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When I'm up, I'm up.
I feel deeper,
I see brighter,
I hear things I've never heard before.
I smell things I've never smelled before.
I taste new things, new people.
When I'm up, I feel like I'm in a dark club under neon lights dancing my heart out to the best song I've never heard,


When I'm down, I'm really down.
The club is pitch black and there is a deep drone playing over the speakers. No one is laughing. No one is screaming. No one is singing.

Everyone is staring.
I see nothing.
I feel nothing.
I can't taste anymore.
I can't smell.
I especially can't hear what I've heard before.

I wait hours, days, months to watch those neon lights reflect off of glitter covered skin again,


It only lasts a moment.
Blurry Vision Feb 26
He told me everything i ever wanted to hear
His words melted on my skin like hot wax
The flame still burning, but i didn't mind.

He disappeared this morning
The wax hardened
I tried to pull it off of my skin but it hurt too much to get rid of him

If he came back now,
The flame would start burning again.
Blurry Vision Feb 26
Men will you tell you everything you need to hear
Men will kiss you, touch you, feel you
Men will make you feel emotions that you haven't felt before.

Men will do all of these thing except admit that they

Blurry Vision Dec 2018
Like a violin,
You played me.

Like the wind,
You are quiet.

Like a knife,
You hurt me.
Blurry Vision Dec 2018
Your bright blue eyes
took me around the world
Blurry Vision Dec 2018
Tonight I jumped.
Weightless regret filled my entire body.
I fell at a million miles per hour,
But with you time stopped.

I crashed into the water.
My bones shattered,
But you healed them.

Tonight I messed up and jumped again,
But you weren't there.
You let me shatter.
You let me crash.

You let go of my hand after you pushed me.
Blurry Vision Nov 2018
Talk is cheap so let's make this quick
I can feel them crawling behind my eyes.
I can feel you reaching in to pull them out.
They're scared of you.
But not me.
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