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moon man Oct 24
I can tell that it's coming once again.
The chill down my back, tensing my muscles and even reaching my bones.
Most people shudder at the thought of no longer spending time in the heat of the sun, but I feel as though an old friend has come back to greet me once more.
That chilling feel, making my body stay in the confinds of a warm bed for a bit longer.
It's finally cooling down where I live, and I absolutely love it. I can finally sleep with blankets again and can go outside without being flashcooked by the unmatched power of the sun.
moon man Sep 17
We walk along the path, the one we both were excited to explore.
With the moon overhead, gently moving the shadows
And flowers bloom, as we walk together.
But now when I walk this path, as I've done many times before.
You've become just another ghost, amongst those who have walked with me.
Goodbye, but not forever, for we will walk together again.
Welp, I'm single again. However, I knew it was gonna happen, I always end up walking alone
moon man Jul 8
It's all it takes
To finally feel the warmth again
A single spark
And the blazing fire that will ensue is more than enough to comfort even the coldest of hearts
Even mine
I did it, I have a girlfriend again. The fire of love feels so nice after years in the cold
moon man Apr 23
Her voice touches my heart
Her eyes shine like the most expensive gems
Her thoughts paint the most stunning portraits
Her moves are as if she swims through the very air that touches her
Her breathing gets relaxed whenever she talks
Her footwork is almost as if she's always dancing
As Her voice has claimed my heart, i hope that one day my words will claim hers...
i finally got the chance to watch the movie "Her" after almost 10 years later. And I dedicate this piece that hopefully one day will be the Samantha to my Theodore.
moon man Apr 17
I sit by my desk
with my laptop playing our favorite jazz tracks
waiting for you
for the peek into my room with your light
the tap at my window
so that we can dance together again
with my words being my dance
my room being the stage
and you as my audience
i found myself sitting at my desk for the first time in months trying to find a new job on my laptop. i had my moon lamp on and it reminded me of all the times i would stay up to look at the moon from my window
moon man Mar 28
Perhaps we've passed each other, while walking down the street
Or perhaps stood in line, one behind the other, paying for our groceries.
Maybe we've seen each other, at that one restaurant we both love.
While these are all uncertain, there is one thing I know.
You're out there, somewhere.
Waiting for you and I, as well as I and you, to finally meet.
And maybe, then we can finally be together.
Hope is a powerful thing, however it's also dangerous. I hope she's out there, somewhere. However, I will not be blinded by hope whenever I believe I found her anymore.
moon man Aug 2021
Some are a sign of evil intent
Others are the final glimpses of a moment around the corner
And then there's yours
Still on the other side of the bed
Almost as if you never left
I've been stuck in a depressive loop of being single, but the worst part of it is that it constantly reminds me that she's no longer here and that I have nobody else to replace the old flame
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