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Kate Dec 2013
sigh my name
in 1000 different tongues
of men and angels

come to me lift me
words flow
I'm swept away

-Katherine Baldwin-
Kate Sep 2013
what truths feel from my lips
when i didnt even know my own name
how did i think that was the time to make it all straight

i guess its better i don't remember
i guess its better.
Kate Jun 2013
They all say its so wrong
but I don't seem to feel bad

and sometimes you understand me so fully
and whats wrong with that?

you make me laugh
and smile more then the guilt
churns my stomach
Kate Jun 2013
I still think about you every day
But it doesn't make me stomach twist
and my heart pound

I'm still happy when you text
but it doesn't stop the world anymore
it just makes a small sound

Is this how it fades?

-Katherine Baldwin-
Kate Jun 2013
sitting outside even though its 98
drinking *****, crunching ice
and sweating

all these people were my best friends
a few still are
but mostly...we are all so distant
every hang out is a catch up
we all still hold on
try to keep it the same
but we can never go back to those golden years
this group
we will never go back
to the camps and summer days
and driving 7 hours together with
nothing to worry about but sunscreen
how each one of ya'll were my second family
I knew your flaws and traits as well as my own
(I love all the people I've come along a long the way)
but I would give most everything
to fix what the years
have done to us
Kate Jun 2013
we will never be just friends
there will always be this soft spot
this tender flesh you left so bruised

my head will always turn at your name
and every time that song plays
it will cut me just as deep as the first time

I will be married
you will be miles away
I'll still be blushing at the way you looked at me
Kate Jun 2013
yes sure
call me bro
lets all pretend
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