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Your eyes met mine
And in that brief moment
Time stood still

The gap between us
Growing us closer

No words were needed
Chemistry was brewing
Behind sealed lips

Our craving
And, our deep-rooted desire
For touch intensified

We discreetly
Lowered our gaze
Took a deep breath
And left in opposite directions

But the memory
Of that instant
Remains imprinted
On my heart

Not a day goes by
I am yet still searching
Looking across
Crowded rooms

Yearning to catch...You
Looking at me, through
Spellbinding eyes

Which will never fail
To hold me at pause

Casey Sep 25
The room that we called a "porch"
because that's what it was supposed to be
before it was enclosed with walls.

The room that we used as a fridge in the winter
because of how cold it would get.

In summer,
the room where the cat would lay, sun-basking.
Shedded fur floating like petals in the air,
illuminated by the sun-streams through the window.

The room with the handy outside-facing lock
so that your brothers could lock you in
when they were annoyed with you.

The room that was renovated into a part of the house
rather than an enclosed porch.
Ending the many uses,
but still containing the memories.
Written in my LA class, inspired by Bathroom by George Ella Lyon
Poetic T Mar 24
Open a door
          and find it closed

on the other side...

But the window was locked
              but still you climbed


I walked in the room,
            to find the grass plentiful.

But the flowers never blossomed.

And still I walk around even
                               though no steps
                               were ever taken.
hannashe Nov 2018
I started from a small seed blown by the wind
Thrives in your rooms
That you should've killed me
Before i grew wild at your place
I'm beautiful behind a thicket
Which bloom of fragant
Because of a touch of tenderness
         I hope warmth
         And view all of kindness
         Cause of your soothing care,
         I grew wilder
Forgive me being a wild flower
I'm sorry to be bad sight at your place
Forgive me to be destroyer of your harmony
If you destroy me before i bloom, maybe i'm not going wild,
Cause i'm black behind of grayness
Stand across and see...
Always hope...
No more become tangledess
But become a part of happiness
Kewayne Wadley Mar 2018
When I walked in I didn't know what to expect.
Each room highlighted in light.
A oral tradition. To make ourselves at home upon request.
In reciprocation we do.
The rooms we gather in, the ones we walk past.
The objects we fill to take up space.
The rooms a clear reflection of Spring.
The molding painted white.
I was told that some rooms are not to be visited.
Everything has it's season and this isn't one of them.
Placing blame on the rooms.
I want to explore them most I said.
The ones that go unseen.
The things we rarely shine light to.
The places films of dust continue to grow.
These are some of the best places to go.
The beauty of things we walk past day to day.
The smile unknown destinations can bring.
Cultivating the ideas we keep cluttered.
Gasping for air.
These are the rooms I want to explore most.
The parts of you that you strictly keep to yourself.
Only when you are comfortable to share these rooms with me.
To kiss the floor with our feet.
To dwell in the past staring into our future.
We are the pendulums trapped inside the clock
Cat Lynn Feb 2018
I rushed to you...  in my light weighted white servant dress.. into your main hall way of many plans...

My Lord... you stood there... your back towards me... but slowly, you turned around and motioned me to come towards you

My eyes did not loose focus as I ran up to you and knelt before your holy presence... and lifted up my hands

"You called for me Oh Lord... What do you ask of me?"

"Another hall of rooms requires your skill in cleaning and organization." Was his command

"A....Another hall?  More rooms?...." I questioned, my head lifted up to see cold sincerity take over his faithful eyes

A single finger pointed in the direction I never thought it would point... I felt my jaw legs.. I couldn't stand

"My Lord... That hall... Are you certain?" I asked with hesitation. But questioning him only made the answer more clear

"Does the Perfect make mistakes?" His question to my question was my answer... My mind sunk like sand

"...Forgive me but...All the rooms?" I said as my voice lost it's life filled sound... My eyes leaking as I caught a glimpse of the dark unknown rooms...

He grabbed one of my hands and made me stand on my feet. Knowing all of my doubtful thoughts... since I am apart of man

"I will open and close the doors as I see fit in My Perfect Timing... Just obey and trust my words my Good and Faithful Servant..."

I shook my head... I saw strangers... I saw places I never wished to visit... I felt my plans being hanged

"But...My God...what about the hall I've been asking to do for several years? When will I do that one? Why can't I do that one?"

I heard the doors of that hall slam shut, within a gasp of a breath I turned around... pupils shaken.. mind banged

"Thy Will Be Done... Do you not trust my judgement of having you do this hall? Do you not hear nor see your calling? Christina? "

"STOP!" I screamed as I dared to flee form his royal company... and rebelled against his command... My heart beats jammed

I crashed my small frail body that slowly grew gray and dark into the doors of the hall I desired...

I screamed... I shouted.... I wept... I begged... although I knew His mind would never be changed... My wants were ******

"Please... I have so many plans for this hall... maybe if you just listened.... I can't see my self in that other hall..."

I heard His unshakeable foundation of foot steps grow louder as He walked in my direction... reminding me of his demand

"Don't you believe I have plans for you in that other hall? Maybe if YOU just listen to me... You'll see why I see you in that other hall"

I was a fool to try to convince Him...but there was where I remained... refusing to move...for I didn't understand...

Forever by my side He remained...despite my disobedience... I tried to push Him away from me.. from my plans... my hopes

But little did I know what He had in store... as I saw people from the other hall walk towards me... hearing Him say "My plan for you... is Grand..."

*Thy Will Be Done...
Unsure about a Part 2... What Do You Think? Write it in the comments below...

Thank you <3

Cat Lynn ///
For Dates 2/9/18 - 2/11/18
Ivan Brooks Sr Feb 2018
Beyond what we use ours for,
there are many kinds of rooms
So let's take a look at the four
walls we design in all rooms.

Bedroom is where we sleep
it contains our beds and pillows
The cushioning upon which we weep
Usually with hands astride or bent elbows.
We make love in our bedrooms
Some nights we just cuddle and talk
Especially those newlyweds who jumped the brooms.
Some night activity causes couples to walk.

The Wardroom is where battles are planned
This room has many good and bad ones
Some plan battles for the liberation of the oppressed
Some plan evil and the infringement of people's freedoms.

The courtroom is where legal decisions are made.
Whether about crimes or a divorce,
A courtroom is where fate and emotions can cascade
It's where justice gives the innocent a voice.

The Classroom is where minds are transformed.
It's where people learn to read and write.
It's where words and knowledge gets us informed
And where we learn, explore and become bright.

The Delivery room is where women give birth
to the babies, they made in the bedroom.
So this is probably the most important on Earth
It's where we receive the life we made in the bedroom.

An empty room is just a room until named.
A Jan 2018
There's twenty people in this room,
But the only one I see is you.
alex Dec 2017
i can fold over the blankets
into triangles or
crystals on the windowpane
and the chill chasing its way inside
i can clear the counters and
string up the lights
i can twist on the lamp and
slide between the wall and some comfort
i can curl into my dresser drawers
between the sweaters and
the socks
i can draw the curtains and
drag up the blinds to let the clouds
through the mesh
but still i’m falling victim to
a lackluster melancholia
and i suppose it would be fine
if the silk of the morning
didn’t make a habit of
curling itself around my throat
before i even lift my eyes
to the sun.
other people’s places seem so much softer.
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