no one's there
Just prefigured destiny
of a hidden enemy
A closed vessel soon to open into a portal
A worm hole corticals swole so know the protocol
I'm the first and the last
baby girls you more than just a piece of *** as I clash
Like opposite magnets attached
To your love
Beautiful dove spreading wings
Take flight away into the golden disc
Givin' us a sun kiss

Many can't stand the rain...

Now that the rain done poured mother nature stored
Mankinds sins into the ground but then again
Let the madness re-ascend cuz the roots been
Tampered with so many mental caskets
Scared to wake up cuz they love being dead
Chasin' bread scared of every thing they red
On the frontlines of newspapers stop catching the vapors
Undercover raiders energy creator I'm dark as Vader
From alpha to omega the worlds a stage of
Actors and actresses leave no witnesses
Once the sun comes out begins a new drout
Should have caught the raindrops before it stopped

Many can't the rain...
King Tutankhamun Aug 2018
Yeah it's one shot one ****

Plottin' against my enemies will soon to be killed
Bullets feedin' ya last meal
Dope rhymes sedatin' like pharmacy pills
Since hataz got no chill heads I'll drill  now you leakin' out like oil spills
Or a radiator angelic caters none could create a
Flows nasty as mine poppin' a multiplicity of shells I'm one of a kind
Thoughts intertwined  
****** into a demons intervention contenders in suspension from the soul lynching
Caught in the realms of heaven and hell & you can smell
The ashes burning fermentin'
time runnin' slower than molasses
My murders be classic enemies dramatic causin' static
Shoot more than Bird combined with Magic
Workin' my Johnson on the tracks tonsils sittin' as a hip hop consul underground magul  
**** longer than Repunzels hair follicles
Cookin' up sigils into a *** of gold no rainbow snortin' sir nose
D'void of Funk rattlin' the earth from the bass in my trunk blazin' skunks
Abraxas I'm embracin' one of my goetias when facin' ain't no replacin'
Fools givin' chase
and to tastes of demonic faces
My flows replenish like **** laces
Blunts turn into ashes dump it out on the masses
Epidemic mase deaden your pace hazardous like toxic waste
Adversaries don't wanna face
Off like Nicolas to Travolta livin' in an ultra violent culture
Cleatin' into ya flesh I be the stalkin' Vulture mulchin' ya
'til ya
  A dissembled particle blank photo in the article from curvin' emcees with my surgical
lyrical sickle stare into ya eyes as the blood trickles
Down ya body you easily brickled rhymes artificial
My soul sour as a pickle no tickles
Could move me or influence thee my legacy
Lay cinematography like A. Hitchcock in the 50s huh
Ya soon to be a death reel for thrills
All I need is one shot one **** forreal!!!!
King Tutankhamun Oct 2018
Caught an intellect from the beams of a flashin' tech
Skies open fools still hopin'
more corrupt than Kenneth Copeland yo I ain't
Jokin' words carefully spoken
From Houston to Oakland me ghettos we all kin
Born in sin so I was made for lusting put my trust in
My nine millimeter soon to beat cha if ya
Not fast with ya draw man this a southside gang
And We running thangs comin' back on track like a
Haters love to sing chirpin' like early birds
I move the herds the black Sheppard
testing nerves
Check my lac banked on the curb hit a taste of the herb
To calm my brain cells light a fire see visions of Hell
I inhale free my mind from jail caught in this fairy tale
Thought this world was made for me but it ain't see?
The devil's laughing at me cuz I  took the plea of insanity

Expose my mind through pens and papers
Towerin' empires past the
traces of flowin' vapors
Disappear then reappear back on the atmosphere
But still i ain't here a ghost in a
Pass the seven gates of chakras
Gather my intel from my enemies that sail
Undercover lover to ya mother
See me I create energy powerful enough
To call out any bluff keep it rough

and rugged
So **** it since most chicken ya feathers
Gettin' plucked givin' up the what?
The funk that is
From Rosemary's kids made in
Check the tens bumpin' in the
I'm old school rock big jewels pinky

Diamond bezels shining and still
Sip Tennessee whiskey out the glass cup
Flashback it's the return of King
Speak bad watch the raw clips keep ya mouth shut
King Tutankhamun Dec 2018
Some times I pray for the Lord to take me away
From the pain that stays and friends went astray
Once I hit the bottom of the crab barrel
I a ghostly Pharoah living life on death row
My soul inside of a atom'd shell well
Ain't nothing but hell can't even bail
Only if my life got tooken or naturally Rosen
From a unwakened sleep my conscious speaks
Tryna break free but I gotta lotta work clearly
I know they fear me cuz knowledge
Is dangerous G see how many form up as enemies
After ya royalties ain't no more loyalty
Once they see the building of a dynasty
I resurrected as a king corruption born into a ring
Of a fire I'm king Tut risen from the grave givin'
Nothing but revisited pain that stains
Ya master plan I got a powerful clan
Who all pack at least fifty grand packing the stans
And turn haters into fans without even being mainstream man

