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Kriti Gupta Nov 2018
Stars on a terrace
Loving in dark, broken in light
Teetering too far
Sacred places left in my heart
I’m caught with the monster in my head
Nostalgic for the love I never kept
The veins rebelled behind my bones
My mind going to a place
When love was a word
Not a fight that grew cold
apiwe Nov 2018
“Define me in one word”,
I said
Hope gleaming in my eyes and
an anxiety of the unknown
twisting, gripping, turning my gut.
You laughed lightly; beautifully flashing your perfect, perfect teeth
You ****** in a sharp breath,
Rolled your eyes back as if
the word was glued to the inner of your skull
A dry, humourless laugh croaked past through my lips
You said through your slightly smirking lips
And I bit back
the floods that welled my eyes
the bile that rose up my throat
as I realised the humiliation that I had reduced myself to.
And The silence
punctuated all the words unspoken.
Pauline Stevinia Oct 2018
The sky waiting for the sun till the morning comes
The woods waiting for the rain till the season comes
The  ground waiting for the leaves till the autumn comes

Even the river knows when the water will flow through their bodies

Is it me the only one who doesn’t know when will you come?
Or you never will?
i'll keep waiting even if there's no insurance in it
Leah R Oct 2018
longing in my chest
aching at the thought of you, come to me. I
need to be held,
touched, felt.
understood by you.
appreciated as I am.

the small of my back, my wrist, my neck, all of
my flesh is yours (for the taking)
my nails in your side, you nuzzle my hair as
I breathe you in
your feeling lingers on me for hours.
run and hide from me before
I give you all of myself.

what I can become is limitless,
for you give me what I need
to grow. reaching towards possibilities
borne of darkness. we lie in wait
for the time to strike
soon. before you know it
"the time is now."
Pauline Stevinia Oct 2018
I’m so weak but i act like i’m the strongest
I’m screaming for help in my head yet i act like i’m doing fine
I’m broken yet i act like i’m the happiest human being

I’m not what you think i am
Sometimes what you think is not always the way it is
The eerie irritability
Of this disgustingly demeaning state
I find my myself in,
The essence of my existence,
Every bit of what creates me,
Grosses me to my very core
It's a phase, a recurring feeling.
Only once in a while,
this once in a blue moon sorta thing
Makes simply existing a chore.
The minor failures,
Become large enough to make me forget,
All other achievements I worked for.
This face turns quite simply, ****
As my pride and self respect slowly rots
I turn into a hallowed figure, crawling
Wanting help; support,
Clinging to the first thing I find.
Worst of all,
I know it only last a few days
And when it's gone,
I'm empty again.
Is it my need for approval,
My weak character,
Can I not stand on my own.
What has all this come to?
Oh look, it's that point in my life. Again
Pauline Stevinia Sep 2018
Back then,
I knew how you’re feeling
I knew what you’re up to
I knew what you ate
I knew when you awake
I knew when you sleep
I knew why you felt the way you felt

Back then,
I knew every little tiny part about you

Back then,
Was just enough

Back then,
Can i fly to you? Again?

Want you?
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