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Ken Pepiton Apr 2019
how do you know

you know imagining right, as in al
right, this whole idea
ain't re
alizable in the time we have?

I cain't imagine alla that, y'say.

All unbelievable things are and
all unimaginable things are not;

imagine a bubble in which we all be able
to unbelieve the unbelievable
and imagine unimagining it ever believed.

true. free be. you. not me, thee
unimaginable, like next from now.

thy will be done. No joke.
Make it up, it's your life, henceforth.

as I wrote that line three crows sailed o'er me.
In significant, unless you saw some three
of the raven ilk and added meaning to what ya saw,

from a source whence only you may draw.
As from thine own cistern, running water
from thine own well,
thine own secret spring of worth.
Bits of thread, like microfiber molecules with no real role in the natural order of things. So musings translated into englishish word forms.
I don’t think
You fully understand
The things I go through
You can’t
It’s impossible
Please don’t say
that you do

I don’t think
You can comprehend
The feelings I’m feeling
You can’t
It’s impossible
Please don’t say
That you do

I don’t think
You can fathom
The darkness in my mind
You can’t
It’s impossible
Please don’t say
That you do

I don’t think
You can imagine
The depth of my despair
You can’t
It’s impossible
Please don’t say
You wish you could
Kewayne Wadley Sep 2018
To a point
We over promise too much of ourselves.
In spite of how high we value ourself,
We actively listen in effort.
Refilling how much of ourselves we spill.
I am not ashamed to admit that at times I need help.
But it is in these times where I fully understand.
That there won't be another you.

You smile and help me realize that I never want to lose
any piece of you.
Stopping the spill to see how much you effect me.
In reaction to a sudden action of silence.
Most beloved.
It is especially important.
Where we don't have to prove anything to each other.
Just knowing that you are there is enough.
Just know that your love is enough.

It is in these moments.
I stop to think.
Where would I be without you.
Sarah Markbride Mar 2018
Don't hide away in the dark, let the world see you shine bright.
We all need a little light, even though it can be a little hard to see.
There are better things waiting for you and me.
Somebody you have not met, is waiting to love you.
Love you in unimaginable ways, trust me there will always be better days.
Barker Sep 2017
Imagine the unimaginable
Dream the unachievable
Think beyond the realm of this world

Obtain the unobtainable
Create the impossible
For there are no boundaries
Janae Jun 2017
I can only imagine
what it would feel like
to have your lips
touch mine.

Would there be a spark?
A powerful force of the unimaginable
by this interaction,

Would there be fireworks?
Going off in the background that
some how managed to
start at the right time

Would it make time stop?
Where it's just you and I,
would we notice if we even started to fly?

I don't know what it would be like
but i know there will be no flying
no fireworks at the right time
and definitely your lips would never touch mine

I can only imagine.
I still see her face

But I cannot place her laugh
Or the smell of her comfort

Her voice has escaped my ears
I lost the picture of her talking

But I remember her touch
I remember how she made me feel:
Safe, protected, and tranquil
Loved and no longer alone

I remember how she understood my madness
And she took on the burden of hell with me

I cannot imagine her sitting in front of me
But I still see her soul and heart crystal clear
That is what I fell in love with

Even though the world screamed it an abomination
I regret never telling her all this
But the world has already banned our interactions

But I will never forget my love and your heart
shayfer Jan 2015
and for once, she actually felt something.
she found someone she was afraid to lose.
yes, the tin man does have a heart.
she always looked for words she could steal to describe how she felt, but now... now she can use her own words because she feels them.

she feels the pull and the always-present urge to be with him. she feels a thousand, overwhelming feelings all at once that brings her to tears.

     "this can't last forever"
         "the chanes are slim"
              "he could leave any second,just like a blink and he's gone."

these thoughts swim in a mind that is always flowing, but she holds onto the red that fills her body; the image of his goofy smile and bright green-blue eyes keep her mind at ease while he's away and keeps her busy.

everyday it grows stronger, even after all the walls she's built and the things she thought she knew. it even gets better after she couldnt imagine it could. and she breathes deep and heavy thinking about how everything about him is perfect, even his imperfections.

it's crazy.
she's crazy.

and this is why she's afraid to lose him.
Marlo May 2014
I search and search for something to define this emotion i'm living with.
Type and write to sort out my racing mind,
never to find the answers.
It's frustrating of course,
but also beautiful.
To feel something so unreal it makes you transparent,
vulnerable to the person making you feel this way.
It's love you may say,
but much more than that.
The lips that dance with mine,
breathe air into my lungs,
giving me life.
The words that are whispered into my ears,
are fuel to my heart,
making it speed.
The arms wrapped around me,
send me to palces unimaginable.
Lands of being safe and total trust.
Worlds of comfort and warmth.
I finally know why things never worked out with anyone else, because this is the person that takes me to new heights and gets everthing just right.
I guess you can call this love,
love from a poets soul is different
than everyday people.
artistic and twisted, overthought and true.
probably going to delete this because it *****. ._.
. *** .
Shannon Jeffery Apr 2014
Beginning to lose faith
total loss of breath
Humankind begins to disgust
total loss of trust
Society tearing apart
total loss of heart
Cursed monsters control
total loss of soul
Too much disgusting behaviour. Animal abuse, destroying forests, war for greed and power. Too much to name.
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