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GraciexJones Jun 2021
I wish you could see me for who I am
Not just a stranger or an acquaintance
I wish you would give me a chance,
Know that I am worth your time,
Not to take one glance,
Brush me off to the side,
I wish all my hard work amounted to something,
But it really doesn’t really mean anything

I wish my past experiences didn’t taint me.
That I could open my eyes,
Realize this isn’t the way it has to be,
I wish I could talk to you openly,
I wish you could be honest with me

I wish we can lie under the stars,
We could talk about all sorts,
Music, literacy, creativity and astrology,
Discuss the dimensions of the cosmos,
How aliens plan to take over universe,
Corrupted politics
How the world is going to ****,
What we are planning to have for tea tonight.

I wish I could take a step back,
You can tell me it’s all going it’s be alright,
That life has a way of orchestrating moments,
I wish knew how to comprehend,
Everyone’s ******* reasons,
I wish I wouldn’t waste my time.
With permeant blues and drinking *****,

I wish you would see now,
The implications in our problems
Grinding till the day we die,
With a life we hate,
I wish we could wind down,
Just smoke a doobie and have a laugh,
Stop asking why
GraciexJones Jun 2021
The Queen sat alone in her throne,
Drapes drawn across the window,
Sputtering candle flame by her side,
She sat there holding her heart in her hand,
Looking down she could see the veins are bruised
The colours red and blue had turned into a pale complexion,
Tears fell down her cheeks,
She starred up to see a red tapestries hanging above her bed,
The design on the tapestries was beautiful scenery,

The Queen remembered when she received the tapestries,
It was a gift from a sailor of the sea,
Each month he would come knocking on her door,
Sit down by her thrown and tell her of his adventures,
The Queen longed for those stories from the Sailor,
As she was unable to leave her castle to see the beautiful lands,

One day,
The Sailor had left her a gift,
He told her he would be going for a long trip,
He may not return for a while,
Queen took a deep breathe,
As she knew this might be the last time,
The Sailor insisted for the Queen to look at the tapestries,
To remind her of how beautiful the world can be
GraciexJones Jun 2021
My eyes can't unsee what I have seen
A dying man sat in front of me
His mind was battling the inner demons inside,
He thought he could control his psyche and swallow his fears

His hands clasping so tight to his open chest
The shadows on the wall reflected a sorry state of his sorrows
I wanted to give him more hope,
But I stood there and froze
Awoken by his vulnerable presence

His large eyes became pallid and sunken,
He dazes into the distance fighting to breathe,
He could hear the demons howling his name,
I tried to hold his hand which became rotten and decay,
He whispers the words 'I can't do this anymore' his hollow face sank to the floor
My heart fell into pieces as he closes his eyes,
I didn't want this to be our last goodbye
GraciexJones Jun 2021
She inhales a huge chunk of the chemically bitter white gram,
Shouts 'I said GOD DAAAAMNMM! GODANM' in the woman’s toilet,
The women snare at her and she beams a grin as she wipes her nostrils clean,
She strolls back to the same uncomfortable silence she had originally left,
A man with a face like a slapped *** and small crabby eyes stares at her,  
He lights a cigarette and continues to ask her questions about Mr Wallace,
She angelically takes a sip out of her £5 dollar milkshake,
An announcement storms the room “JACK RABBIT TWIST CONTEST”
She glares at him with an excited smug expression,
The man profusely refuses,
She pulls at the chance and says “I want to dance, and I want to win a trophy”

She centres the room with her bold presence,
Introduces herself and the man to the audience,
Chucky Berry 'You never can tell' dawns the room,
She strikes a mixture of aristocrats dance poses,
He follows along whilst wiggling his legs and arms,
She twirls and moves closer to him,
She spins and rocks the swimmer move,
Thrusting her chest towards him,
He drops into the mash-potato dance
She shakes her *** and struts her feet,
He jiggles into faster swings and sways his hips,
Captivated by her flow and energy,
She becomes entranced by his charisma,
The two intwine like a wreath of flowers,
She devours him with her blood shot eyes

The song comes to an end,
The crowd roar with excitement,
She beams at him with pride,
He shyly smiles and bows down with Mia Wallace
GraciexJones Jun 2021
She says 'Honey I’m home' as she enters the room,
One life destroyed 7 lives left,
Ready to feast and fight,
She is the dictator of her fate,

She lusts for the crack of the whip,
The thrill and the thrive as she chases her victims,
The squeals and the cries as she plays with them,
The heightened experience of being alive,

She is one hot kitty-cat waiting for her prey,
She doesn’t want Batman to get in her way
She pins him to the ground and places a deadly kiss,
Upon his pouty lips under the Christmas mistletoe,

She cracks the whip once more as she scatters into the night,
Cleans her wounds and purrs softly under the moonlight
But she did not realise she left a fragment of her soul,
A piece of a kitty-cat claw which is stuck in Batman torso

Poem by Gracie Jones
GraciexJones Jun 2021
You shiver with content staring into the sea,
Reminiscing over past events which have shaped your life,
All these mixed feelings twine like spider webs,

You linger for a hand in the darkness,
A comfort you once had,
Seeking for a connection you left behind,
Feeling so far away from your mind

Often feels like a clouded view,
Of not knowing what you need,
Rather than knowing what you want,

As the pebbles hit your feet,
You hear the storm coming over from the cliffs,
The grittiness of the cold bites your lips,
You slowly move towards the sea edge,

Arms spread wide as the strong breeze hits,
Wind pushing hard against your hips,
You steadily moving further closer to the ambush of waves,
The shore rumbles and roars,
Spraying salty sea water across your face,

You stare above to see the burning moonrise
The moon widens like a Cheshire Cat smile,
You somehow feel safe and content,
Able to confront the anxieties,
Which have been growing from inside
GraciexJones Jun 2021
I see you standing across the lake of fire,
Your body caved in wire,
Your eyes are the colour of black sapphire,
The excess of your skin begins to peel,
Your teeth are the colour of molten steel,
My heart is squelched in your hand,
You stare at me with hedonism,

Your long tongue runs along my heart,
You quench for the thirst of my self-worth,
Your long nails stretch and twinge my arteries,  
Feels like the blood boiling in my pancreas,
I fall to my knees and let out a harrowing scream,

Blood dripples down from my mouth,
My teeth begin to spill out relentlessly
My soul is inflamed by all your greed,
I force myself to get up and plea for my worth

You rupture into a lowering laugh,
Which punctures and disrupts the earth
A black desert storm erupts and crackles,
The dense grey clouds oozes and bellows,
Heaviness of dust grain fills the atmosphere,
Creating a wheeziness and tightness in my chest,

I try to escape from the feeling of desolation,
A sensation of electrocution shocks my neck down to my spine,
My brain shivers and flips as an electric shock hits again,
An odour of burnt flesh pollutes the atmosphere,
My skin fades into a texture of black charcoal,

Feeling debilitated,
I fold and recoil into myself on the cold desert floor,
A wave of emotional pain creeps over my body,
I chew on my lower lip as my eyes swell up with tears,
My stomach churning and swirling with nausea
I close my eyes as the tears gush down my cheeks,
Lips trembling as I grip my sleeves for comfort,

Moment of silence as I weep into my hands,
I hear a deathly, low and sinister whisper in my ear,
“It’s over now….”
My swollen pallid eyes look up to see,
Their carcass shrivelled legs standing over me,
“Surrender...” they whisper with a devilish smile
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