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AnnaWann Jul 2018
Her. Him.
Her team
Burnt him
Her win

Him. Her.
Hint where
Here, there
He'd dare
In her
Him. Self.
ohellobeautiful Nov 2017
single thought
you brew begins in
me and ends with you
these empty beds that home our
sleep, do not fill with lonely sheets
for when i toss and turn in dreams
i somehow feel you there with me
your Soul is clothing that i wear
i feel your gazing everywhere
even from across the seas
i say "bless you" as you sneeze
my cuts & bruises line your knees
my hollow heart skips to your beat
but some days it feels off pace
for such reasons i can't say
is it your sadness that i trace?
when it goes dark i see your face
i think i blink for you to breathe
i know that it is not just me who
feels this heaviness i bleed
i still spit out the sand in me
it's from my heart i left at sea
my waves of love fill with
seaweed... i'm caught in
you; come sink
with me
Timothy Oct 2017
I smell
a warm invitation to wakefulness
and the sweat of the toiling farmer, planting seeds in hopeful ground

I touch
the firm comforting cup
and the raindrops nourishing the beans

I see
the black pool reflecting the morning sun
and the bright ripe red cherries

I taste
bitter dark syrup
and the petrol of transportation

I hear
the crackle of the roasting beans
and the slurp of wanting lips
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