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V of Pentacles

It's been a long time, friend
Your faith is far to be found
Your money's not in your pocket
And where's your lover, this time 'round?

Slowly, surely, you'll find your way
Ask for my hand, it's alright
Faith has nothing to fear
Renewal comes after every night
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V of Wands
Accept the challenge

Concurrence excites you
You have a need for rivality
You think you're steady like a rock
But you have a need for flexibility

Your ego says you're strong, so
You try to defend yourself by fight
To claim the power that isn't yours
Are you really doing what's right?
A poem every day
V of Swords
Empty victory

You won the fight, but not the battle
For you didn't fight with honesty
You weren't true to anyone
You're filled with anxiety, not modesty

You need to compromise to win
Don't break just because you can
You need to find what you stand for
You live like a boy, yet you say you're a man
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V of Cups
Memories in the way

You grieve yesterday as if your life has ended
You sorrow like the world ended yesterday
Self pity consumes you like a pest
But for disappointment you don't sway

You mourn on your own grave
You don't trust anyone else to bring you flowers
You fear the future like the past
You and your lover's gravestone stand like towers
A poem every day
IV of Pentacles
Money on your mind

Security isn't physical
It isn't fancy robes or gold
You want all riches for yourself
Your soul has turned old

Wether you spend too much
Or save too much
Either way it is a problem
You crave words, no touch
A poem every day
IV of Wands
Celebrate your prestations

Stable like a rock on the sand
You reached the goal you'd always wanted
I see you're finally at the end
"To succes" the party toasters chanted

Like friend, Like family, they say
I wish it were that easy
What's in the middle of those ways
Your perfect choices have gotten creasy
A poem every day
IV of Swords
Regress from life

Did you fall or did you let go?
Or did you let the void absorb you?
Restore and then respond to me
You see, I'm a prisoner of the mind too

Life's full of adventures
And there's so much to do
Stay aware of what you're doing
As Icarus should've, when he flew
A poem every day
IV of Cups
Do not ignore chances

Your insecurity is your biggest flaw
It's frustrating you to the core
Take the chances before your eyes
See, life's not boring, it's so much more

Connections are scary
Because you cannot leave sometimes
You think to much, that's quick to say
Your expectations aren't worth dimes
A poem every day
III of Pentacles
Practice makes perfect

Underqualified, overqualified
It doesn't really matter
You have talent, that's important
Like coins, knowledge you scatter

It's certain you're overqualified now
Knowledge with no lessons
You know more than you think
Don't let your confidence lessen
A poem every day

god this was an awful card to write ab
III of Wands
The edge of succes

Let the world inspire your soul
Like marriage inspires a painter
Your enthusiasm makes love worth it
Don't let your heart grow fainter

Caring is key right now
Taking charge and leadership
Quality over quantity
Follow the rules, don't skip
A poem every day
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