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Kore Feb 2020
how do you draw power
from your land
when it has been taken


and you taken from it
displaced into violence
think abt being native 2day
Kore May 2019
when your reflection
is empty
who do you become

in a world of ever
multiplying black-and-white
copies of people not-you

who are you
when you can't see
yourself in them
Kore Jan 2019
the act of
poisoning until
are no longer

to you
  to your
heat, heart, humor

taking you
piece by piece
until I can
Kore Jan 2019
expectation is
the heart render
the tipping point
of my beating center

that which he so skillfully
cut out of its home
tender fingers taking willfully
without my notice
Kore Jan 2019
there we stay
twisting, snapping, following
each other
round and round and round
in battle unwinnable

teeth sunk into
my thigh
hands at your furred neck
grasping, growling struggle
Kore Jan 2019
in my dreams, I can't see your eyes. those galaxies in miniature, amber supernovae exploding in my heart. they are obscured, benighted, hidden by the gleam of your sunglasses. an edge of light cuts off them, blinding me to you. blinded to you and your intent.

in my dreams, your hands cup my jaw. you pull me to you, I settle in your lap and we curl around each other like paint is mixed. the image of us rippling, distorted, a spectral projection twisting and swirling until we are no more.

in my dreams, we are separate. independent. isolated. I think I can glimpse your eyes, then you turn and they're gone. you push me away. I push myself away. I watch your curls tumble over the edge of your sunglasses while you laugh with someone else. you're unknown to me.

in my dreams. I can't see your eyes.
the worst man in the world made an appearance in my dreams the other night and I can't deal with it
Kore Jan 2019

friend, companion, self-intellectualizing


who loves, cares, hurts
              [ me ]

lays an offering
of violence


this is how you love
           [ me ]
my friend hit me up just to show me the nathan phillips video (the first one, not his interview from today) because i'm the only native person he knows and didn't take into account the fact that all i've seen is this ******* video and it hurt me because he wanted my point of view as an indigenous person but just would not listen to me without arguing that the white kids could have maybe been in the right
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