Restrictions of land plot riots got brought
Unto the community guns and drugs separate unity
They disputing me cuz I speak truthfully
Most fools be spitting for mass publicity
But I gives a **** about the industry
It ain't what it used to be so many phonies
Acting like they ya homies when they holding pistols
Behind ya back my minds spins black
Back to the days of where realness sits at
That's a preposition **** the intermission
I know the rap game is about the commission
Since hataz sho they neck they bound for lynching
No disrespect to the deads souls that dialed connect
Down the gun line all I need is one line
Like to Nas gun line broke the laws that define
Me as a ***** I stay holding my trigger
I try to spread love but most miss the picture
A photograph of his last laugh before ye see the blood bath
King Tutankhamun Nov 2018
Just letting ya know I'll always
Miss you
Homie it seems like I just seen
Yesterday chillin' on the internet chat
Room couldn't sweep the pain even
If I had a broom and soon I'll join ya in the tombs
I can't imagine what ya famz going
One of the realist of the crews sippin' *****
Tryna not to loose my self and maintain my health
Though pain is an invisible disease please
Under stand my sentimental I wish my mental
Wasn't so easily brushed into
Still dealing with your lost and though we loss
Ya I'll still remember ya as ya
On cloud nine riding the highs so I incline
I know you in a better place **** it
This **** I can't face
No more I feel at the verge of a
As these emotions stirs up a hornest nest
I'm stung on ya demise just givin' ya a proper recognize

Cherish the short days we have
On the Earth
Cuz birth is an introduction to the
Days is yet to come you innocence but dumb
To the subconscious ways they shorten your days
Since life's a wind parade streets serenade
To the music I made I keep it slowed
And throwed
a freestyle pro this is for the
Who lost a few either present or past
Into the future
know pain just waitin' to shoot ya
Bleed internally mentally ya
We subjugated to the hidden
entities not enough money can sell me out G
I keep it true to myself check
Before I wreck myself my pride joy
And tech on the
Real recognize real and all haters Betta chill
Before we drill ya head like a jack hammer
From cockin' the hammer so from here Ill just Dawn on ya

From sun up to sun down fake folks all around
All they can do is clown tears rollin'
As I frown
Upon these hypocrites claim they miss you
But ain't living it I ain't feelin'
Fakers in the snake pit
Soon to get bit
As the venom sits people try to spread
though ya dead
I got many tattoo tears to
This I can't believe ya fled
God bless the dead take a shot of gin to the head
Til the visions said you gone far far away
It's a fadeway ya memory I'll always remember thee
duv shack the homie and though Texas is sunny
But it's cloudy lately
since you ain't hear no
It's a spiritual war as the pain
Im tryna hold on to the rain hittin' against my window
As I switch lanes and take a puff of Mary Jane
Just know homie I'll always miss
Just being real with you fake ****** was
Always around you and left
To die by ya self when you was in the need of help...huh

Miss you homies (21 Guns Salute)
King Tutankhamun Oct 2018
We livin' heaven & hell my thoughts jail
And I can tell by the smell
Of your thoughts a rotten face giving me a bad taste
The toxic waste soon to paste into the celestrials of hidden mysteries
How many see
The years falling ahead folks too focused on bread tryna shed
But the expenses are high rising
so I got learn improvisin" sky
My men'tal so my vo'cal paints chaos of a criminal
Narcissus platinum plus my cranium bust
Knowledge over college from a collage
Of a glarin' mirage
No oasis beat the cases with the Franklin and Grant faces
No could replaces this wrap my laces
so I can run on track
The man in black
With the trigger to back back clack clack
To enemies I despise wise
feelin' the realms of a new
Nation tune into the station tacklin different situation
Black and brown facin' nothing but laws lead bred
From a society that's misled and so much bloodshed
Over the meds a pain dosage sounds ferocious
Atrocious to the innocence they gets no repentance
For mankind was sent upstate damaged Pate
now we in a permanent date
Til death do us part
From the very start I knew I had
Cuz living this life ain't nothin but
Society fails heaven is just merchandise that's
sells well???
1:30 am:
u need to quit playing
n let me stress you out.
but only to relieve ya stress

1:33 am:
why stress me
when you can *** me.
kiss and caress me
while calling me ****.
trailing ya lips
from my neck
down to my belly.

1:35 am:
why stress you?
cuz i wanna test you.
and once the test is thru,
i come onto you
like i belong to you.
got ya favorite song on too.

1:36 am: well dayum.
1:37 am: wordplay on scrabble,
my wordplay on crossword puzzle rn.
1:38 am: yeah that was cute or whateva...
still can't beat me though.

1:42 am:
u said i can’t beat you?
na i won’t.
unlike these other ******,
i’m respectful.
but one thing is for sure.
i certainly will eat you,
cuz ur worth making a mess for.
the way i clean up is nice,
i guess you lucked up. dice.
i'll beat you at the games you play,
not no physical fist fight.

1:48 am:
i respect what you stand for.
your voice leaves a burning
sensation in my core.
when **** start to get real,
turn off all the lights
and close the door.
i'm tryna find out
what that tongue do
and more.
i want you leaving me
knees shaking
and ***** sore.

