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Gant Haverstick Dec 2020
everything's fiction
everything is non-fiction
everything's fiction
Gant Haverstick 2020
Gant Haverstick Nov 2020
i started the morning like a champ by
spilling grape nuts all over my kitchen
and i don't know if you've ever done that
but i wouldn't wish it on my very
worst enemy because apparently
loose grape nuts are indistinguishable
from shattered glass when you step on them with
bare feet and i know no matter how good
a job i do cleaning it up there will
always be a random grape nut around
and that made me think about whoever
lives in this apartment next will wonder
where the grape nuts came from and that puts a
smile on my face so i guess that means there
is in fact balance to the universe
Gant Haverstick 2020
Gant Haverstick Oct 2020
overcast, slight chill
theater popcorn scent drifts
my footsteps echo
Gant Haverstick 2020
Gant Haverstick Jun 2020
got caught on a tree, just had to tell you
a branch drew blood, and on my arm printed
an entrance stamp to this special venue,
written in red: a place for the wounded.

“how are things going, i wish you were here
what’s the weather like and have a good time
how ‘bout a toast with your favorite beer
i hate to go now, it feels like a crime”.

something made me stop, i wasn’t yet done,
i looked back and saw, while nursing my scar,                    
the colors and shapes had blurred into one:
a singular vision, clear from afar.

the carved stones nestled in the grass, just mown
looked like lost feathers from a flock, just flown
Gant Haverstick 2020
Gant Haverstick Apr 2020
i'm a midwesterner, born and bred.  but
i lived in the neon dust bowl for a
little while and learned that open space is
good for the soul.  souls need to breathe, and roam
like horses over the sands.  i loved the
drive from Las Vegas to L.A. because
there's nothing like the desert wind in your
lungs to make you feel like living again.
something pulls me back to that time and place.
i don't know exactly why, but i guess

you just have to return to be reborn.
Gant Haverstick 2020
Gant Haverstick Apr 2020
blue-collar artists
that's what we all are, looking
for perfect beauty
Gant Haverstick 2020
Gant Haverstick Feb 2020
it was cold and sunny
and as i drove into my parents' neighborhood i saw
my dad walking the dog
i rolled down the window and shouted, "hello"

(the dog was so excited to see me)

my dad helped me with my taxes
and my mom said her scar from surgery was healing well

i later went to see a play
with only nine people in the audience
but the two actors were on fire

they both were eating apples
and one was smashed on the stage
underneath an angry character's foot

i stared at that crushed apple,
white and red concentric patterns
flattened into the brown stage floor
like a painting yet hung

a work of art
at the end of a cold and sunny day
Gant Haverstick 2020
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