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iamgone Nov 2020
my mind may have layers
stairs and levels
and turning
halls and rooms
but don't be fooled
my mind is not
a building
my mind is not
a home
in fact
my mind
is where i get
lost the most
I can't find refuge
not even in my own head
what day is it?
Daksh Oct 2020
Love birds but far apart;
An online room, full of chatter, fun and

I will be there soon, I said,
we cannot be kept far apart for that long.

Offline for the day.
last seen: An eternity ago.

Maybe they met and never left.
Maybe they left and never met.
Stan Jan 2020
School used to be a fun place
A place I’d meet with my friends
And we would have a good good laugh
Until the day and week ends

In school we used to have sports or PE
And the changing rooms, small and smelly
And I was scared for them to see
My big big belly

To that point were we close
And as best friends is how others would see us
But to make fun of me they chose
“Laugh with them and hold back your tears”

Now you ask why I would try to hide it
And not want to go to the pool
Well, they made me suffer and provided
For my lifetime depression, such fools

Only if you knew that I was skinny years ago
You would have thought I had no parents to feed me
But I got ill, and medicine changed me
So imperfect to you, but perfect

Years later and love is lying next to me
Saying “I love you, my bear”
I’m imperfect but perfect for love
Only if you knew, my dear
Elsie Plum Dec 2019
Last night I couldn’t sleep
I knew I eventually would somehow,
but I was worried about
My health again.
Things like
Will I die too young? Sometimes things
just happen that way.
I don’t think I’d be as ready to embrace
death as I think I would
But then again I’d be dead, remembering what I am, then coming back to life ready to lose myself once more.
thats an ultimate embrace.
One turn.
I just think I don’t want my mother to cry.
I was trying to fall asleep
with this half worry about
death health and habits
I noticed a clock ticking
something I’d overlooked over my
2 day stay.
This was good. Anything but.
A small light flashed. It flashed every 5-6 ticks
of the very loud clock.
I closed my eyes,
They sprang open, not ready to shut
just yet
I let them shut on their own.
I heard bells
It doesn’t matter
And then it came closer.
I dont let that bother me too much.
As I finally drifted I saw flashes
Of dark images.
Horrible things.
Things that made me ask “how do I come up with this ****? Is it the bells?”
I became a bit frustrated that
I was coming to irrational conclusions.
I tried to replace the images but they
Smeared themselves in blood
And ate their own heads
I hacked their bodies with my mind.
I’m sorry.
I’m just trying to get some sleep.
Eventually I did.
I slept at the expense of my imagination characters lives.
Casey Sep 2019
The room that we called a "porch"
because that's what it was supposed to be
before it was enclosed with walls.

The room that we used as a fridge in the winter
because of how cold it would get.

In summer,
the room where the cat would lay, sun-basking.
Shedded fur floating like petals in the air,
illuminated by the sun-streams through the window.

The room with the handy outside-facing lock
so that your brothers could lock you in
when they were annoyed with you.

The room that was renovated into a part of the house
rather than an enclosed porch.
Ending the many uses,
but still containing the memories.
Written in my LA class, inspired by Bathroom by George Ella Lyon
Poetic T Mar 2019
Open a door
          and find it closed

on the other side...

But the window was locked
              but still you climbed


I walked in the room,
            to find the grass plentiful.

But the flowers never blossomed.

And still I walk around even
                               though no steps
                               were ever taken.
hannashe Nov 2018
I started from a small seed blown by the wind
Thrives in your rooms
That you should've killed me
Before i grew wild at your place
I'm beautiful behind a thicket
Which bloom of fragant
Because of a touch of tenderness
         I hope warmth
         And view all of kindness
         Cause of your soothing care,
         I grew wilder
Forgive me being a wild flower
I'm sorry to be bad sight at your place
Forgive me to be destroyer of your harmony
If you destroy me before i bloom, maybe i'm not going wild,
Cause i'm black behind of grayness
Stand across and see...
Always hope...
No more become tangledess
But become a part of happiness
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