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Krysta Sep 2018
Has my skin turned into chainmail,
Or am I just heavy with missing you

My hands shake, how could they not
without you to hold them steady

Has my heart turned into a ghost,
Or did it just sneak off to be with you

My mind wanders, how could it not
without your heart to be my North Star
Krysta Sep 2018
Let me hold onto you
Not like a leash
Chaining you to the ground
But a kite string
Helping you learn to fly
Krysta Aug 2018
Do you think of your thoughts,
or are they just drifting?
Sifting, idly roaming
your mind.
Paying no mind
to the time,
or purpose, of thought.
With no focus or drive,
are you even present enough
to wonder why?
Krysta Jun 2018
When you look in the mirror
Which you do you see?
Every second, every day
you are a new you
every single possible, and actual, possibility
when you define yourself to one of your yous
you trap yourself by limits
when you tell the world who you are
you don't let yourself be a new you
you tie yourself to what who you claim to be

I am me
each second, each day
I decide what that means.
When you tell the world who you are, do you ever feel trapped to that facade?
Krysta May 2018

Silence is music to your eyes,
Stillness to your ears tastes just right.


The tick of the clock jumps through the souls of your hearts feet,
All times beat at once.


Done and to dos dance on your list
The cadence of the pen of life checks.


Your feet lie and your tongue runs,
Eyes run round and toes blink across the ground.

Sometimes it sounds like nonsense but it still feels right, so it goes right?
Krysta May 2018
When you want to speak, but cant find the words
When you can feel them in your mouth,  but can’t spit them out
You can see them just as much as you can’t
It’s all right there but completely gone
Can you feel the ghost on your tongue
Simultaneously in the palm of your hand, and just out of reach.
Close your eyes, can you see it more clearly
Can you open yourself and just let it come in
Or do you need to double down and search
Can you realize you're lost without knowing you’re unfound
Weigh down forever like a shadow that laughs at light, unafraid
Open your eyes and unclench your jaw

How can  you see without looking?
How can you answer what hasn't been asked?
When you know how you feel but can't quite articulate it
  May 2018 Krysta
the ocean waves crash in and out
          in and out
on a loop
repeat after repeat repeat repeat
         again and again and again and again
a force pushes them
            a force pulls them
                                     push                  pull
                                          push          pull
                                             push     pull
like clockwork
like a magnet
-you & i
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