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Nov 2014
you are the man of the lean and meaner
and I am just a woman of misdemeanor

holding such attributes of will and power
each time I wander my confidence got smaller

handling ill times with a gentle caress of ease
my effort and failed attempts carried away with the afternoon breeze

the moment arose when you saw my face
acceleration sped up in my heart as it ran at a dangerous pace

instant affection created in a glace held for seconds
I had forgotten your face, until this very moment of minuscule bond

you were perfect in image, as those words continue to prove true
my love once hidden, arose from my perennial blues

once timid and meek, my personality had changed
for the emotions I once secured, were now rearranged

the feelings, so fragile, balanced at the corner
verged yet to tip, or be caught a lusted figure

cards carefully played, laid out on the table
only left to draw, and find emotion in your poker face if I am able

slipping in stubbornness, you smiled ever so sweet
I knew right then, my heart had hope, however meek

my soul fits yours, and the hearts can meet
one day together, and I shall no longer be the meek
Written by
Missy  Wisconsin
   Devon Webb
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