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Norbert Tasev Apr 15
It cuts into my face the immutable fact of Time as it has passed, the pre-ordained Coal-Lack, the life-giving presence — the Uncertain! When, stepping out of the door of security, he stumbles upon the *****, rattling structure of my limp-strong thunder-wind limbs! My non-selfish self-giving is dulling, much more the lack of opportunities to be offered again! I was busy with daily evening questions! A dubious experience lurks between my long-running fears and then re-emerging fears, exercising his limbs like the wild lurking on the column!
A stifling awakening also deepens in aborted moments when I have already successfully postponed everything! The daytime period is handing out half-dreams graciously, and can’t wait to get bitten into it by yawning! In the night, both the counting and the vigilant shadow begin to feverishly ponder! Slowly, sneezing, the restrained will also hides in my heart! An old, stifled movement is more of a selfish burden on everyone! Our shadows, if we don't take care of ourselves, pass on to others without a word!
Beyond the memories of the body, continents of storms are raging! When twisting desires pressed us as a stamp of Loyalty?! Stunned and sobbing, none of them dared to break to the top; among the galactic excuses of hated pasts, we all somehow hurried through! - The punishment imposed pays with poor naivety! Even on a planned night, it is often the case that geller falls into one reckoning! Everyone can feel the depleting moons that account for life on their own skin! The thread of yesterday - maybe - just shatters between our memories! How many missing-healing stitches are needed to heal wounds?
Willow SR Apr 14
We'll always be worlds apart
Every moment of the day
For even when you're beside me
Your mind is racing away

We'll always be two passing cars
On this ever-winding road
Until all that's left of you and me
Is distance long foretold

You'll always be my shooting star
I can see you streaking by
And in a blink, you're gone
Before I can even say goodbye

You'll always be my world
And I know that I'm yours too
But there's a universe out there
And we're explorers, me and you
Norbert Tasev Apr 14
Swell, waving like a swell, a comic sail in our wind-saturated body is the privilege: Prosperity! Make-up, suddenly deliberate naivety between adult chirps Dreamland deception sets a fur trap! Anyone can be hit by an overbearing and light-hearted blow, yet the true Man is the one who is hurt! In the midst of everyday mother-daughter worries, the one who always looks at the future can think of the worries! He who hides, who does not breed usurers in a purposeful way from Life himself, whose unpaid debts remain!
Child-mothers sin with incubator-angels for their inaction, dreading to recognize in the open gates of the Universe the consequences and blood offense if the acute, hot macho guy does not hide in bed with them for the first night of immortality and shame! How many angel deposits are made for them, their parents' sins are also properly repaid: heirs to the throne are irresponsible, so they are born into the swamp!
Why don't Alamuszi try to make bronze-brown-stained, **** bombshell goddesses with anyone, when they know and feel that they may once be the most apt family fathers?! The trick that counts all the tricks of modern seducers is just what a narrow runway can advertise alone! - Sweating in the body armor is intentionally avoided s Prohibited! The universal distillation of oblivion may not be so easy! All the top best of stylists are there just to disguise the sacred truth:
sleepless eye-stars would prefer to sleep rather than the vigilant desire of dazzling spotlights! - The juicy fruit offered on a tray is carried by the mother's breast and yet by a death-scared little girl
Norbert Tasev Apr 13
I tried everything! An emergency exit from this daredevil-barracks is rarely created for free-thinkers! The melancholy, sanda-smile of dictatorial wills roaring over our heads is handing out: a stadium, a plot, a church! Beaten, roaring roaring, even the verbal word of orphaned prophets for the Truth! Our well-founded misconceptions are not unfounded recently! In hazelnuts, deliberately shrunken brains, it is rare if you can still create a vigilant intellect!
I see mass misery eagerly despised by sensations and fame; public funds also change the current owner under unclear circumstances! I was already overwhelmed with the hope that every day could only be better and more optimistic! Unemployment is contagious because guarding minds have yet to boldly report with swirling languages that they are totally fed up with the current standard of living! - Bribery is becoming more and more common in everyone!
This Hyena-smiled, starving Age is creating its straw puppets one after another! A number of powerful lords have built tabloid plazas on the shores of Lake Balaton: the promise of amusement parks is also more of an obstacle course! As a herring, avoid massive tumors until sunny! The ring of the distressed is getting tighter! You can be disturbed by all your field strengths with every bribe application and gratitude money: Disturbance enthusiastically applauding denomination s common people! Bad blood and puffy derring-do give birth to bagpipe weeds in soul-seeking souls!
Stroking ***-licking is hard for me! Raising your head in the camp of morals is rare, if allowed! The suicidal railway track intended for junk is also being turned into a doormat - it may be just right for a junkyard.
Anya Apr 12
“Then you should have let me die”
My father’s words to my mother in a fit of frustrated rage at something so small I hardly remember it now
Ah, I think the conversation went something like this,

                                                        She gave him his dosa
                                          “Where’s the chutney to dip?” he asked
                                                       “No chutney. The coconut isn’t good for you”.
                                          “Why...don’t you know how hard it is for me? How could you do this?!”

