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Kvothe Apr 13
You are tea,
serene in your surroundings.

                                                               ­                                        I am coffee,
                                                                ­           attention always bounding.

Your colour milkish pale,
creamy optimism.

                                                               ­                              I am taken black,
                                                                ­                                bitter cynicism.

Two sugars,
to match your disposition.

                                                               ­                                     None for me,
                                                             ­       I'll maintain my grim affliction.

                                               We differ so much,
                                                     it's obscene.
     ­                                              But in the end
                                               we're both caffeine.
Repost of an old one
KMarie Feb 6
No one else
Will do
No one else
Is you
We are the same
But not
It’s kind of insane
But hot
We are always thinking
And saying things
At the same time
Why are we so good
I wish it could be easier
To say how we feel
I know it’s real
And so do you
OpenWorldView May 2019
dark faceless features
stare from mirror to mirror
into endless void
Elena Mar 2019
To Our Weary Souls,

If you build a wall between us
How long till you break it down?
Will it corrode over time
Will it continue to make us blind

If you grow acres of fields
And call it yours
Will you **** the unwelcome
Or will you let them explore

Will you tell them to leave
As the night tells the day
Because when you close your eyes
You want to keep the threats at bay

So I ask you now
Who do you turn to?
When your fields flood
And your cattle is diseased

Will you turn to your neighbor
And what if you have none?
Will you turn to the sky
That’s been ebon like your eyes

Is your heart broken from the loss
Do you long for a change
From this god forbidden place
Are there parasites in your skin
Do you feel them deep within

Well so do they
But you refused to hear
Instead you built a wall
A wall too near

Just so your hand could push for miles
As all of our cries, echoed to the heavens.
Where is the manual on life?
Is there one I wasn't informed of?
That says you have to be a certain way?

That you have to be
The same?

Because I didn't get one
Whatever I touch, I break, so I don't even touch
Wherever I shine, I fake, my shadow tells too much
However I try to proceed, I sink in too deep
Whomever I call love, never we share a good sleep

Every moment collapses, leaving us blindly
I hold on to my senses, singns of my body
I wear however the wounds of my soul
Questions of origin, others and all

Reliance on feelings have thought me to judge
Listening to voices have brought me through grudge
Counting on numbers have led me to withdraw
Looking at features have dreamed up just plain law

I wander and wonder, why I can't do the math
Why these thoughts ponder and don't take a bath
Sometimes I share a free passion to make
But most of the times those act like headache

Here am I reflecting, dissecting my wows
Wishing and cursing on different nows
Clocking and measuring where there shall be strength,
Courage and willpower does not care about length
I am reeeeally lonely the bad thing is I enjoy it and I'd rather die sometimes than to re-enter the everyday grind's battlegrounds...
And that also I would be good to go and my pride, my strive for the so safe to be unknown and fear of failure messes me up and drives me out of time.
Oh yes and **** it, I publish this time :)
disappointment Mar 2018
His hair,
striking down,
Zeus's thunderbolts in the sky.

Her hair,
Flowing round,
waves of the sea, clouds of the sky.

His skin,
dark as can be,
akin to coal,
darkness warps as far as I can see

Her skin,
pale pastel,
image reflects on a white seashell.
void of colour.

His job,
paying much,
respect and such.

Her job,
paying little,
a gap that men find acquittal.

His eyes,
grey like the storm,
pupils dilated as he felt her warmth

Her eyes,
blue like ice,
blocks of reflection,
of her cold heart,
of her body made of ice.

Is equality just sameness,
is that what you want to be?
Just like the next one,
prove your uniformity.

Or be different.
Francie Lynch Feb 2018
I stripped the branches,
Debarked the limbs
Like peeling sunburnt skin
On the chest high grassy plains.
There's a nest in the crotch of our tree
With umbilical vines detached and green;
I check to see if my bellybutton
Is missing, just like Eve's.
I see that mine's an Outie,
Still connected to the trees.
ashlynn Apr 2015
veins like vines,
trees like tombs,
pain like pines,
breeze like breath.
nature is you and
nature is i.
Amitav Radiance Dec 2014
If not dwarfed by the
Everyday challenges
And the sameness
Let’s reach for the
Window ledge
We may have lost sight
Of the outside world
Tinted glasses
Reflected the rays of hope
Only darkness within
Stretch beyond
And reach for it
To view a whole new world
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