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William de klerk Aug 2019
Rapunzel I confess.

That I made a mess, of more than your hair.
That all I ever did was....wrong and unfair
  That I couldn't show you, I  did care
             Rapunzel, I'm too tired to fight.

But I watched you each night
as you slept
In the dark you were my light
which I failed to protect
With a harming hand
i became the reason you wept.

            Rapunzel I'll never forget

How we shared your first cigarette
How i am forever in your debt
But I'll never regret that you were my first....
This is something I discovered a year after a wrote it in my drafts , long after my heart did break
lkm Jul 2019
I loved you.
Yes, I did.

But I should’ve known better than to have believed the web of lies you sprouted at me. I should’ve known better than to believe your “I love you.”
Why did I take that bite from the apple, if only I had known it was poisoned.

My mother warned me about strangers with blue eyes walking down the street. She said that was why she was protecting me.
I should've never let down my golden hair, if only I had known.

It didn’t have to wait until the clock struck 12:00 midnight for it to happen; bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, I’ll have to hand it to you, you really had me fooled.
You were never Charming, I needed to be my own Prince.

I’m stuck in a timeless blank, neither moving forward nor back, a canvas that has not been painted yet and sadness is the only color I know.
I’m afraid I don’t have much patience to wait for a 100 years for true love’s first kiss.

A thousand times you tore my walls down, tore me apart and even when I’m at a chokehold, I thought it was still love.
Maybe I was a fool to have thought there was beauty in the beast.

I traded my heart for something temporary, I lost my voice just to let you step all over me, and some part of me hates that I’d still let you if we were to try all over again.
I’ve become the foam of bubbles lost in the sea because I couldn’t hurt you the way you hurt everyone.
Sometimes it doesn't feel like me
What I'm living in is foreign
What I want versus what I need
In a way it feels distorted

I was use to deprivation
In a way it was my pride
I didn't need or wanted as much
Even now I still don't mind

Overwhelmed with newfound freedom
I am free. Still, I am lost
I'm no longer trapped or controlled
But that was all I was ever taught

I was raised by maps and manuals
Now you give me a pen to write my own
Opening various paths around me
Paralyzed in anxiety to take even one alone

If recovery meant burning all of my maps
And rewriting all of my manuals
Letting go of strict rules and superior words
To be mortal than something mechanical
japheth Feb 2019

princes - s
wait - i
at the - h
top of - t

their tower. - e
waiting for - k
a rapunzel - i
to toss their - l

long hair up - t
tied at the end - s
with a grappling - u
hook and climb it - j
Leia Spencer Feb 2019
When I was young
I would spend hours
Braiding and undoing
My thick golden hair
Now that I’ve grown
I pull strands of sunlight
Out of the sky
To braid the golden strings
Into a crown
And claim my rightful place
After all, I wasn’t named Leia for nothing
-waiting to be recognized as a general instead of a princess
It was all practice for the real deal
Hello Daisies Dec 2018
Castles and queens
Red carpet and round tables
Warm wind through a poofed dress

Oh what a mess
No matter how hard they stress
That olden times were not like the movies its meaningless

For the

Dances like Cinderella
Simpler times in a castle tower
Dragons and romance with a prince

You'll never be able to convince
that this isnt what i want ever since
I was but a young sad girl ive dreamt of my Prince

King arthur and merlin
Excalibur and the lady of the lake
Green beauty and small hobbit holes

Oh sad girl you are in woe
For happiness you'll never know
You'll always be a locked away rapunzel
Something about that dark bittersweet beauty that i love. The stories of Merlin or if castles and queens with a sad twist but with joy and deep beauty and dancing
It makes my heart feel an emotion i csnt describe an emotion I'll never truly have in my life.
I never really had a dream
I always had a goal
Until I met her, it seems
I had one hidden in my soul
I wanted a lavish life
To make up for what I lack
To live out as someone else
Indulge and never look back
Then I met her
Who dreams more than she knows
She is lively, innocent and bright
Inspiring wherever she goes
Her dream is so pure
Nothing to really be gained
She only wanted to see and know
Why those floating stars came
I realized dreams could change
I have found a new dream
To be with her amongst the lanterns
Every year so it seems
Cardboard-Jones Jul 2018
To what does the world owe to her beauty?
A beauty no one has ever seen.
Locked behind a door, a barrier of sort,
But not to keep the world at bay.

She speaks to me through concrete and wood,
Curiosity growing fonder by the day.
Her voice echoes off the empty manor
To which my ears captures
And my mind constructs an image of her.
I can only assume she does the same of me.

I sit of hours in that sturdy chair outside her chamber,
Engaging in conversations we’ve never had before.
With each spoken word we unravel more layers of ourselves,
Layers we both feared of discovering.

I mustered up the courage to reveal feelings,
Feelings that quickly became a bouquet of clumsy words.
She laughs at my blunder
But not in mockery.

I place my hand on the wall.
I hear her footsteps grow closer.
I imagine her putting her hand up as well.
The closest I will get to feeling her touch.

My Rapunzel won’t let down her hair
But granted me access to her tower.
Frustration tells me to abandon this endeavor,
Yet hope yearns to see it through.

I return to that sturdy chair once more
To continue our routine as always.
My ears prepare to capture her voice again
Hoping to be greeted with the sound of a door creak.
The bedroom light sneaks from under the door
Accompanied by a woman’s fragrance.

I long to see the face she hides.
I long touch the skin she protects.
I long to break down the wall between us.
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