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May 2014
Thick skin, big body and sharp teeth, they slay
These greedy animals hunt for their prey

Their goal is to get all what they want
In the darkness of the night they usually hunt

Crocodiles and snakes, they attack like storms
How big are those reptiles as compared to the worms?

Now modern predators are in tuxedo’s and suits
With shiny eyeglasses or well-polished boots

These greedy creatures scattered in this world
They always make the biggest stories ever told…

Epigrams are satirical poems ending with either a humorous retort or a stinging punch line.

Used mainly as expressions of social criticism or political satire, the most common forms are written as a couplet: a pair of rhymed lines in the same meter.

Practitioners of this poetic expression include John Dunne, Ben Jonson, William Blake and Robert Frost.

Credits to:
Dhaye Margaux
Written by
Dhaye Margaux  Pearl Of The Orient Seas
(Pearl Of The Orient Seas)   
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