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Elena Nov 2019
Truth was a breath
of cold November air
Escaping from her soft lips
Truth was warm
a breath of purpose
A spoken word
Tasting sweet nuance
A fresh, crisp blow
of season's new flair
Something so subtle
yet undoubtedly alive.
Carlos Iglesias Sep 2019
Found my peace after twelve years
A life I will not get back but now I can move on
Anger, regret, have no hold on me
Today I start anew
For now I know what I am
True bless and feel hard to describe
Solace in the fact that I must die
And begin anew.
To recognize fully what one needs to do.
Elizz Apr 2019
Weathered round top
And a steady beat
Sometimes that's all you need

A metronome ticks
Reminding me of band
The curve of my French horn

This wasn't supposed to last
Finger printed love poems
Skip the fire stage

Straight to ash
It could've been fixed you weren't wrong
I know that I didn't draw these lines on this map the right way

Crooked and scrambled
I'm not going to say sorry though
Sometimes things aren't supposed to make it

And that's ok
Because it's just the experiences
That have peeked out from behind a rock
Sap covered lessons
That stick to us when we walk away

I'm fine
Happier even

Raven feathers descend
Upon this still pitched mirror
Ridiculously puffy clouds

Reflect back to this cornea
Everything is alright

And I will gladly indulge
In this tranquil water
For however long

It chooses to stay
Cardboard-Jones Oct 2018
We were driving 95, thought we’d stay here for the night
In Bay Shore.
The party waits til I arrive so we start the night off right
In Bay Shore.
Summer nights keep rolling,
And the night is ours, we own it.
All my fears and regrets postpone it,
Just hold it, for a moment.
Is it the salt air deep in my pores
That allures me back to the shore?
There’s something so real about Bay Shore.
Oh Bay Shore…

These city lights on the skyline
Keeps calling me on the hotline.
I’m not coming home.
At least for the week but I’m feeling guilty.
‘Cause I can’t admit I’m cheating on Charm City.

I’m just following the beat
To the beach right up the street
In Bay Shore.
Take the boat out for the day
While the sun’s out on display
In Bay Shore.
And I know I’m being bold
But I could see me growing old
In Bay Shore.
And the whole city’s my friend,
How could anything contend
With Bay Shore?

Melody’s from the ocean
Always seems to entice my emotions.
Thinking how we left words unspoken,
And we really got nowhere at all,
So broken.
You and Charm City left me so jaded
While my feelings became so faded.
Whatever I lost I’ll find it
But I’m reminded

These summer nights on the shore line
Soothes my senses, keeps me inclined
To call this home.
traces of being Apr 2018
synergy in the mist
of creations' breath...
multitudes croaking so loudly
drowning in eventide dew,

all the wind's timbre
is hushed;

by earth’s
communing symphony,
creations’ living
pulsing thrum..

alone in a crowd
the glory of now...

and i wishing
i were a frog,
and unalone
in the throng

such evolution
   as this—
   is reversing...

touched wondrously
by spoken wind,
i need to search
for an intimate kiss

another incarnation

that will turn me
   back into a frog—

a speck of stardust
in a sky full of stars
seems better than
feeling like stardrift

a burned out candle
by the gypsy choir

the call of the wild
sung in the wind

wild is the wind
©  march ― 2016

Note:   From the 1st days of spring  2016;
listening — hearing,   somethings don't change
just came in from a windy evening walk,
with a whelming sense of Déjà vu

note:   The Ouroboros often symbolize self-reflexivity or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return, and other things such as the phoenix which operate in cycles that begin anew as soon as they end
Masked Voice Dec 2016
Some memories are written with pencil,
So they can be wiped out easily...
But, unfortunately they are written in*
water-proofed ink,
*that they aren't wiped out even after crying a lot !!
Did you ever wish something like that??
Ronney Apr 2016
When sadness becomes a burden

Consumed by how hard were all hurting

Eyes will let loose a flood

Body will suffer from loss of blood

Smashing things up

Because I'm not that tough

Sinking to the ground

I'll drown

Yet in the aftermath

When past has passed

I'll find peace in tears

Refreshed to see all is clear
~ I find peace after reaching my lowest point because like the saying I know "there's nowhere for me to go except up"

~ crying is a major outlet so people who fight it don't let the tears come and go so that you may be refreshed afterwords
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
Reviewed is the past, refreshed, reorganized and recognized.
Yet the past remains a thing of past.

Time and again it has been proved that every change brings with it something new, something different.

Different is the present,
different from prior,
different from the past.

Different will be the future,
different from what has been ascertained in the present.

It’s easy to make up your mind to start something new,
however, the real challenge lies in to contain and continue with the present.

There is always a lure to get something more in the future
Along with time things will improve and get better,
but do this one thing and your future will be bright.
The lure aspect becomes a sort of mechanism, which works in changing the mindset of an individual
Subsquent to this lure are the recurrent changes taking place in the present.
Then there are mistakes from the past that get recalled, recollected and remembered in the present
Anything and everything amongst all this has the potential to deter the progress of what is happening in the present moment of time.

Yet with all this that is going on around you it is always better to be what you are in the present
Live in the present with the present moment in time
Move ahead along with the present moment in time
A time will come when you will realize, understand and accept what is right and all that has gone wrong.

Important will be that moment in time, since it will be important to accept the truth and act accordingly.

Once the right direction is taken,
line of action decided,
better do not wait for what is in store with regards to the future,
since the future will always remain uncertain.

Better be a part of the present moment in time
Give your best and hope for the same, nothing but the best.
Till then, it’s all watch and wait.

Definitely again a right opportunity will come across your way if you are keen on not to give up in your life and keep going.
Alicia Feb 2015
forrest fires in my head put out by your punctuation
because your pause between sentences feel just as comforting a your body close to mine
a savior in black and white written in galaxies before concepts of color were strewn about
the simplest shared breath took trajedy from terminal, to taking it one step at a time
safety cuffs on criminals with broken hearts as our only crime
we look to you to save us
and I was the lucky convict to catch your inquiring glance
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