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the soul yearns for her presence, but the heart knows she's already gone
the soul yearns to hold her hand, but the heart knows her feel
the soul yearns to tell her that she is loved, but the heart knows she won't hear
the soul yearns for her return, but the heart knows she made her choice
the soul yearns to erase what happened, but the heart knows it's too late
something i've been thinking of writing about for a while now
It is sad but true
in the world, we live in
that we cannot trust the ones who have sworn to protect us
that the death of one man can call the rise of the destruction of communities
that simple action of lifting a leg could've not caused the war we see now
It is sad but true
that there is still a belief that certain people are superior
that many people abuse the responsibility of a gun and badge
that there are people that take advantage of a crime to raise anarchy
It is sad but true
a little something I decided to piece together of current events. after all, poets are the recordkeepers of their time.
It was Fate that gave us each other
But a mix of ignored warnings and mistakes that drove us apart
now time has passed and I still wish you back
I look at the gift of our first date and think back at the happiness we felt
as I lay fresh lilies on the grave of what we had
I still see your smiling face haunting the forest of my dreams
your words of confidence still echoing in the back of my mind
Now the thriving town of my heart is nothing more than a cold forgotten ruin
I travel back to when we first met as a tear rolls down my cheek
now I wish for you to be happier, rather than return, for that may be the only way the pieces will sew themselves anew
Something that has been eating away at me ever since she left me. I'm still torn up about it but I hope that she has someone better now
He finds himself in the back of his mind again looking at what could've been. The sins of his past and the demons of isolation scratching their mark on his back. He knows he will never truly leave his past, but instead of fighting back or ignoring the whispers in his ear, he accepts them. For He of all people knows that a sword of negative word loses it's edge when the target allows the blade to hit its mark. He curses not his past, but the Fates who have forged the path ahead of him. "**** YOU" he wants to shout at the ones who control the river of time but he knows that it is pointless and continues down his path of sorrow alone with nothing but his thoughts and the light of the moon to keep him company.
I've been down on my luck in almost every sense of the word from my girlfriend breaking up with me to watching some of my close friends succumb to serious cases of cabin fever but sooner or later this whole thing will either end happily or with a bang...only time will tell
Just as the moon getting closer agitates the waves, He got too close and angered the waves of her heart. He hoped for a piece of his soul to calm her tide but it was too much and she wished him gone as the waves spit the moon back out into the sky. While the rising sun found two sets of footprints, the path they were taking was separate from each other.
sorry that i've been gone for a while, i haven't had any inspiration for poetry until recent happenings in my personal life outside of poetry gave me inspiration...but at a cost that was too high
He finds himself somewhere new, a beach with his beautiful moon being licked by the ocean waves. Then he notices her, dancing at the tide's edge. He comes to realize that the moon led him to her through its final moonbeams for the night. As the Day cracks into a new dawn, It finds two sets of footprints walking along tide's edge on a path to the moon while the sea slowly consumes the trail.
my "unknown responder" recently confessed that she loved me...and I loved her too. she revealed that she's a Thalassophile when she found out I was a selenophile.
He keeps finding them. Letters to the Moon full of his woes opened and replied to by an Unknown Responder. He hopes that this Unknown Responder will let his letter be by still writing to the Moon, But a part of him wants to keep this mystery around. To have someone listen to his worries and troubles without judgment makes his heartbeat play a song he hasn't heard in years. He signs his letter for tonight, he notices that it's addressed not to the Moon, but to his personal mystery. And there are only two words in that letter. "Thank You"
This poem is based on a unique relationship I have with this girl I met through a group chat my friends threw me into for laughs...after just a couple of weeks of talking, this girl knows me deeper than even my closest friends do...and we've never met IRL
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