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Tallie Jul 2018
Do you ever look in the mirror and not recognize yourself
Tallie May 2018
The pretty girl who smiles during the day
Often has the most to cry about at night.
Tallie Apr 2018
I used to be neon pink
Smile wide and radiant
Everything is great, I would think
Then I started to go silent

Here I am, neon I am not
Light bulbs gone dead
I used to talk quite a lot
Now it’s all in my head

Colors been drawn out
Not drawn, strained
Stuck in an eternal drought
I’m afraid it’s unexplained
Tallie Apr 2018
Douse yourself in lighter fluid
Burn all in your quake

Feel the fire roar
Allow the flames to breathe

After being burned for so long
You deserve to be lit
Tallie Mar 2018
The words won’t string together
I type and type
Backspace. Backspace.

Thoughts pour like a waterfall
They plummet to the bottom.
Splash. Splash. Plunk.

Tears fall like love
A girl falls in love. The guy never catches.
Thunk. “Ouch”
Tallie Mar 2018
Hands grasp at nothing
Feet slip and slide
Down the hole
I’m reaching. Trying to pull myself out
I’m in the hole
I see myself, three years younger
I’ve fallen back into old patterns
All those years I spent climbing out
I’m back in the hole
I see myself, three years younger
I always hated mirrors.
Recently I feel as if I’m slipping back into who I used to be and I’ve worked so hard to not be that person anymore
Tallie Mar 2018
My parental people yell
My misguided mind melts
My hurting heart hasn’t healed
My passion puffs out
My tenacious thoughts tumble
My time trickles out
I’m loosing my liveliness
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