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Fern Apr 2020
Oh me, oh my!

A mushroom, so dandy!

It’s curling head, spry

Gold hues like candy

Soft as a dove

And medically handy

What’s not to love?

About a fungi so opulent?

Hope is made of:

Mushrooms so succulent

What a lovely sight

Isn’t fungi excellent?
i like mushrooms :)
Alyssa Oct 2019
The fungi has started to grow again,
coming from inside, rotting within.
My eyes scan the room from left to right,
there's nothing interesting,
anywhere found in sight.
I remove myself to explore and play,
into the forest I go, around midday.
As I wander and wonder,
my thoughts twist around me, causing a fluster.
All of this just because of,
some guy.
It's not your normal fungi,
it's the kind that if you touch it,
it will rot you from your delicate finger tips
to the very light that is your soul.
The kind of fungi to ruin your night.
So as I lie here, accepting my fate,
that evil demon comes creeping,
to smile in my face.
I'm all too weak to continue on,
finally letting go of myself, collapsing like a fawn.
My skeletal remains,
shimmer in the sun-
reflecting light like the barrel of a gun.
It's hard not to notice that toadstool right there,
growing from what would be my hair.
The fungi still loves to decay,
what was once me
Salmabanu Hatim Jun 2019
Cockroach,  Cockroach , what are you doing in my soup,
In the kitchen I was playing hoop la hoop,
And I fell in you soup mister,
It's hot and I am getting blisters,
Scoop me with your spoon,
Before I swoon.
Please don't shout or scream,
I will be thrown out of the kitchen of my dream,
Filthy and messy,
With rotten fish, slimy and smelly,
Red meat in blood,
And fungi on sauces and salads with mould,
Never scrubbed,the kitchen,
For thousands of us it's heaven.
Be a pal,
Go away with your gal,
At least I did you a favour,
Not eating in this yucky place forever.
Guden Oct 2017
I fell for a fairy,
She was flower
Daughter of the sun.
I worship the moon,
I live among fungi.
A fairy that was fire
I am a rat,
Soaked by the moon's tears.
I don't know why,
But she kissed me,
I dreamt of being a creature like she was,
I dreamt of living in the sun
Among the flowers of her back,
Her wings,
I dreamt.
She didn't like my sadness,
My insecurity,
The spores growing on my skin.
Eliza Fairchild Jun 2016
Time turns to liquid, rolling off my tongue like molasses
dripping technicolor drool, viewed through fungal lenses.
Eliza Fairchild May 2016
The pitter patter of rain echos through the soil,
sending a message in morse code.

Biological clocks begin to turn as fungi wake from their slumber.
Hyphae radiate outward, mapping the skin of the earth,
a living neural network woven into the soil of the forest.
Coleseph Nelzsun Dec 2015
I ingest the sacred fungi, my heart pounds forth anticipation
For my body knows my consciousness will soon see a changing situation
Such complex revelations
I feel the ground beneath awaken
I realize all of us are intertwined with this beautiful creation
I look into my friends eye's and see me looking back
I am you and you are me; sounds crazy but its fact
All sharing in this collective breath the universe exhales
Do you understand the implications of what this now entails?
It means we're all responsible as stewards of this earth
War and famine, death and pain we must address but first
We must look into our own selves and purge the greed and hate
To change the world you must change first to make room to create
Sacred plant medicines have within them the power to radically shift paradigms when taken with the right intentions.

— The End —