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Barker Jan 2023
“Go back to sleep love.”

I can’t

“What’s wrong?”

I’m not sure. I can’t tell if it’s one big thing or a million small things that is bothering me at the moment.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

Not right now. Maybe in the morning.

“Alright, well come closer so I can cuddle you. That’s better. I can’t promise to solve all your problems my dear, although I wish I could. I can however, promise that you don’t need to face them alone. I’m always here, even if you can’t see me. “

I’m just not used to having someone with me.

“I know, but you don’t have to fight your problems alone anymore. You’ve got me.”

Thank you for staying up with me. I’m getting a bit tired now.

“Always. Goodnight darling.”

Goodnight...I love you

“I love you too”
Barker Dec 2022
If only you knew how much I want to be with you.
If only you knew how much you mean to me.
If only you knew how much I love you.
If only you knew how much I care for you.
If only you knew how much I am missing you.
If only you knew how great you are.
If only you knew how I feel about you
If only you knew what I'd do to be with you.
If only you knew I'd sacrifice my beating heart before I lose you.

Maybe you would start to love yourself as much as I love you.
Barker Dec 2022
Roads lead people to a certain place,
Whether it be in the past, present or future

Roads sometimes split,
And you're faced with a decision,

Roads sometimes end,
And you have to wander alone lost before you find another,

Roads sometimes cross paths,
From there you find someone who means something to you,

My question is,
Will your road cross mine?
Barker Dec 2022
I ran fast and far hoping that everything would fade away,
Hoping that if I ran far enough
Perhaps I'd be able to rest for a little bit,
At least before the storm caught up to me.

I ran until my legs became weak and my lungs started to burn,
I ran until tears were falling from the excruciating pain,
I ran until y body went numb and the storm swallowed me
Barker Dec 2022
On a plane reading the message you sent me,
My heart feels so warm like I'm drinking a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold snowy night,
I feel at peace,
Such a rarity for me,
How can one person make me feel like this?
Barker Dec 2022
I have felt a resemblance of home with others,
But it always felt like I was missing something,
For some reason it seems like you hold it
Barker Dec 2022
I've been feeling empty and misunderstood for so long,
And then you come along and suddenly everything is changing,
I find myself thinking about you constantly,
Ways that I can make you smile,
Ways that I can share your burden so that life will feel less heavy,
I want to be there for you,
If you need a shoulder to cry on or just someone to talk to.
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