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fray narte Dec 2019
“maybe in another life, louis,” i finally said, staring off at the distant city lights and buildings, feeling the cold creep insidiously into my bones. his name easily rolled off my tongue like a reflex — a muscle memory so deep-seated and yet so strange and unfamiliar now.

silence filled the air and yet, at the same time, it was filled with other things — defeat, heartbreak, resignation, the sounds of vehicles speeding off. the pain gnawing in my gut. the regretful yearning. the need to just be stupid and reach out for his hand. the pain of knowing i couldn’t. the finality of the ending.

and yet, here we stood, too close and too far.

he nodded and stirred lightly, as if preparing to leave. my gaze shifted into his direction. his movements, still slow and graceful, and lit by the moon. it was almost too painful, almost too delicate, almost too poetic. i could still remember what falling in love with him was like. i could still remember him breaking my heart for the first time, until the time where there are no more pieces left to break. and i would’ve done it all again.

he finally spoke, bringing me back to reality. it was almost too soft, too weak, but i heard it.

“maybe in another life.”
LearnfromBOBD Mar 2019
We can make it, if we try push harder
We can make it, if we think a little deeper
If you can see what I think, I hope yo feelings don’t shrink
I wish to stay awake all night for you,
That’s my prayers oh Lord.
A simple Larry berry song,
For you my love.
The Heart breaks, I dont want to deal
How can we make our goals ideal
We just need be great !
How can we achieve this fame ?
what’s the game ?
Determination and perseverance!
that’s the aim.
lakyn miller Apr 2018
they told me to get over you.
they gave me her
and forced me to stop longing for you,

but the truth is

i still love you, i forever will.
even if the world drowns us in hate
because i've finally learn thats its okay to be gay.
basiclarry Apr 2015
leave it to fate
to bring the two
they hadn't known
what to do

strangers at a concert
yet they couldn't collide
but still, fate was there
and all it took was time

x-factor as single contestants
made it hard for fate to work
soon the two met in the bathroom
the tall one had a smirk

an 'accident' occurred but it was no problem
oops and hi was all it took
simple words, really
but infatuated, their hearts shook

band mates of a popular group
they fought through
management made it harder
it wasn't a secret - everyone knew

as lovers, they knew how to love
yet every single day, it had to be hidden
there was nothing they could do
for it had been forbidden

fate couldn't finish her job
it was left to the two
they had to fight and fight
but that was how green met blue
uhm.. in case you didn't get it, this was larry.
zo Nov 2014
This is for the two boys who might be together and there are so many theories
I believe they love each other
You can do it boys
for my boys
I have loved you since I was 12 and I will until I die, I am a die hard fangirl
1d as ****
Unknown Jun 2014
His eyes were green,
his were blue.
He was tall, upholding many inches,
more than a few.
They bonded quickly, grew closer.
Neither thought it'd be over.

Laughs were shared, and giggles were tossed,
tickles roaming the couch,
smiles never leaving the mouth.

They were open, happy as ever,
until Management wouldn't let them be together.
They grew apart, fingertips barely brushing,
making them feel as if they were nothing.

They barely share a glace,
because they never get the chance.
They can only stare with a dull glow,
while the other sings their solo.

One lies, one suffers.
Both sharing the same fear.
Maybe, all of us here,
can come together one day,
and realize that gay is okay.

— The End —