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Since when did I lose my complain card?
My wow my work paid off card
My ******* that was tough card
My I am so tired from all these notes card
My I need to study for 3 tests and do 2 projects card
My I am proud of what I can do and how hard I worked card
Complaining is considered arrogance for me. I sometimes need to use it to vent too. Just because it makes sense to me in the end, doesn't mean I didn't have it any easier.
Theo 6d
Dear *** of Study,
I put my brain in your hands
Help me pass all my exams!

I'll be good all year round,
help my GPA from crashing on the ground.

All I need is a curvy C,
because that's what'll get me my degree.

apiwe Nov 17
sizzling with excitement, unpredictability
Hits against their faces.
Breaking strong into a day of reckless liberty.
With blood running hot through their vessels
to their heads
to their eyes ever so warm with wonder - yet-
ever so chilled with nonchalance.
They don't care.
but I am in here.
No riffling pop song bass in my ears
only a sonata for flute, violin and harp
No intoxicating spirits for me
only the feel of a pen
and textbook cold and
hard against my skin - yet-
It is so warm in here...
I'm writing a Chemistry exam on Monday. My peers are making their own chemistry right now.

P. S I think I might have used the dash incorrectly. Excuse me, Grammar Nazis.

P. P. S The sonata is by Claude Debussy. Not sure of the Opus number
zb Nov 7
open textbooks like broken promises,
pages creased and corners frayed,
sticky notes smudged;
my eyes blur over the words
the words in black and white and blue;
my fingers in blue spots and red tint
fumble with the edges of the paper,
cold and clumsy -
it's hard to stay awake.
zb Oct 21
you took your thumbs
and brushed them over
the bruises nestled above my cheekbones

my eyes, half-closed, but so bright
because the warmth of your palms on my face
kept me from losing my mind

i'm so tired
my fingers, my brain, my soul
i'm so tired but you still hold me
Four girls sit cross-legged
On cold pitted concrete
It’s always cold here
Their rear-ends frozen
Bare ankles growing sore
Pouring over textbooks
Finishing today’s homework or

Hope there’s no pop quiz.
They nod
In unison
I didn’t study
Neither did I
The other two stare
At their books nonplussed
Their papers scattered, a ruler and a pen

Out of the library and into the cold arrives
The fifth
She looks about and sees
A grey curl
A long head
A heavy tail
It’s soft, someone thought, as she saw the raised leg

Which came down fierce like lightning,
A defiant, queerly polished white saddle-shoe
One of two strange shoes
That looked like no one else’s but why?
Flattened the entirety into the cold, cold concrete
The meteorite that destroyed a species of one.
Conjoined twins, now dead

There’s no way we can repair it
Can’t even peel it away
The custodian will have to scrap it off with a blade and wash it down

We laughed
All but one.
At quiescently frozen pace,
Lay my mind
Absolving itself of all wandering thoughts
Crystal clear to make sure these few anecdotes that i now behold
Etch in and last
A kind of symphony that even Rhythm cannot surpass
Joe Aug 28
I cannot stand Biology
It's the worst of all the "ologies."
There's so many terms to memorize
That my brain is about to Ionize!
I envy all of the cell's abilities,
(Oh how life has so many ironies!)
If I held the power of Phagocytosis,
(Even the word is so sadly atrocious!)
Then all those terms I'd consume,
And never again I'd assume
Anything to do with Biology!
This poem doesn't flow as well as I'd like, but I think it gets the message across.

Constructive criticism is always welcome!
           I m naman nagar , i m indian from utter perdash . I complet my 12th class . I am studying in LAW (5 YEAR). My instagram id - @namannagarhere  & my fb id - namannagarhere
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