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hazem al jaber Jul 2022
Your love ...

i am ...
its me sweetheart ...
who came last night ...
and took you with me ...
to share me my dreams ...
yes sweetheart ...
its me who were with you ...
its me who made love to you ...
did you felt me ...
did you know ...
who i am ...
its me ...
you should know ...
its me who broke all borders ...
to get you always with me ...

love has no borders ...
as your prettiness ...
so deep emotions ...
moved me to you ...
with no choice ...
to live you every night ...
til i get  asleep ...
to start again with you ...
there through my dreams ...

Oh my lady ...
Oh my craziness ...
my passion which i live...
for God's sake ...
create our meeting ...
meeting to our souls ...
to hearts which they long for ...
to our bodies and it's desires...
Oh my lady ...
long so to you ...
feel as dying without you ...
Oh my craziness ...
my pains ...
my all moans ...
which took away all my breathes ...
and kept me  body with no soul ...
Oh my lady ...
be my breathes ...
as i am for you ...
Oh my angel ...
for God's sake ...
be the soul to my heart ...
and be so close to me ...
with no borders ...
fly always inside me ...
fly now to me ...
please ...

hazem al ...
Salman reshi Apr 2020
You're one of those people who only put footprints behind & leave without a shadow of doubt.

You're one of those people who at first go unnoticed but lately turn into most unforgettable intoxication.
I wonder? How did i let you in? How did i not see this happening?

Sheepishly i guess.

Now you've my heart and I've yours
I hope what we've lasts forever
But i need to know am i wasting my time
Or will our hearts be Jocund and sublime
leeaaun Feb 2019
I am tangled
in your
head to toe.
Shay Graham Oct 2018
Laying there
Smelling your scent
Feeling the comfort that you give me
Feeling your warmth
Feeling the vibration of your voice as you speak to me
I miss this
I miss you
Crawling in the bed next to you just to feel okay
One thing I have to tell you
"Mama I love you"
Aa Harvey Jul 2018
You, my love

You make me feel invincible;
Your love is tangible.
This thing I hold in my hand;
This is your love.

All I want to hear is you, my love;
All I want to see is you, my love.
All I’ve ever feared, is losing you, my love;
Now all I have left is you, my love.

Never had so much faith in love;
Never been the one to open up.
Never want to be without your hugs;
Because life has never been so easy, for me…my love.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 2018
A funky kind of love.

It’s been a year now since we first met,
And I still haven’t got you figured out yet.
There’s so much more about you that I want to know.
When you tell me you love me, I become such a mess!

Lost in your eyes and lost in your words;
I love the way you love me, you rattle all of my nerves!
From the tips of each finger, to the end of every toe.
I need your touch upon my body, so I can love you so! Oh!

I love the way you love me
And I love the way I love you.
My woman, you make me so happy.
I can’t imagine my life without, your love!

I get to call you, every day,
To lay compliment’s at your feet.
I get to look at your beautiful face
And I get to see all I want to see!
I’m always going to love you,
The way you have always loved me,
Because I want this love to reign forever,
So my heart and mind can be at peace.

My woman, my light, my lover, my life!
To me you are all of these things!
I try to put my feelings down in words,
Because you make my heart try to sing!

I want to give you all you desire
And I want to be able to give you so much more.
I want to be able to love you,
Like you have never been loved before!

I love the way you love me
And I love the way I love you.
My woman, you make me so happy.
I can’t imagine my life without, your love!

Now here we are walking on this beach
And I know for each other we are always going to reach.
We will love each other forever;
This kind of love, nobody can teach!

Roll with the good times and suffer the bad,
Because this kind of love, we have to make it last!
Imagine it’s our first love and live like it’s our last.
My woman, you’re my everything; my future, my present and past!
It all begins and ends with you now;
Because where your love ends, my love begins
And in turn where my love ends,
The beginning of your love shall always be!

I love the way you love me
And I love the way I love you.
My woman, you make me so happy.
I can’t imagine my life without, your love!

I’m gonna love you the way you should be loved.
I’m gonna be your lover every morning and every night.
I’m gonna do all I can to be your light;
I’m gonna be your lover!
I’m gonna be love!

The things you want I will fetch them for you.
The words you crave to hear I will speak those too.
The love you desire, I’m gonna give it to you,
Because you’re my woman, my love, my lover, my truth!

I love the way you love me
And I love the way I love you.
My woman, you make me so happy.
I can’t imagine my life without, your love!

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I think this was written to the instrumental extended version of **** Dancer by Prince, but I can't find the extended instrumental version anymore so I am not sure it was **** Dancer.  I just know it was written to a Prince song.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Your Love

Your love is like a pure released white dove,
So honest in its flight.
The warmth I feel with your arms wrapped around me,
Is like walking into Heavens bright light.

Happiness I find in your smile,
A kiss of tenderness.
The lightest stroke of the softest feather,
Is the feeling of your lips.

So gentle to the touch, against such rough rubies.
My love for you shall never end; it’s truly, madly, deeply.
It’s yours and yours alone to cherish;
It’s yours and yours alone to have.
It’s yours and yours alone I promise
And I shall never take it back.

For loving you is like a pure sunlit mornings glory.
Loving you is so very easy.
Loving you is all I ever wished for.
Loving you is amazing mi amor.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
hsc Jul 2017
when days are dark,
your love lights my way.
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