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Krysta May 2018

Silence is music to your eyes,
Stillness to your ears tastes just right.


The tick of the clock jumps through the souls of your hearts feet,
All times beat at once.


Done and to dos dance on your list
The cadence of the pen of life checks.


Your feet lie and your tongue runs,
Eyes run round and toes blink across the ground.

Sometimes it sounds like nonsense but it still feels right, so it goes right?
Jack Jul 2016
I wanna be baby bear
I want my gross porridge to be a reasonable edible temperature
I wanna be hot but not a scalding sun
And cold but just enough
I wanna be baby bear
I want my chair to be so comfortable that you break it into a million pieces
Because as soon as you perfectly fit
It can do nothing else but explode
I wanna be baby bear
Because then my bed would be so incredible that you're still in it

Not too hot
Not too cold
Not too big
Not too small
Not too hard
Not too soft
Or far too much
Or never enough

If only I could be just right
Bc then maybe
Just maybe
You'd pick me

As strange as it sounds,
I'd really like to be baby bear

That guy's really got a lot goin for him.
The Good Pussy Mar 2015
                            o     o t       o
                         t         t o           t
                       T           o              T
                     o             C                 o
                    o               l                  o
                    C            o  s                C
                      l           e  N               l
                       o         o   t             o
                         s        T o           s
                            e       o         e
*Jazmine Hughes,  opinion, New York Times

— The End —