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Timothy 4d
My thoughts aren’t my own?
But they weren’t thought on their own
Timothy Jun 22
I’ll write in the future

When I’m wise and I’ve aged

But what of this perspective?

With time it may change
Seize the moment
Timothy Jun 2
Oh could it be
She who’s in sight of me

Oh could it be
The one inside I see

Oh could it be
Your feeling something too

Oh could it be
All I’ve ever needed, is you
Timothy May 30
A theft from the core of the sense of ones self
A scramble to reclaim what was
A delivery of darkness without ones consent
A seemingly indefinite loss
A vacancy of comfort A replacement of pain
A fight for my heart from below
A feared exchange with looming self-distain
Will these authoritative thoughts ever slow?
A personal account
Timothy May 24
A universal decision
A fate sent diversion
A glimpse into what could have been

A divine sent reminder
A life path divider
A disapprover of potentially seen

A ubiquity of hope
A slate wiped clean
A youthful disregard of time

It’s unfamiliar surroundings
It’s a tortuous climb
But the views from atop are divine
Life can take the most unexpected of turns
Timothy May 11
I shouldn’t think for two
But I always think for you

A premeditated ending
At times fitting like a shoe

And as though it is I who must know best
I halt so to avoid the pain in your chest

It is not my place to make decisions for you
For no longer will I be making decisions for two
Timothy May 5
It’s not my place
To dictate where this companionship goes,
It’s not my place
To cut short something before it even grows,
It’s not my place
To assume the thoughts that are inside of you,
It’s not my place
To assume the role of thinking for two.
Give it a shot
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