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Pyrrha Jan 8
Your angelic words wrapped with demonic intent
Wont reach me from all the way up there
Your pedestal is too high, I'm afraid I can't hear a word you say
Your godlike vocabulary can't hide that devilish motive
And for as much as you lie, you are one awful liar
That angel light of yours can't blind me anymore
I have a special pair of sunglasses now
They block out all the repugnant **** from sight
Mark Toney Dec 2019
Sun scorching, sweltering, sizzling beach

My hardened soles resist the heat

Sunglasses shielding my eyes

White cotton ball clouds glide

Along deep blue skies

But I’m blue too



12/12/2019 - Poetry form: Nonet - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Lynnia May 2019
She buries her face in her hands, stuck too fast
Jammed in her passion, she fashions her last
breath from the diamonds that grace her fingertips
Gently, gently, they fall as the blood drips
Slowly like a rhythmic drum beating, repeating
Heartbeats as her only assurance of being alive
Wide eyes tried to slide up where people could truly see
But her sunglasses are steel doors, and visible is something she’ll never be
Maziar Ghaderi May 2019
I was on the plateau when it happen.

I always hated going under it in the middle of the day. It felt like a mirror; a reflected isomer — too still and too sad to be near. Shadows give that same feeling, but with blurred corners feeling slightly farther away.

I prefer going under the bridge at night. Cooler, like sunglasses that you don’t have to put on. The night as a way of saying, “It’s not up to you what you get to see now. I decide what’s important for you. Which is absolutely nothing”.
Chicken Mar 2019
I might be throwing up
you'll say it's beautiful

You've got your favorite
sunglasses on
Masha Yurkevich Mar 2019
I'm sorry.
I think you've
make my day so bright,
I going to have to
wear sunglasses
so I don't lose
my sight.
There really are some special and bright people our there!
Brandon Conway Oct 2018
Rising sun reflects
beaming straight into my eyes
sunglasses missing
he worshipped his God
more than loving his family
and living life

and his God sent him
to hell for it

I sat back in my lawn chair,
whiskey on the rocks in hand,
sunglasses over my eyes
as I watched the flames
arise in the lenses

I took a nip
and smiled
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