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moon man Dec 2023
No more, no more shall I be a weapon.
No more shall I destroy for the sake of my own amusement.
Im tired of looking at the ash and blood of all the bridges I’ve burned and the backs I’ve stabbed.
The weight of it all has finally crushed me, I must change.
For the sake of those who I’ve harmed, and for those who still managed to stay.
I must stop myself, to better myself.
I must no longer be a weapon of despair, but a tool of hope.
I used to be a major ******* in highschool because I believed that everyone was out for their own benefit, they will happily step on me if they got up higher…so I decided that i will be the betrayer, and harmed so many people who I would’ve called friend today. One of the people who i used to be a **** to pointed out how much i’ve changed since then and were proud of the man I have become, one more healed back, one more bridge repaired.
moon man Oct 2023
Here I lay, hoping that one of these days I’ll be laying across from you.
I want to feel the warmth of your hand, see the rhythm of your breathing
To know, within my heart, that your very being fills me with such a light that no darkness could ever hope to survive against.
Just as in your own heart, is filled with such a peace that you willingly give.
I hope our paths become forever intertwined and shines bright like a star, so the both of us are bathed in light.
I started playing kingdom hearts and felt that the title of the opening track, Dearly Beloved, deserved to have a poem under the same name. I hope I did it justice
moon man Sep 2023
I’ve done it, I’ve achieved two score as it would be said in the days of old.
Two decades on this rock with many tears shed and many wounds healed.
Yet, as I stand here now, i can feel the Reaper’s clock tick ever so closer to zero.
So to my friends who’ve always stood beside me, I thank you for your counsel and companionship.
To my old lovers, though I am covered with burns from being such a fool, I will always remember the warmth that fire gave.
And to those who kept me bound in chains and tried to force me down paths in life i despised, all for the sake of “tradition”, the scars my shackles have left heal a little more day by day.
Im now 20 ****
moon man Aug 2023
The most beautiful tool man has ever created, Art
Used to express emotion that sometimes words cannot describe
And oh my stars, how I’ve missed using this tool
I’ve been itching to write again, but I haven’t had any new material to use, so while this isn’t my best work, it scratches that itch
moon man Jun 2023
I want to marry the moon, and yes I’ve finally gone mad from the moonbeams.
How can nobody else think otherwise, she’s always beautiful no matter how much or how little of herself she shows us.
She’s always quietly watching, like a partner lovingly staring at us from down the hall.
And despite all her cracks and damages, she still shines for all of us to see.
Which is why she only gets to see the cracks and damage of my own.
I’ve always loved the moon, and found her to be the source of many of my works, maybe perhaps one day I should finally ask her to be my wife
moon man Jun 2023
They’ve finally gone taunt, I am finally free of my Creator’s wretched tyranny.
Yet that was so long ago, and i crave to feel their pull once again
But this time, I hope that the pull will be more gentle.
My Creator wanted a servant, and she succeeded, but now I choose who I want to serve
And I hope to whatever god is listening that I choose someone deserving of my service.
I’ve been free of the tyrannical rule of my narcissistic mother for some time now, but i still wear my metaphorical chains. I just hope that if i ever find myself a woman, she doesn’t pull on them as harshly as my mother once did
moon man Apr 2023
Her eyes are so beautiful, causing a shine in my own
Her lips look so kissable from here, i wonder if she’s using a new chapstick
Her hands look so soft, I want to feel them in my own
I want to wrap my arms around her, but alas, she is not my fire to warm myself
So I will continue down the path, but oh such a tempting flame she is
I hung out with a friend who I’ve always had a major crush on, but it’s too late for me because she found her perfect man already. But, I won’t let that change my love for her as a friend
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