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Guilty Dec 2019
Tie me to my bedframe with shoelaces
Touch every inch of my body when I can't resist
Touch me, Please me, Long for me
Tied to my bed with shoelaces
Hello? Someone? Like, a hot girl? Yes? Please?Thank you?
EmperorOfMine Nov 2019
We had something that never happened
Lost, uncertain, no control
Kids on a playground, ring-o-round,
Livid souls, trying to run but are trapped in

Suited like a shadow with multiple resting faces
Soul sunken into my shoes in my rainbow shoelaces

Apple in my throat, choking on my emotions
Anxious, paranoid, the same typical symptoms
I feel a little crazy, but at least it's kind of fun
It's a scary day when the depression comes

Captivate my flickering,
This hearts a costume, playing daydream
I'm tired of running the same old mazes
Time to tie up my rainbow shoelaces
Nicole Dawn May 2015
When I was younger,
I ran barefoot,
Innocent and happy.

As I got older,
I began wearing shoes,
Because that was 'cool'

They hurt my feet,
And killed my innocence.
They drew me to the edge of a cliff
And as I walked along it's edge,
I tripped over
A stupid shoelace,

And now I am falling,
Dreading hitting the ground,
All so I could be 'cool'
DP Younginger Nov 2014
My shoelaces flap side to side like one of those car-dealership inflatables arms-
My veiny stompers pump puddles of pure procrastination from perceptive sprinting-
Underneath the tune-buds, I cannot hear my sneakers scraping the scrap rocks of gravel-
To my left- a hooting owl habitats itself in a hushed game of charades-
To my right- a slick tree frog flies freely from a lofty leaf and lands in the lagoon-
Elapsed images of elastic languages fill my mind with everlasting wisdom-
Entertained by the watercolors, my canvas curdles and secedes the state of mind-
Pressing harder- the curtain continues to close as I chase the condescending daylight-
Pressing softer- the tuner in my temple turns into a terrorizing shriek from my tibia-
You and I are like the ends
of shoelaces.

Twisting and dancing
on the surfaces we know.

Sometimes our paths will cross
and one might seem higher
than the other.

Things always come around
as life leaves us the holes
to fit through.

This far into our journey
we seem so far apart.

Our dance through life will see
us collide together and
let the knot be tied at last.

I may end up on your side
and you upon mine,
but that is how two crossed threads
seem to wind up when they return
again as one.

— The End —