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moon man Jun 25
I stare into her
And she stares back
She offers me my hearts truest desire
To finally rest, and become nothing
To simply cease, is what I crave most
All I have to do is jump
Yet, something stops me
A call, that I am not done yet
And we both weep, for we cannot be together
But one day we will, when my job is done
And the ones who call out to me are finally happy
I do not wish to die, I'm simply tired of living. How I wish to simply cease to exist. But I cannot rest just yet. I still have a life to live and people to bring joy to in that life
moon man Jun 20
I am almost blue
Grasping at the ghost of my desires next to me
Silently shedding tears into my pillow
Hoping that I will have someone to share my soul with
And at that moment I realize
I really am blue
Singles blues have been eating away at me while I manage to only push away my friends futher by accident. I've come to the realization that I will spend most, if not the rest of, my life alone...its enough to make someone almost blue
moon man Jun 16
you can't hear it, but you can feel it
Like a weight in the very air
Or wearing wet clothes slowly pulling you down
You try to break it, but it has its own magic
You let it win this time, but only for the peace that it brings today
I'm not gone for good, I simply was just very busy...for example I recently graduated from high school
moon man Apr 1
I see what they see, yet they don't see what I see
when they look in my reflection, they see what I am
when I look in my reflection, I see what I want to be
when they look in my closet, they see the clothes I wear
when I look into my closet, I see the clothes I want to wear
they see my form as a shell, nothing more than protection
I see my form as a cocoon, with a more beautiful creation inside it's walls
while they see me and I see them
it is not the same in the looking glass
today is national transgender/nonbinary visibility day, so this is for those who stand under that umbrella, dedicated to max
moon man Mar 2
we are water and oil, old friend
you move freely, untempered by those who try and control you
I make things unstable, make others see warped forms of themselves
stuck in the same ***, but never mixed together, no matter how hard we tried
when the heat is on, you're the first to boil yet i try to control your splash
we're no longer in the same ***, and while i'm glad you've finally left, i wish to spend one more day with you
me and my best friend had a falling out, she realized the one thing i've been telling her for years...that we're too different, like water and oil
moon man Feb 16
you feel it now, don't you
the hatred clawing away at your mind, tearing apart your sanity
yelling at you to let it loose, demanding to let them feel your wrath
but don't let it out, don't let it free
because once it is out, it will never go back
It will bring you satisfaction, but at a cost
the cost of your very soul
something that's been on my mind, lately almost everything has been making me mad to the point that it's boiling into hatred. But my hatred will never get out
moon man Feb 5
I heard the jingle of her keys being pulled out of her purse
the lock started to move and i go to open the door for her
as I opened the door, she collapsed in my arms and smiled
I dragged her back into our bedroom and put her in bed with me
I asked her how her day was and she only had three words for me through a quiet voice and sleepy eyes
"tired and sore"
I held her in my arms as she slowly drifted off to sleep and i kissed her goodnight
This is a poem for a friend of mine who wanted to do a community event and wanted to have a poem be her entry, obviously she's going to give me credit for the work
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