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Summer Nov 2020
they say, is the drifting glacier
amidst a rolling sea
against a faint yellowish light
at dusk over a particularly misty sky;
you see a white fish washed onshore —
quivering and pulsing,
then stilled.
A fleeting glimpse of the glowing dusk yesterday. It's a very serene, calming kind of color exclusive to the sky that no human touch can wish to reproduce.
Luna Creeper May 2020
The earth turns 360 degrees
We age every 360 degrees
Life goes on 360 degrees

Moving on is a big step
to replenish a degree of life

- Lunarology
Hope you enjoy!✨
Johnny Montano Apr 2020
She's beautiful, does she know it?
She feels insecure.
Her past's foundation is unstable,

Loosed screws by the screwdriver who was once her anchor.
The man who was supposedly thankful for having her in his life,
Is now a distorted image in the back of her mind,
Still eating her insides.

Living parasites, thoughts of
"I really wish he would (wood) turn" might, (termite)
Not be what's she's truly after.

The sensation of instability is really what's killing her faster
The doubt creeping, one foot in the deep end,
Feels like time is moving faster

As she sinks deeper into the quick sand-mans plaster.
Oh! how she longs to start a new chapter in her life,
Not realizing the pen was in her hand the entire time...

Ma'am, what is it that you are truly after?
M Aug 2019
Some people do yoga,
Some of them pray.
Some people talk
and some hide it away.

Whatever the problems,
There's always a way,
To meditate on them,
Me... I just play.
stas Jun 2018
I was so broken
the cracks in my heart went so deep
deeper than the ocean
all I did was sleep

I wanted to sleep my pain away
sometimes I still want to
but I don't
because im trying to better my life,
keep my **** organised,
stay away from my knifes

but last weekend I was alone
not lonely, but alone
I was connecting to my body again
nobody was there to judge the things that I did
I was laying in the grass
looking at the trees
meditating, streching, praying, painting
all the things I like to do but I'm scared to
scared that people judge me doing them

but in that moment
after the weekend reconnecting with myself
I finally felt happy
my cracks were filling up with joy
I couldn't sleep because I couldn't stop smiling

that moment
that short moment
I will never forget
I finally felt hope again
I hope that if you read this and you are almost out of hope, things do get better! I didn't believe it first but that short moment gave me so much hope. I know you can feel it too!
me Dec 2017
I am the pebble
sunk in the clear slow spring
watching the warm sky
and the bright green grass beside

I am the pebble
low in the dirt murky water
cowering in swirling tides
when the banks are grey and far

I am the pebble
after the water has run dry
sighing into mud
while the sun rises round and hot

I am the pebble
at the eternal hour
melting fast to putty
just as the sky goes black

all i love i lose
all i know i feel
all i breathe i choose
I wish I were somewhere else
Somewhere not of the world
Somewhere peace
Somewhere love
Somewhere smiles are not false

Nirvana maybe
But the chaos here
does not permit passage
Fay gave me the title.
gray c May 2016
endlessly lies the possibilities
of what could be done and why,
and i look up to them in quiet awe.

nothingness envelops me,
sadness creeping up from the dark spots,
but there is a bright side even yet,

i am young, they say,
and i smile politely and remind them,
that age does make wisdom,

however, adversity does is just as well.
lay with me, but breathe gently.
easily disturbed is the balance of it all,

it took too many years to equal out,
please, rest softly,
question meanings, and sleep.

stillness is not the evil in this world.
there lies no shame in it,
but the shame rests in the expectancy

of only productivity.
think of nothingness, and do so daringly,
and find calm in your being.
nate1990 Feb 2016
Unsolicited silence
Barging into the very midst
Of a lucid daydream
With intentions
To suffocate
A train of thought
Destined for elightenment
Perfectly executed
It despises all intentions
To become conscious
Blaring in monotone fashion
Deafening the very ears
That fall upon it.
Spent my summer solstice in solitude.
Many don't like to be alone, but I fear not...
Being alone helps me gather my thoughts.
The longest day of the year and I chose to spend it with myself.

— The End —