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Joanna May 11
Walking along a quiet beach... I saw sailboats and seagulls reach, unknown heights and secret dreams.

Unlike people or so it would seem.

I watched them both until I could no longer see; the birds above and the boats below.  

Moving on, I saw eagles taking flight as the day slipped into night.

Leaving me standing at the shore, I saw me standing at an open door.
We all need to feel there is a door!
Lilli Sutton Apr 4
Rolling down to Virginia
in a gray shuttle – the rain
cascades off the windows.
I close my eyes but I can’t sleep.
I don’t know anyone here
well enough to be that kind
of comfortable. We reach the bay bridge
but the fog is so thick it’s like we’re suspended,
or we never left the ground to begin with –
no water beneath this bridge.
It isn’t raining in Wachapreague,
for now, the wind is cold
and it blows the clouds away.
If I shield my eyes to the sun
I can see way out past the tidal creeks
and the salt grass – out to the Atlantic.
Later, rain comes in waves –
we cook dinner and joke about ghosts,
and I wonder how many of my own
I brought here with me.

What a privilege to own a boat –
to be your own captain, or even
just to know the waves. The sun is brilliant
but the wind burns cold – before the end
of the day, my nose and cheeks
are lobster-red. It’s so easy to get lost
in the tidal creeks – just acres and acres
of spartina, flat and brown now
but six feet tall in the summertime.
We dredge up creatures from the bottom –
***** and worms and sea slugs.
We eat lunch on a graveyard of shells –
I find the empty husks of horseshoe *****.
Eagles and oyster catchers watch us pass
sit tight on similar whitewashed mounds
of expired homes. The sun is low
when we reach the mudflats –
here the earth is shallow. Seven ways
to catch a clam, but I only know one –
to look for holes that bubble. I fill
my pockets with the dark misshapen
creatures. Sometimes the holes
rush full of water before I can even see
what I dug up. Soon the tide will come back
and swallow the wet sand again.
I want to stay put, watch the muddy water come
learn to filter through it
like the oysters and the clams.

Early morning on the bayside –
wind, more brutal than yesterday
beats the surface until the waves
are whitecaps, and the skiff pitches.
We go back to the tidal creeks,
where the trees block the wind
and the sun illuminates the muddy water.
We watch an osprey glide and dive for fish.
Back in the lab, isolated in white
I see strange animals. For hours
we look for answers to the simplest
of questions: what is this?
Some creatures we toss back
and some we wrap in clear plastic bags.

The long ride home –
half between sleeping and waking
drenched in sunlight. I’m small,
or trying to be – conserving space
wherever I can. I eat my fill of ****** snaps.
The bay bridge is crystal clear this morning
and it gives me a strange feeling, deep
in my stomach – somewhere between
excitement and dread, a fear
or a nod toward what’s coming –
a mystery, creeping in and unfurling
like when I was a kid, awake too late at night
feeling dumb, for hoping, for wanting,
and most of all, for not yet knowing.
Dell May 18
A lone boat sets sail
Unknowing of what lies ahead
Or if it's journey will fail
But the sailors are not filled with dread
Because they are still innocent
And the sea is simply magnificent.
i cannot seem to discern where sea becomes sky in a serene slippery oneness of grey and pink the black fishing boats dart across the surface like birds and i feel if i could touch it i would turn into one of them and
Hunter Jan 16
Sitting on the water
The days getting hotter
My sanity getting further
I didn't mean to hurt her
I'll never leave this place
Here justice I'll face
Staying close on my sail
Only fish tell the tale
Oscar Jan 6
Love makes you crazy. Love glues your phone to your hand,
waiting for that text. For that call. For that notification.
It's just justification for the lies, but it's enough to send you mad.
Love makes hours seem like centuries away,
miles seem like planets and distance seems like dimensions apart.
Love is a red ribbon around your heart, tying two lovers together.
It's the bond between old souls, binding you down.
Love turns your heart into an anchor, grounding you to just one.
Eyes seem like books, chapters of stories I want to write with you;
waves I get lost in, my boat capsizing and my soul sinking.
Love is the storm that crashed my ship, pulling me under
and turning me into a ruined relic. Love is the ache in my chest,
waiting for my phone to ping. Waiting for you to come home.
Love is the fire that melts the ice in my heart, burning a brand.
Love is knowing something is poison, yet consuming it whole.
im still kinda upset that you left me on read, but i could never be angry at you. i guess i thought we were breaking apart, but the distance has proven to drive me mad. mad for the touch of skin on skin, mad for the exchange of words that i'd die for. i want the i love yous and the soppy messages. i want you. i love you.
Dani Nov 2018
A skippity hop and muddy socks
Sail boats and rain coats
Semis and dump trucks
Bubble baths with ducks
Throwing a ball I love it all!!
***** feet and a sweet treat
Firefighters and quad riders
Lights and sirens and jolly lions
Puppy heroes and horses with wings
These are a few of my favorite things
Written for my almost 3 year old daughter. Her favorite things! She has a firetruck and says "I am a firewoman!" Paw Patrol and My Little pony are the last few references there. She is my whole world!
Daniel eason Nov 2018
Riding the streets listening to the beat
Earths rhythm is obstreperous
Waves and flat surfaces
Garden of eden
poisonous fruits
Could be deadly or maybe not
Distance of the trail
Will form your boat
Go ahead be free go set sail
When you want to get away but cant so you stick with it.
B Oct 2018
I can see the horizon.
I can see the ocean.
I can see the beach.
I can see cars driving.
I can see trees.
I can see buildings.
I can see birds flying.
I can see airplanes lift and land.
I can see boats out at sea.
I can see everything.
And yet I can’t see a future with you in it.
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