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Veritia Venandi Nov 2020
Whenever I look up to the night sky,
My eyes travel all the way to the dark space between two stars
Where black holes lay in hiding
To forever **** the light out of any free spirited celestial body passing by...

At such times, I am reminded of my own mind...
The dark spaces between the lobes of my brain
Where monsters lay in waiting to **** the light
Out of any happy memory that flies by...

Is it just a coincidence?
Random reflections!
Thank you for kindly taking the time to read ❤ ❤
Rajinder Jul 2020
If a river had ears, they would’ve heard
songs of the clouds and the rain
floating in the breeze above oceans

If a river had ears, they would bring me 
stories told by gurgling, shrinking glaciers
imploding in warming streams

If a river had ears, the waters would know
all the secrets of dolphins and mahseer
it would play the scores of a whale’s song

If a river had ears, they would be blocked
and, when the waves hit the banks, the river
losing its balance forgets the course 

If a river had ears, those would be pierced
their small holes plugged with white pearls
stolen from an oyster’s shell 

Some rivers have ears
like ones flowing through Kashmir,
with their dainty drooping lobes,
pierced by bullets. Robbed of their
red-threaded golden dejhors,
the ears echo of unheard miseries.
Laokos Sep 2019
mind shard stuffed
deep between
the lobes
adjacent to
the whirlpool
looking out through
a brain/body eyes
no separation
no points
no way out friend
how did "you" "get" "in" "?" " "

— The End —