Dec 3 Rahama
There's a forest in my soul
The leads to my heart

There is many things in the forest
If not all
Are hidden

To reach my heart you must make it through

You must make it past
The forgetting paths
They often forget where they are supposed to go

You must make it past
The clingy wolfs
Sometimes they forget how far
Is too far

You must make it past
The overthinking bears
For they'll pin you down in a death like grip
But then stay there
For they start to overthink

But not least

You must make it across
**** lake
For sometimes
Depending on the way I act
It can drown you
In temptation
Rahama Nov 23
They say it'll be worth it
Even if it doesn't last
They say the good times
Will cover the bad
They say to just dive in
To not think about the depth
They say to just to take a leap
Despite what tomorrow may bring

But I'd rather not
I'd rather not do that
I'd rather not set my heart up
To be broken to shreds
I'd rather not let you in
Than to do that and later watch you leave
I'd rather stay isolated
So there'll be no memories to haunt me
To remind me of what I once had
Forever taunting me
Cause it can never be found again

So no
Even if they say
The pros outweigh the cons
I'd rather not have any at all.
Rahama Nov 13
To whom it may concern
I've been hurt so many times
My heart has become a broken egg shell
All its essence poured out
I want to be puerile
But I've been forever changed
A line has been crossed
And I don't know if I can go back.

To whom it may concern
I want my heart to be whole again
I need someone to hold again
I want to feel strong and loved again
It seems like a feat too impossible to achieve
But I can't help but hope for it.

To whom it may concern
If you genuinely care
Then I need you to tell me and always be there
Let your words and actions towards me be fair
I've been through a lot
I've fallen down so many stairs.

To whom it may concern
You may grow to love me
If you eventually do please try to fix me
No matter how I difficult I am don't ever leave me
I promise when I'm better you'll love the real me.
Thanks for reading.
Rahama Nov 6
I stare at a blank page
All day
Every day
These days
So many ideas
In my head
But now
There's nothing there
No words to write
I try
And I try
And I try harder
All the juices
Have been ****** out
I'm numb
Poetry does not make sense
When you're numb.
I think I have writer's block.
Rahama Oct 24
Though it's not the smartest thing to do,
I lose myself when I'm with you.
Though it's the one thing I can't say to you,
I find myself always erasing the text "I love you."
Rahama Oct 22
The beauty of our written words,
Is that they are an interpretation;
Of our thoughts,
Of things we meditate on -
Maybe a movie we saw;
A song we heard;
Something we passed through;
A book we read.

The beauty of the words we write,
Is the fact that we don't believe the truth,
Until we see it,
Until there's evidence.
We write down words like,
"You're beautiful"
"You're strong"
"Smile! They're wrong"
But we only believe these things,
When they are written down in words.
You know it,
But why don't believe it;
Unless it's on the post-it note;
You wrote;
And glued to your mirror
About a month ago?

That's because we only believe the things we see,
Like a text from a loved one,
Telling you that you're needed,
That you're loved.
Reminding you that you're remembered,
That you're not ignored.
Letting you know that in this world,
You matter to someone,
Even if it's just the one.

The beauty of written words,
Is that you can save 'em,
Laminate 'em,
Hide and Keep 'em.
And whenever you feel less,
You can seek 'em,
Dust 'em,
Clean 'em and re-read 'em.
You can feel loved,
And strong again.
You can smile again,
Even for just a moment.
  Oct 18 Rahama
albion asllani
I don’t look different, i just look at you differently
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