No, that was a different conversation, but they all embody the same thing
My father’s struggle with his tumor        after tumor                          after tumor
And as chemo pelts the tumors like wrecking *****, my father’s spirit is equally as exposed to the onslaught
Like wisps of smoke, fragments of his struggle leak out into our house, our family

My mother carries the weight, coupled with her own baggage
She simply tightens the buckle on herself, almost choking but standing ever more upright, a towering hyperion
While praying
She prays
                  He prays
                                   They pray
Falling back to childhood, to their hope, their trust in God
The hope that keeps them alive through the sheer force of their will
I’ve noticed that “God”

Is like a medium
A medium of belief in yourself and hope for a better, brighter future
A medium I stubbornly refuse to use, calling myself an atheist, the rebellion within I suppose
“Well it’s all the same” mom says

Maybe so
Maybe I will one day rely upon that medium, deeply, simply to retin the hope that someone is there for me, even if that someone is myself masked as an external “God”

“I knew then that the Lord wanted me to help people”
He said, an old man in his 80’s, clearly displaying signs of the vicissitudes of life
Couldn’t walk, cooped up in a room 24/7
Yet here he was, not blaming, nor resentful
But in tears not because of his own struggles, plight
But because the Lord gave him a chance to “help people”
He had an opportunity to improve diabetes treatment
Efficiently collect blood
“help people”
Because the Lord allowed him to get into college late to “help people”
That was his miracle

Even if no one was in time to help him

Like the teachers in Chennai, India we saw while visiting family three summers ago
Forgoing a well paying job at a government school, money and comfort
To teach somewhere where they believed they’d make an impact on young minds

Little children growing up to become scientists like the women promoting mushroom growth
To increase the village’s protein intake and empower women
Easily grown at home, it’s not meat, it’s a mushroom

The man who forged ahead to build a canal for the village, a pioneer starting a movement of innovation

An old woman in her late 80’s helping a single mother  keep her job

No cash at my dad's favorite bagel shop, the owner who allowed me to pay later

Simple little things, it’s the little things that hook you more than any superficial bait
And place you on a cloud of warmth

I belong

People can be so terribly kind
To a stranger, to an acquaintance
                                        to a friend, or even
                       to a foe
Yes, there are wars being fought, people dying every second

But as I look up at the hazy blue clouds drifting lazily along outlined with flecks of gold almost like a halo
The humming breeze caressing my cheek, the scent of dew drifting by
I couldn’t feel more glad to be alive
So, please don’t say you wish you were dead

Just open the window and gaze at the ever changing sky
    Whether temperamentally torrential
Or a lazy, hazy, pink or blue
And relish that single moment you are privileged to be a part of
Shared by countless others around the world

