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there are times
when the meaning
of a word
is asked
one that
has been read
and regurgitated
used regularly
correctly adopted
as part of
an apparent
   or pretentious
however upon
being asked
its meaning
there is only
a blank
unable to provide
a succinct
or even literate

to save face
to re-establish
the hubris
of this
abashed lexicologist
analogous alternatives
will be offered
carrying a little
less gravitas
a layman's explanation
to maintain
position on his
Andrei Marin Apr 2020
Conquer now, little by little,
work hard and harder, just don't become frail,
hard work devoid of true rest, will surely derail your journey,
you aren't the first or the last, to go through hardships,
remember the history,
many before you have come and gone,
so what makes you think,
that you are the special?

It doesn't matter,
do your very best,
so you'll be able to end,
without regret in your heart,
that you didn't try, or were afraid to act,
we are all meant to die, and that's a proven thing,
no, you might not get rich, or have stadiums packed,
but your hearth will be right, you were brave in the battle.
So this is an exercise in poetry: I have intentionally ruined this poem of mine by replacing the key rhyming words with non rhyming synonyms.
Try to find the replaced words in order to make the poem rhyme again.
Have fun : ))
Anastasia Jun 2019
Volatile (Adjective)
Seeming to change without reason; unstable and unpredictable

Synonyms: Me, Love, Emotions, McDonald's ice cream machines
i can barely keep my eyes open rn
Aa Harvey Mar 2019
Love is more beautiful than beautiful

Love is the only word more beautiful, than beautiful.
Would you rather have ‘You’re beautiful’ or ‘You are Love’.

Love, loved, falling in love; ****** lovely!
Loving, loves; madly, deeply, truly.

Lover, gloves, Love Bug.
Love drug, love life.  All you need is love.

Love, love, love, love, love is all you shall ever need.
You are lovely; ****** lovely!  
You are loved; Love Bug lover’s amity.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Stephanie Jan 2018
You and I is synonymous to us
however, us is synonymous
to impossible
because impossible is synonymous
to you'll never love me
yet my love for you will remain synonymous
to forever
while your love is synonymous
to her

And us is synonymous
to never together.
awwe. that hurts.
jas Jan 2018
scenery so beautiful it draws attention to your mind
rose petals are soothing to the skin
the touch, the feel.
thorns down at the end
guarding itself
along the stem
down to the roots
where the seeds were planted deep into the soil
that's the real beauty

                                           -don't chase after those who touch the flower without knowing the soil.
day five of 365
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