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GraciexJones Aug 22
At the Boom Town fair,
A gathering of wreck heads,
Come together once a year,
So warm, so welcoming,
No need to think twice,
Flaunting our ensembles in a fool’s paradise
The Boomtown family grows,

The screams,
The shouts,
The craziness thrives amongst the crowds,
Marching through the 12 feet towns,
Canoodling through the amusement of spontaneous shows,
Exploding our twisted minds,
Unravelling away from reality,

Dancing in the rain as Gogel Bodello flourishes the town centre stage,
Blisters are growing as we pounce to the gypsy beats in Old Square,
Stomping and head banging as Death ****** screams into their mic,
A paradise of Psychedelic forest, Forbidden Woods and Concrete jungles across the land,

A field of vision of flashing lights,
A heavy feeling of fight or flight,
A co-dependency on our friends,
Crystal clear beams wonder across night sky,
Our minds our blown as we are in the centre of the Nucleus stage
Our hearts beat faster as we demolish the dance floor
Grasping onto each other’s experience and feasting for more
GraciexJones May 17
A reflection of my human flesh,
I trace a mixture of scars and wrinkles,
I see crinkles around my eyes as I smile,
Each mark follows a story,
Of spontaneous ****** piercings and tattoo’s
Garnishing my body,
Covering the blues of desperation and release
From times of birth control,
Inserting pills and implants,
Hormones spilling from my insides,
Shaking my hairy legs and ****,
Dancing in the bathroom,
As I noticed the shape of my hips,
Thighs are squelched together,
My hairy toes wiggling underneath the furry rug
I tug at my skin as it itches again
My hair is dangling all wired and dry,
My perspective of my body -changes all over again,
Like the weight of my belly hanging over the sink,
As I brush my teeth between the crooked gaps,
When I pluck the hair flaring from my brow,
Each zit popped with enthusiasm,
Each mark has a reason
GraciexJones May 2
During my therapy,
I have been able to confess my sins,
Expressing the confessions I had written underneath my skin,
Airing the convictions of right and wrong,
Words trembling from a throat unknown,
My heart feels heavier and heavier,
Feeling so grim and bare,

Cleansing the soul whilst I confer,
The dysfunctional tales of unworthy men,
The sentiment of being betrayed,
The moments of feeling afraid,

The therapist offers me peace and mending,
A moment of sigh and relief,
They emphasise on the pattern of actions,
The attraction to **** people
Easy misled by the wound in my heart
GraciexJones Apr 26
Through all the troubles and all the strife,
I have managed to find the good things in life,
Although I have been taught to fear stability,
A train of thoughts I can’t dissemble

As my mind can wonder into a storm of uncertainly,
Guided by the coincidence of situations,
Reminiscing over the opportunities that had occurred,
Concurring along with my imagination,

A reflection could I be here at the right time at the right place?
A potential to grow and become the person I want to be,
A turning point from all the toxicity,
A chance to settle in a new vitality,
The audacity to try new activities,
Could this all be a possibility?
GraciexJones Mar 6
They say count your blessings when you are in a moment of uncertainty,
I bury my head in those moments of anxiety,
Again and again,
Unable to comprehend or justify my capability to get through this,
Tackling to appreciate what is in front of me,
Grinding through this belly ache,
Doubts are swirling in my stomach,
Palms are continually sweaty,
I strive to keep my calm,
Feeling disarmed and un-steady,
I keep telling myself this will be a positive change
GraciexJones Dec 2018
It’s hard to admit,
When everything goes to ****,
I am addict,

It’s always been this way,
Started at a young age,
Sugary sweets and red wine,
Cider and champagne,
Pumping chemicals into my little brain,

I never really understood,
The impact it would have on my adulthood,
The alcohol soaked in my veins,

My friends had started to notice,
Each party would become exhaustion,

My friends had started to notice,
I was trying to up-hold this notion,

My friends became distance,
I couldn’t keep filling this emptiness,

Flourishing myself in ecstasy,
Of pleasure and dreams
Treated as a remedy,
To escape from my reality,

Morning after,
Sunken eyes,
Wondering the streets of Brighton,

I promised myself I wouldn’t do this again,
I couldn’t understand,

Why I stood with the pain,
Let myself become this way,
The struggles I hid,
Got worse within time
GraciexJones Dec 2018
Everybody wants to replicate what they see on TV
Not realizing what’s really happening behind the scenes,
How content is edited to manipulate and brainwash the congregation,

Everybody trying to be someone bigger on social media,
An alter persona who is perceived is an ultimate influencer
Facebook, Instagram and Youtube grasping onto our self-esteem
Documenting our most precious moments,
No one wants to be deemed as a tedious loner,

Everybody wants a sense of control,
Yet we do as we are told by the local authority,
News and reports telling us misleading information,
False allegations about terrorism and celebrities,
Inflicting Brits to treat foreigners and refugees differently,
Yet this land belongs to everybody

Everybody judging each other by their own skin colour,
Racism isn’t getting any better in today’s society
Separating ourselves into categories,
No one is willing to listen to each other’s stories,
Fulfilling our time to educate ourselves on culture,
The definition which makes us all similar and unique,

Everybody defines each other from rich to poor,
The way we act within our community,
The clothes we walk down the street in,
The accents of our origin,
The opportunities we have been given,

Everybody’s grown to approve,
The corrupt system of our education,
Where teachers are desperately trying to improve,
The grades and courses their forced to teach in,
Fellow student’s aspiration is lacking inspiration
A designation to keep us all in line
Fighting for an independent thought,
Taught to follow and retaliate to what we see on the blackboard

Everybody should show a bit of respect,
To reflect on the type of passive aggressiveness
Hostility directed at strangers on the tubes,
Tutting at mother’s feeding their babies in public,
Discriminating women and men of all different sizes,
Projecting our views on gender stereotypes and roles

Everybody should stop living in the eyes of our own peers,
To follow our own instincts
Instead of being told how to feel and act,

To understand what is really important is our mental health
To live a life where we are not constantly being spoon-fed lies,
To recognize our own beliefs and self-worth,
To be happy within our sexuality and encourage body positivity
To follow our intuition and fight against the system
To be listened and heard amongst the shouting rage
To take a step back and recognize our greed
To understand the improvements we need to do,
To help this planet, to help me and you
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