But although the seemingly endless sky may cover everyone
At that moment, at that place, at that time the sky and all its magnificence is
All yours
Norbert Tasev Apr 11
When critics pierced my tar skull with pieces of ice drumming! Not a single missing shore could be reached without being so shipwrecked! Vermet-digging careerists threw killers and daggers, and the merit became caressing puppets because they could get an opportunity from Being to start something that had begun again! Anointed redeemers could not keep the Order, and the guarding prophets also slept and listened in silence instead of their Judgment words!
Thick-necked and small-style stici pups were plowed in narrow mouse paths; to become unfaithful natives to demotion who is Man because to stay?! Boiling jampec squirrels and disco kittens are making their way up the donkey ladder of the fashion trend, while their hazelnut brains are getting narrower! Even the proud civis proves only by text and not by his deeds; insane, no-man's-house Aarnoks get the job first because they know: the brain-shrinking **** has become fashionable! - Wrapped in flag jacket wings, you can't make a difference with a single garaboncia!
You can only run and tolerate like you know your loss! He who has constantly professed his convinced Truth is all being branded a treasurer and trampled wherever he matures! Lampshade is all about preparation! A worthy accomplice may still be skillful, but he cannot catch scapegoat mice! Rats zigzag between familiar pairs of eyes and easily betray each other when it comes to getting them! - In the channels of the night ether in the Eve costume, Angels parodying with single-stranded petal bodies offer their superstitious charms; perhaps they unconsciously imagine that they can get to know anyone in this form! Is the time of the guardian heads of families wasted?
By value of how facts change how I view how I know, they are a degree apart.
I believe at all is because of Jesus' Spirit communicated by the mass devotion of Christians (AllahuAbha).
I must act to friends as if in devotion.
No pain, no gain.
Solving real problems is the only way to learn math.
Accomplishment veils my mind from learning.
The quantity of information is endless.
Money is needed for almost everything.
Very hard issues are sometimes only resolved by quitting.
Fools are the greatest disease.
Emotional support is the strongest support.
Emotion and belief are tied together in the male world.
Emotion and kindness are tied together in the mixed world.
An able body gives many duties.
Rules are a wiseman's trajectory and the fool's posion.
A good roommate reminds me of my father.
School cannot give me a job unless I want it.
No betrayal is worse than a machine of lies.
Many creative minds are utterly wrong.
The people in utter power and control of the world have a wisdom which fools envy, rebels curse, and the wise fall in line.
The world's wisdom is cursed by the impoverished, and the impoverished have no worldly wisdom.
A heart well-broken can have lasting effects for a decade (or more?).
Once I realized no one helps the strong, I've found no one soft (except my parents).
All life and energy is information, and it all operates at the same level of intelligence.
Evolution is not a staircase but rather a bush or seaweed.
I never really regret saying anything, because I wouldn't have learned otherwise.
The yet-to-marry or the undivorced may always fancy a wedding.
Society's institutions play a large role in adult formation, and still play a role, however removed (or not), in midlife.
Children will always be the most valuable asset.
Youth will always be the life of the world's party.
Obey competent doctors.
Obey competent doctors.
Obey competent doctors.
Sometimes rewiring the brain through drugs is the only way to straighten the path.
Sometimes visions come, giving wonder, however brief.
The parties of the unsaved are always the best.
Don't be afraid to stick out like a sore thumb, otherwise you'll grow tired of hiding it amongst the fingers.
Parents have a profound psychological impact on children.
ET's are awesome.
Physics wasn't loved until it was hated.
Space travel will always make us dream.
Beauty speaks to all ages.
Nothing can stop the tirade of a rebel.
Be careful who babysits your kids.
Be careful who babysits your kids.
Be careful who babysits your kids.
Astrology can **** all natural wondering in life.
Astrology bestows direction for the future (now that you know it).
Nothing is worse than a person who blames everything on astrology except someone who blames everything on everyone else.
f Apr 10
your heart beats,
the earth greets you,
what a pleasure it is
to witness your magic.

you are a living host
of all the love in the world.
half•alive . creature w/ Orchestra
Norbert Tasev Apr 10
As a false humanist, I deliberately denied the luxury of Being! I could not pertut with sin either, I could not make its insidious difference! It is called the Rooted Hermit Solitude and the daily etiquette-morality; I greet hesitantly between exhibitionist superficial superficialities; like an orphaned little commission kid! Unfortunately, I am more conspicuous than in the East, as I still advertise good manners among enduring partisan idiots and hordes of hands-on jerks!
Who carries the burden of a World as free will on his shoulders in his bloodthirsty eyes depends on its Vulnerable Loyalty! "It's rarely a place if you can find it under glorified debris!" I can't be a consonant or a total dance, at most an existing, selfish cocoa and postmodern! In the rumbling noise of tabloid media, the self-promotion of preserved willows was just enough! I intentionally turn off the rumble of wall-nailed speeches; weakens and tires a phrase that has been pressed and pierced many times, that our common issues will surely change! I even go against a hint of tamed anarchy against a wall!
The armor of our skin can hardly be a protection! Because everyone carries their selfish destiny in their throbbing heartbeat! Retaining loneliness can be the only one where emotions don’t get ***** unnecessarily either! Your environment is also alien to your body: snarling, constantly fake! Nowadays, the medium is crowned by an office and chirping songbirds are appointed hosts instead of minded skulls! A charming baby gaze, and all the stupidity is forgiven! - Color blind producers would be complimented by small-style Nobody!
Measured with gratitude money, those who watch the selfish audience data can already be featured! - Nobody distributes Paul's and Pálne's coins until only the crown of hick shines
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