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Rose Jul 2019
The humming of the wind slowly taking my hope away as I feel myself slowly fading away. Growing tired every second I keep my eyes open fighting myself. Wanting to escape my own mind and just leave to the sky above with the stars that shine bright. Not wanting to fight anymore lays my strained mind. Wanting to let go of the string keeping me from falling into the oblivion. Has my heart and mind finally stopped fighting? Am I finally going to be free? Free from life.
Maya Aug 2018
strained is
supposed to be
a word
for pasta
sorry ive been shutting people out i dont know how to cope today was a bad day and i dont know how to feel
Tallie Apr 2018
I used to be neon pink
Smile wide and radiant
Everything is great, I would think
Then I started to go silent

Here I am, neon I am not
Light bulbs gone dead
I used to talk quite a lot
Now it’s all in my head

Colors been drawn out
Not drawn, strained
Stuck in an eternal drought
I’m afraid it’s unexplained
Andrew Kerklaan Jan 2018

Money alone chips away at sanctioned walls

Porous, your deflection is my bane

I loath the chasm this singularity has instilled between us.

Mikayla Smith Jul 2017
Mama washes the clothes
And hangs them out to
Dry, she takes me by my
Hand and we dance beneath
The twelve o'clock sky.

Papa goes to out and
Doesn't come home until
Late, we're all snuggled in
Bed by the time Mama asks
Him why he hasn't ate.  

He's missing out on time with
The kids,
Mama tells her sister
One dreary day.

I might just have to work more, she'll say.

Papa feels weak, thinks it's his job
To provide for a family that's
Just starting to fray.

Mama works and we ask
Why she won't come to play.

Papa tells me she's off to
Work, that it'll just be for
A little while.

But, days turn into weeks,
Weeks turn into months,
Months turn into years.
Instead of Mama, Daddy now
Wipes my tears.

They tell him that he's a poor
Excuse of a man
And that Mama is better
Off finding a real one.

Times have changed,
Families grow in different ways.
Sometimes things happen,
But I've learned that
Mama's and Papa's still
Love their children just the same.
A piece reflecting my childhood. My mother and father struggled for years to have children. When they finally did, my mother dreamed of being a stay at home mom to me and my younger brother. However, my father struggled to hold down a job, forcing my mother to work full-time while my dad looked for anyone who would hire. This lasted for years: my father losing job after job, drowning his sorrows in alcohol and my mother growing more and more bitter at my father and at the fact that she was missing out on time with her children. I was too young at the time to realize the circumstances, but now that I'm older, I have a much better perspective on it.
Zero Nine Jun 2017
Anxious, strained, agitated, placid, still, dispassionate
Reference the DSM and of its many pages
Ask ad infinitum, Will you heal schism?
Lines of my shape in shade
seem monstrous when
I've been your part and whole
well before your birth
Not long ago you were
pale, *****-white
I breathed over
your mother's neck
I painted canvas
with color
eleanor prince Feb 2017
girl -
your silence tears upon me
a savage beast mute
for in your intermittent groans on gusts of ire
masked in murmurs curt
seepage coarse, acrid leaks

girl -
tell me straight, hide not my fate
your real intent upon these clouds benign
for when the heat of marinated fury bursts
erupts one day on bowed head sad
intent on living life in peace

girl -
will it ruin times of joy we knew
bursts of copper, gold and red
no separation there but alchemy of spirits free
so what is it that ails you friend
arms folded eyes aflame in chilled blind rage
SassyJ Mar 2016
The daffodils are springing
In the bloom, the pollen toss
The bird sway as they sing
I sense your touch in my all

Take a little longer ahhh
Take a little time
Just forget to forge
The gorge you left whole

The pavement I step, rolling stones
Each pierce my heart, the yesterday
I am not a magician neither a mystic
To foretell your heart strained desires

Cascading motions or emotions
Anticipated notions and collusions
Erosion of the past demolish solutions
Fainted resolution my contradiction
Having a terrible flu!... but still recorded!
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Diana Sosa Jul 2015
You are my dream and my nightmare, a delicate being that has been created on this earth. Your soft fingers touch every inch of my warm olive skin as i sleep, my body craves that, your gentle touch, all over me.
You are the dream i've been afraid of, the only one that has strained all my thoughts. because once those made up dreams come out to play, it goes into fates hands and fate will be the one allowed to make the changes, we then are no longer capable of controlling the little things or how the ending will be, it could all be a nightmare or the charming dream that has been consuming your mind, i guess that's the hidden beauty of it all you could say.
Violet Blue May 2015
You burnt me
You've given me bruises
You've hurt me
So much it hurts to walk
You've strained me so much
I needed medical help

But I guess the best things in life hurt you the most
Food burns you
Exercise strains you
Sport bruise you
Shoes blister you
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