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Nigel Finn Apr 1
"Do me a favour" you say, and so I do
But then one favour turns into two,
And two favours turns into three,
Until there isn't time for me.

"Do me a favour" I say, but you decline.
You say you simply have no time,
To return the favour that I gave,
"Do it yourself; I'm not your slave"

Doing a favour, with none returned
Should feel like nothing's being earned,
But only if you do not see,
I do them not for you, but me.

"Do me a favour" and, once again, I do,
And when one favour turns into two,
And you don't return a single one,
I'm laughing to myself; I've won!
Dakota J Dawson Sep 2019
You are here
Hope into love

I'm not ready
For you


Dreams eclipsed
With unreasonable detergent

Shot down provisions
Unequal complications

How come
You're in my life?
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
Should all the tears
of all the world
be gathered into one pool
to share equally
I should think
would take their own tears
and go
You are not alone in your tears.
Eleanor Feb 2019
And if I loved you more than you loved me,
would anyone in truth of it be wise?
I measure you not in soliloquy,
but how you hold me when I start to cry.
If all the world did freeze and cease to turn,
the sun, and moon, and stars exit stage left,
the feeling would be something like this burn
that scalds me as you take up my time— theft.
We laugh, we cry, I hurt, we hug— but see?
I know that doubt will live here in my head,
so long as you share not your heart with me;
it’s easier to fade away instead.
I love you still, but needing to be free,
I’ll take the heart you left; it still belongs to me.
Fritzi Melendez May 2018
Everything feels so out of reach right now.
I feel the pain from the snake sinking its fangs to my skin.
Puncturing and filling me with its poison.
It doesn't release enough to **** me, though it still leaves me paralyzed.
And some times I have to force myself to not taunt them.
They will know my motives and slither away until I'm better again.
Then the fangs will bite down on me as if they were eating a delicious apple.
and evening will come to fall for the sadistic trickery.
Thus leading to the eradication in which I had made my world to be.

I am powerless.
It hurts when you are blamed for something you have no control or didn't have a choice in.
adriana May 2018
isn't it sad when
there's more equality
in the math on my paper
than there is
in the society of our country?
I never want to watch the news. I never want to check my phone. Why does it have to be like this? The only thing that's unequal is our melanin concentrations.
grace snoddy Apr 2018
yearning for you
my mind knows better than to love you
but you are the only thing that keeps me afloat this sorrow sea
full of hatred to those who let me drown
though you hold me
i can see you growing tired
i am wary of you now
knowing that you are on the brink
of letting the waves take over

i no longer yearn for you
my heart chooses to ignore the icy waters
and create its own raft made of lost love letters
i decided to never show to you
though i wish for you to never let go
i cannot trust you to keep me around
so i sit upon the raft of forgotten words of affection
and i find my own way to survive

they say to follow your heart
since it is closer to your gut
but i will not follow
what has been broken before
for the very same reasons as now

never will i thrive off of this love
not when i know that it is unequal
Fritzi Melendez Jan 2018
Why do you say you care,
when you dont even care to listen to what's beneath my hair?

All you care about is ******* a person that only loves you just for that.
All you care about is your own selfish needs.
All you care about is your small problems you whine so much about.
(Seriously, it's starting to get on my nerves.)
All you care about is the people you haven't been able to ****.
All you care about is your relationship.
All you care about is using your mental illness to get what you want.
All you care about is manipulating those who are dear to you.
All you care about is revolving your world around toxic people.
All you care about is the horrible parts of yourself.

And yet,
You don't understand why your friends are in pain.
Or why you don't even have any friends at all.
You don't understand why he loves your body so much but not your heart.
You don't understand why you're still sad.
You don't understand why people step all over you.
You don't understand why you are so alone.
You don't understand why you tear yourself apart.
You don't understand why I am mad at you.

And yes,
I have been mad at you for such a very long time.
Because I, your friend, will sneak out of my house with just a dime.
And I can turn this shiny coin to your vibrant smile.
I can twist the tides to make the ship sail less violent.
I can break my bones and rip my skin to make you a comfortable tent.
I can listen to you and watch you cry as you vent.
I can be the comfort you seek solely from your relationship.
I can say magical things that can transform your hurricane to calm waters.
I can tear myself apart just for you.

And yet,
You are still not here for me.
I have toxic people as friends.
rebecca Aug 2016
at least all 
seven billion of us
feel heartbreak,
the high frequency sound
that explodes inside us,

and then our hearts go 
on beating,
all seven billion of them.

When you divide the people
You divide the power

When the power is divided
The problem multiplies

This is the algebra of the situation

The situation that poisons water
The situation that pollutes air
The situation that kicks all of the jobs out of the neighborhood
The situation that kicks grandma out of her home

Then blames you

blames you For needing to drink the poison water
blames you For needing to breathe the polluted air
blames you For needing to work for money
blames you For needing to live to have a life

There is no Unknown in this equation
There is no Hidden variables

There is only a forced set of inputs
To create a predetermined set of outputs

We the people refuse
to be functions of this destructive equation
We the people refuse
to be canceled out in this demented calculation
We the people refuse
to be anything other than people

and we the people demand
what is due to all
that are people
that are human
that are of Earth.

© Christopher F. Brown 2016
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