1:53 am:
***** sore?
u gonna be screaming for more.
i’m sorry but, you don’t know
what you’re in for.
when you signed up
did you read the fine print?
it says all of that is mine,
and i'm just givin' you a hint.
what’s mine, is mine.
what’s yours is yours.
so i guess u can find out
what this tongue does
and more.

2:02 am:
***** better be throbbin'.
like a bottle taken from an infant
leave me sobbin'.
you think you're the only one who's
in for a surprise?
tuh, baby you don't even realize
i can do things to you that'll have you
call this ****** "houdini" ***'
bippity boppity boop
after one round
you'll be mesmerized.

2:11 am:
me? mesmerized?
yeah, you smoking that strong.
shawty you must not know,
i can hypnotize you
with this “magic wand”.
pull a bunny out my hat
and tell it to eat ya thong.
tie you up like a shoe
or a present.
i’m about to bless you
but i ain't no reverend.
your essence so precious
my breath is getting restless.
your *****,
i press with my fingers like textin'.
don’t lie to me in privacy.
i need truth, baby girl imma need u
to ride with me.
long journey ahead
imma need u to pack wisely.
no whining allowed,
don’t cry to me.
just vibe with me,
smile for me.

4:36 am:
he beat me that night...
and in all the right ways.

- d.berry
Gianni Apr 10
If your controlled by fear
You will never give
If you scared of life
You will never live

When everything is wrong
There’s no strength to go on
No place to rest your head
No place to call your home

I’ve been there before
In fact I never left
My heart somehow still beats
Inside this steel chest

Broken knuckles show
The scars of our past
Fight through this pain
Feels like I’m chewin glass

Tell me how much are left
Cuz I’m not givin up
Til my last breath

Can you see the end
Will we be at peace somehow
Or only when we’re dead

I’ll never believe
That my life was meant to be
Who the **** thought that being born
Would finish happily

is it all a joke
Should we take it seriously
Or should we just give up
And finally be free
For3ver Sep 2018
She walks to the car and stares inside. A father of god, dressed in black, stares back lookin straight at her frontside. She looks around, keeping aware of her surrondings. "20 for head,  80 for the workings." The father pulls out a hundred, sets it right on the dash. The girl stares at it, hoping to spend it on some hash. She goes down, trying to ease the pain... she thinks of other things that happend before that day. Mother, 16, ***** in the back of a party. Test came back positive, she cried for hours. She decides to keep it, father ran out, shunned from the family... shes forced to have it in the bathroom.
Fast foward 10 years, young lady. Ahead of her time, the smartest in her family. At the age of 5 she was givin up, mother couldnt handle the presures of growing up. New family treats her right until one night, the new father forces himself upon her... she trys to fight. She wakes up to beating, saying she disrespected and must leave them. Shes put onto the streets, 15 years old no family. She turns to prostitution, its the only way she can think of surviving. An abused young women, beauty hidden beneath, hidden by the make up and bruises from the beatings. She keeps a positive additude, saying shell make it one day, as the a car pulls up and asks how much to pay. Perverts pull over, one at a time. A 15 year old used and abused, the cops dont bat an eye at the crime.
It comes back to present, she finshes the father up, takes the hundred and gets out the truck. She continues to wait on the corner, it starts to rain. She starts walkin home, smoking a dubbie to try and stay sane.
She lays in bed, contimplating her life, wondering if she should continue on... she holds the knife. She puts it to her throat and starts to cut, the sudden rush makes her queesy in her gut. She puts the knife down and smokes her bowl, the high helps her relax and be with her soul. She goes to sleep and forgets about today, her thoughts focused on tommorow, its a new day.
The cycle repeats forever and on, nothing ever changes, all these womens souls are gone. No hope, no one to stay, no one to sit with them and ask about there day. The girls stay alone forever and on, nothing ever changes for the lost ones.
Once again, very tired. Proably shouldnt post but its a bad take on my story taking writing, hopefully next try will be better... hopefully when im not tired. Thank you all
Ken Pepiton Jun 20
The big ice is melting, you can't stop it.

It's not your fault. You did nothing. You were made for such a time.
You happened, to be live,
Look, out o'body, like from the moon,

what part can we conntinue to ****? What part of
The earth, our spaceship spiraling through

the galaxy, you believe that, right? The galaxy,

one among, right, many many many galaxies, right? We know
somebody knows,

but me, do I know? You know, but me
the maker of this bubble

fractaling into
All time in all place is now right now. Life the fool says has an end

thought speed. Time, endure in timeless thought

constant instant

cross di mention al for givin' me this opportunity
to compete
for your attention, in th enoise... e'therealorgnot

pause, plenty o' time, think about nothin'

Peace making is as intuitive as love making was when you...

did you ever, make
anything? Love as a word lacks the power folk claim it holds,

truth. There's the peacemaker's hammer, by god.
Chains fallen from the oppressed,
captives all set free,

was that not the fast we fasted? What is this we see,
******* mockin' wisdom of d'sages and richi-shitstictics
myst or mist
occlusin inclusion, bubble barrier, here

safe in no doubt, no fear, no lie, keep saying it,
till it's true,

or yu can imagine it is and see it was not due to you.
raw but timely, if y'ax me.

— The End —