Jedd Ong Sep 2014

dustv  eils
swi   ftly
ayo  uthful
lens;  legions
of serra  atesight
scarcely  tempered

Again, idea from  The prompt was "introduce yourself."
Sandra Macacua Feb 2016

Does your heart
see things
clearer now?

What i mean is,
do you really
need to wear those?

Just to figure out
how stupid
you've become?

Bryan Amerila Jun 2016

This is my world, this is my world.
All men and women wear eyeglasses.

All truths we are tasked to seek on dusted glasses
Of windowpanes behind the windowpanes.

Ah, we see clearer, said the top, we see better
If things are viewed on top, by top, the top

Refuses to see, they refuse the refuse.
Screen them, screen that. They will not see

Them, believe us, trust our hindsight, we have foresight
Bring us the microscope, that magnifying glass.

This is our world, you’re living in our world.
Wear that eyeglasses, we customized them for you.

Laura Palmer Dec 2014

I enter the room, it's quite cold.
I cover my ears, new mates are so noisy.
I am alone, I have no friends.
I am a shy type kind of girl,
opposite from what you are.
You are so loud that I can't bare with it.

I introduce myself,
I play violin and I just got my new eyeglasses.
Is that even a thing that I've mentioned it?
Well, it is.

Your friends shouted that you have a new crush.
She plays the same instrument as I am.
She has eyeglasses as I am.
Is it a hint?
I still don't believe.

high school sweetheart
part 1

My eyesight is weak without eyeglasses...
It further deteriorated after an accident..
The accident failed to affect a part of me.

The part of mine is something awesome.
In the brain it is placed as an intangible..
My vision is the thing which improved...

Vision and eyesight are much different.

My HP Poem #483
©Atul Kaushal
Sterph's Corner Oct 2013

Taking off something from my hair
Feeling the fabric of my skirt
Wearing my eyeglasses
Touching my arm and
looking for that
His own fabric
against my knees
My heart on my eyes
inside my open palms
The marks of his fingers

Dhaye May 2014

Thick skin, big body and sharp teeth, they slay
These greedy animals hunt for their prey

Their goal is to get all what they want
In the darkness of the night they usually hunt

Crocodiles and snakes, they attack like storms
How big are those reptiles as compared to the worms?

Now modern predators are in tuxedo’s and suits
With shiny eyeglasses or well-polished boots

These greedy creatures scattered in this world
They always make the biggest stories ever told…


Epigrams are satirical poems ending with either a humorous retort or a stinging punch line.

Used mainly as expressions of social criticism or political satire, the most common forms are written as a couplet: a pair of rhymed lines in the same meter.

Practitioners of this poetic expression include John Dunne, Ben Jonson, William Blake and Robert Frost.

Credits to:
Redshift Dec 2013

indie music
dancing shoes
indie music
doesn't cure blues
it starts them

indie music in the rain
indie music standing in trains
indie music for the deranged

indie music for the off-genre-ed
indie music for the off-centered
indie music for mis-fits
that aren't actually

indie music for the masses
indie music with glassless
indie music for the misunderstood
or maybe that's all music...

indie music
dancing shoes
indie music
inspires blues

i know the meter and rhyme is shit. i also don't give a shit
david badgerow Jan 2012

i have one foot in the grave
the other in an abandoned bathtub
i light a cigarette and
stare into the void

buddy holly is rolling lumpy black cigarettes
over the sound of grown men crying
five bunnies crawl out of his eyeglasses and
maggots are anchored to his chin

you cannot disturb the gypsy bathing
in her own river of tears
you cannot break the silent wonder

i have one arm in a sling
the other in a windmill

Gant Haverstick May 2017

eyeglasses nestled in the fluffy snow
frosted, with a single crack
bouncing winter sun off my tarnished window
a glint of hidden history from below
it sent me on a journey way, way back

a memory of reflected light
off a tree lined lake where i swam as a child
all day until the moon gave birth to night
and the sky was black with pinholes of white
a remembrance long ago filed

delivered back to me by a frozen emissary
whose lenses are no longer fit for eyes
whose rounded frames are a bit ordinary
but found one final way to be visionary
as a door unlocked by a cold, powdery sunrise

Gant Haverstick 2017
Kate Jul 2015

Empty bottles and floss.  Bones.  
Lip gloss.  Stones we skipped
   on the lake once.

Your eyeglasses.  Your cell phone.  
Hard light.  Letters home
   I never typed.

Last weekend.  Suggestions welcome.
Lazhar Bouazzi Jan 2017

Old eyeglasses on wetland.
Deep footmarks in cold sand.
Green tide takes all.
LazharBouazzi, January 11, 2017

Krysha Dec 2016

The people i love the most are those whose definition of beautiful is opposite from the society's and does not care

One who calls people beautiful despite wearing eyeglasses, being small, having short hair, being dark skinned and being ugly.

You, who call me beautiful despite the absence of physical beauty.

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