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love was unknown to me,
like the girl who saw
the same piece of jewelry everyday,
as she passed the same crossroad for home
but never felt it on her skin.
for it's too costly than the mint paper
and too cheap for an open heart.
Amanda Hawk Jun 23
I used to talk to fill up the space

Words tripping, fluttering from my mouth

And I became my own white noise

Felt you always lurking in the hallway

Peeking through the doorway until I slammed

The door, loud crash that would reverberate

Slamming into the walls, I hadn’t always

Been so welcoming to you and you had been patient

While I clumsily stumbled and I pushed you away

Afraid of your embrace, my nerves ****** and jumped

Moth wings my lips, and the words tripping, fluttering

From my lips, and you had always been a light

Flickering, hand out-stretched, your smile invited

I don’t know why I had been afraid
Erin Nicole May 2017
I look at you
you glance up
I look away

I glance up
you're looking at me
I glace away

This little dance,
Our peeks and glances
It continues on

I hope you
are braver
than me.

— The End —