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Barker Sep 20
You don’t even notice that I’m broken again
Barker May 26
My thoughts are like the ocean.
Deep, vast and easy to get lost in.
When my thoughts get restless it is easy to drown away in them,
And when I call out for help,
The sea of my thoughts drown out my voice,
And I am once again alone,
Unable to defend myself
Barker May 26
One day,
When no one is around and I’m all alone
I’m going to drown in my own thoughts,
And that’ll be the end of me
Barker May 23
What was supposed to be 15 min turned into 30
And then to 1 hour
And then to 2
And by the time you finally showed up
It was too late.

I was gone
Barker May 23
I feel too much.
People say that that’s good,
But I spend most my nights
Crying over pointless things
And wanting to **** myself over them.
Barker May 23
You replaced all the butterflies in my stomach with wasps,
And now every time I think of you,
I get stung
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