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Camille Oct 27
Confused and conflicted, I ask myself
Why am I trying so hard to be the best
Old memories then starts to come out the shelf
Alas! Here comes the uninvited guest
Telling me I'm worthless, worse than the rest
Camille Oct 27
Looking at the window pane
Observing now the pouring rain
Fake wide smiles, swollen eyes
Perfect pictures torn to pieces
Red, red, roses set aflame
Camille Jul 25
My body is like an everlasting mountain full of different mountains and figures
Seeing this wonderful sight, I don't realize it's beauty, no matter its size and figure.
Perhaps, i may need another view in order to appreciate its beauty, may be its own quirks and flaws
But, as I may be doing my best to keep this wonderland, I am grateful for it to be serving me and my wellbeing
Camille Jul 25
Beauty is grace
Beauty is patience
Beauty is timeless
But beauty has its own uniqueness
And Beauty is not defined by one standard
But beauty is in all of us, in our own way
Camille Jul 5
As confusing as it can be
My mind wants to be set free
It maybe as deep as the dark blue sea
Hidden underneath are secrets we all want to see
Camille Jul 5
We once met as strangers
And became friends through time
That quickly turned into lovers
But then ended up as strangers

Alas, the cycle continues...
Until I met you.
Camille Jun 16
An unforseen connections of two souls arise
This was a blessing in disguise
Happiness fills her darkest days
An everlasting leisure comes so fast
In which I never knew would last
Two melodies colliding in harmony
A never ending sound that plays eternally
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