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Alyssa Oct 2019
The fungi has started to grow again,
coming from inside, rotting within.
My eyes scan the room from left to right,
there's nothing interesting,
anywhere found in sight.
I remove myself to explore and play,
into the forest I go, around midday.
As I wander and wonder,
my thoughts twist around me, causing a fluster.
All of this just because of,
some guy.
It's not your normal fungi,
it's the kind that if you touch it,
it will rot you from your delicate finger tips
to the very light that is your soul.
The kind of fungi to ruin your night.
So as I lie here, accepting my fate,
that evil demon comes creeping,
to smile in my face.
I'm all too weak to continue on,
finally letting go of myself, collapsing like a fawn.
My skeletal remains,
shimmer in the sun-
reflecting light like the barrel of a gun.
It's hard not to notice that toadstool right there,
growing from what would be my hair.
The fungi still loves to decay,
what was once me
Poetoftheway Oct 2019
“when down dreaming ups” (Pradip)*/

a mysterious phrasing sent,
the meaning devolving, beyond the obvious,
but slow like, as the mind turns and tastes
these words in different places, ways

when I lay me down to keep,
the dreaming up-ramping, the poems,
don’t know of absent muses, inspiratory lacking,
tongue tied eyes, all banished from the dream world,
where the poems come more than regular,
uninhibited and restless,
begging to be easy birthed,
oh please, oh please!

when down we lay,
up tempo do the brain’s creation ports
turn fiery red, agitated, masses of
tired, poor poems, yearning to be free
disembark all seeking a touchstone statue
to set them free to liberty

my speaking eyelids rapid typing,
placing whole writings in cracks in
the wailing wall, on my own temple mount,
where Hindi letters become stick figures
dancing praises to the lord and stars and
crescendo crescents interlock their tips,
until one dream complete is downloaded
to moistened, ready lips, for I am up, up,

from my down dreaming

10/20/19  8:54am
RVani Kalyani Aug 2019
Up this hill I have reached,
All these stairs that I have climbed.
I touch the clouds above me,
Feel the stars shining upon me.
But will I feel the thunderstorms too,
Or will I mix in tornado in the sky of blue.
I keep thinking and overthinking,
Snowflakes and hailstones are what describe living!
A short description of life
CR Franklin Aug 2019
Part of me wants to reach out
And invite you back in
Part of me wants you to put out
Just to remember you from within
Part of me wants you to knock on my door
Just to keep it unanswered
Part of me wants to win you back
Just to rid you from my mind's front

Part of me wants to say I miss you
Just to hear you say the same
Part of me wants to see you
Just to see your pain
Part of me still loves you
Even though I never felt so alone
Part of me still hates you
For making me feel so alone

Although some of me still wants you
Most of me already knows
That the part of me that loved you
Has packed my ****; ready to go
But there's still that part of me
That wants to send you this poem
To tell you that part of me
Still misses my Jasmin
So instead of texting my ex and continuing our on and off streak, I decided to share my thoughts with a bunch of strangers. Enjoy strangers!
Donna Jun 2019
A dark cloud arrived
All the trees and flowers stilled
Then the rain fell down
I’m having to give one of my lovely sons four different eye drops every hour and every three hours for the next week because he has had an accident at work, hopefully by next week his vision in his eye will return , as at the mo his vision is blurred and we hoping his eye will be okay x it made me think of this one as no matter how hard and difficult and upsetting life can be at times , flowers and trees always grow with such postivity so I will remain postive that my dear sons vision in his eye will heal by next week x
Life sure is hectic at the mo what with nursing my sons eye I just finding it so hard to read your poetry at the mo , but in time I will catch up, stay happy poetry people **
Kat Jun 2019
We are both shyly engaging with the madness on screen,
distorted faces, screams from nowhere –
I don‘t believe in hesitation,
having always indulged in my impulsivity.
Not used to waiting, calculating, anticipating.
I was very careful not to let you sink in,
although your teeth aren‘t very sharp.

I don’t pay attention, I’m too focused now
on how my arm is pressing against your shoulder –
this golden halo
that your touch casts onto the here-and-now;
no moment can ever be insignificant again.
Oh, it feels so nice to be with you,
real nice.
Makes me wanna travel all the distance
from Tokyo right to your doorstep.

Morning arrives with it’s awkward limbs that will be drowned in black coffee. Yesterday there seemed to be no more blue tomorrows, but now your eyes greet me and I don’t know what to say.
(things that happened)
Faith Apr 2019
How do we know love
If we've never seen pain
Or how can we enjoy sunshine
If we've never been caught in the rain
And how do we see beauty
If we've never seen bad
How can you have the best day ever
When that's all you've ever had
So when you're in the darkest place
Soon joy is what you'll face
Khadro Jama Feb 2019
Communication is key
In any relationship
Im pure hearted
Always willing to forgive as long as there's an explanation
I'll keep it simple
No need to complicated it
I'll be real
I'll be 100%
Its up you to believe me
If my words are not worth anything then I'll give up!
I wont force anyone anything.
Leave me to tend to A heart broken.
For a while I'll be a broken recored.
When u regret your choices,
Don't come looking.
I move on in pain.
Im not sure where I went wrong.
But I'm done trying.
I give up .
You win.
Ameed Feb 2019
The Former
The Latter
aren't the ones that
they're both in the past
and the past is gone
and it's never returning
Don't cling to people from your past
Just leave them behind
Just As They Did
© Ameed
Arcassin B Oct 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

I got a lot",
On my plate,it needs to stop,
can't be friends with these here cops,
cause I'll be the target they spot,
still breathing while the sun is hot,
keep these lil'kids off the block,
I got a lot.

Putting aside my Petty squabbles and failures,
Writing the ups and downs as I go, theres no letters,
Feeding my conscious mind to a higher being,
Escaping this world is a must ,if you know what I mean,
Hard enough to know thy self,
All the things we consume will melt,
Our brains , the corporations gives thanks,
We drown an ignorance like a scuba tank.
we got alot*.
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