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Oh God, I'm happy in this morning,
Being free of problem solving,
Living loving the road I'm hitting,
The misery I'm passing through.

Oh, how I would be free to suffer
Other mornings and another,
Filled with oh-such charming pattern,
Being happy after all.

Oh happy! Seeing all gifts that matter,
A marrow and a loving mother,
Ever radiating on the darker-darker
Sight that I'm still having though.

Oh, the obscure morrow and yester -
All those possible disaster
Are enlightened and farther- farther

Oh God, I'm happy in the now-happening;
I wish this moment pending padding,
I would leave all those doubtful setting'
And resting for ever in a now.
alexa Sep 2019
i'm overwhelmed. overworked. under appreciated.

the work of people like her goes unnoticed. she feels as if everyone's under the spell of a lotus. all she wishes is that everyone could focus.

focus on the ups and the downs. the ins and the outs.

the work of people like her goes unnoticed.
i'm both mentally and emotionally drained. i dont know what to do anymore. my head hurts. all i want is to sleep forever.
Frederica Ehimen Feb 2018
Love Clouds by: Frederica Ehimen

The darkness is cool and wet
The sunlight is just beyond the horizon
White oceans beyond I see
There is this love between you and me
We could not exist if we
Were not... Could not continue to be
The You and Me we are destined
To be, so we wait in the stillness
Of the Sun waiting for the still light to creep back in
The darkness fades, and we will rise to find
Our love survived
I wrote this poem because I like to write poems that tell a story about something, love is something we all get to experience at one point in our lives.
Emily McClelland Oct 2017
Highs as prominent as the sky,
Creating lows to become pits of despair.
No return for rapture in this hollow evening.
Where thoughts are not allowed to be felt,
Yet my heart still aches for you.
Ignatius Hosiana Jan 2017
One day-the talk of the Sailors, the next a wreck
a beauty of the universe and the next a Shrek
The king of the jungle today, a carcass tomorrow
from pinnacle of joy to an iceberg of sorrow

One moment you're a trodden road, the next forgotten
fresh and busking marine and then a fossil, you're rotten
this minute, a blossom of the garden and then a wilt
a rock of now that will be glaciated to mere silt

Even an Eagle soaring high in the sky gets to the ground
at some point, the found get lost and the lost get found
drums that rumble will someday go the limpid in a ***
you lack today but someday will find all you sought
Rudra Sharma Apr 2016
We all were strangers before
but time brought us together
And we came to know each other more.
I was always afraid of fall
but whenever I looked around
I smiled, cause I knew you all would be my wall.
Waiting for people at metro station was irritating
but I enjoyed every moment with you all
From sitting on the floor to eating.
We had fights and stupid conversations
but one thing I am glad about
We peacefully handled all the situations.
What would I miss? That headphone and those calls?
i guess not?
I would rather miss those talks and the trolls.
Home doesn’t feel like home
just few moments away
And all the memories will be gone
Just a promise to keep the faith forever
to be with each other till the end
No matters whenever, wherever.
This poem was for my offices friends, when out company was about to shut down. Sad that was
WiltingMoon Dec 2015
Its starts with such a beautiful note
That enchants you in, listing to more
The chords flow with such passion
Such hope for the future
Till you reach the diminished
That throws the whole song down to hell
From light and hope
To dark and sin
This song of life has changed in ways
I never saw coming
The tune grows darker
The volume become louder
The chords harsher
But then it stops
And one single note changes it back to the light
The hardness of the chords soften
The volume begins to calm
And the tune once more flows through my soul
This is the song of life
And then it finishes
Leaving you with the experience of music...
The experience of life...
Joseph Bucci Dec 2014
Hands up
Body rigid with anticipation
My gut pulls down
Stronger and stronger as I go up
I can see the top
So close but so far
I decided to take a risk
And try my luck at this ride
I inch over the peak
And then I

Screaming with adrenaline
Impossible not to smile
This was the thrill I sought
My gamble payed off
But then the tracks flatten out
And overcome with disappointment
I realize
It's all already over

All that can happen
When I spend 3 minutes
Talking to you
"My friends can come too"
ejb Nov 2014
life is like a sinusoidal graph
curving up and curving down
over and over again and never stopping

sometimes we feel higher than the sun
and everything is going great
then a few days or weeks or months later it all comes crashing down again

right now im on the downward curve preparing for what is to come
but i know that things will be okay again
but all this up and down makes my stomach do flips
i know it's cliché but life really is like a roller coaster you can't get off
curving up and curving down again
and never stopping
life is rough
Irate Watcher Aug 2014
Upon typing
the last verse
she jumped
from the chair
forgetting to close
the windows
and ran through
the wooden halls
of the country house
outside into the
joyous wildflowers
swaying like pendulums;
The afternoon breeze cool
and **** like green apples.

Joy was skipping
until the summer air
froze her heated throat.

Clouds brimmed purple
dewing her nose,
head buried when
droplets fell,
summer's ecstasy
melting into lukewarm pools
on a trail leading to
fallen firs.
Worried the curtains
at home were soaked,
by clear pellets,
she was lost.

No friend to tease,
pine needles
from tangled hair.

— The End —