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Ken Pepiton May 2023
Is it so, ai use back propagation? I may
see propagation as how seeds do whatsoever seeds may,
but in reverse, I slip
into full on unbelief, free to say no

Beginning now, at your sense of so, present state, whole

ball of wax, as it were, all we digitally know we know already,

so, these are last lines of one scene and first lines in the next
as we retain some grip on our ante-cipitation, thinking we know
where this is going,
knowing we don't,
we let it go.
997, counting down,
Delicacy8100 Apr 2021
I watch you as you lightly moan holding back the pleasure.
Lightly grabbing me
I'm pulling you deep into my mouth
glancing at one another
we both grin
I pull your manhood
pushing and pulling with my tongue
the taste of your flesh... Mmmm
My mouth pulls tighter
Your ******* growing firmer
You ******
testing my limit
I shove you deeper
Pushing you onto the chair
No holding back
Payton Hayes Mar 2021
If I were never again to look upon your face, more magnificent than pure moonlight, I shall pluck out my own eyes,
that I might never look on anything else again,
that I might delight in your beauty in my minds’ eye endlessly.

If I were never again to feel your skin, like silk beneath my caress, I shall cut off my hands,
that I might never feel another beneath them, that I might never feel myself beneath them,
that I might relish your touch in distant pleasure always.

If I were never again to hear your voice, that sweet melody to my weary ears, I shall sew them shut,
that I might never hear another honeyed sound, not in music, nor moans, nor mundane mouthings,
that I might preserve forever the last enchanting utterances to pass through your rose lips.

If I were never again to smell you, that rich, earthy scent that drives me mad, I shall plug it up,
that I might never soak in a pleasing smell, that I might never let the stenches of the day-to-day,
keep me from forever adoring the varying, yet haunting fragrances of you.

If I were never again to taste you, those sugared velvet lips, I shall take out my own tongue,
that I might never enjoy neither worldly fare nor the flavor of another,
that I might savor you in memory for all eternity.

If I were never again to have you, a painful return to the dark ages, I would cast myself wholly and completely into watery depths or rising flames,
that I might never experience time and space without you, love.
The title —αναίσθητος χωρίς αγάπη —is Greek for senseless without love.
Man Jan 2021
all the people i know
have stained my brain
with their misery and their woe,
don't they know?
i have them too
but i would never shovel them on you
it doesn't seem the right thing to do
when i could give you all love
and give woe the shove
i work it out myself
though there's still pain on the shelf
it's below me, not above
i have pain
because all i give is love
Robin Dunlop Sep 2020
All the words of love are written,
To my darling, my lover, and best friend,
I am ravished by these thoughts of you,
From every sunrise 'til the day's end.

The day we met, our journey began,
But it began with the end of another.
We brought with us Philautia love,
Loving ourselves before each other.

Ludus makes us dance in the rain,
Like children who love to play.
We joke and tease and tickle,
And we'll be forever young this way.

Eros pulls my eyes in your direction,
Consuming your body with my mind.
Its passion joins our flesh,
And sends chills along my spine.

Philia opens our hearts to one another,
As our friendship blooms like flowers.
We share interests and even secrets,
And talks that go on for hours.

Pragma should take years to mature,
But instead of 'falling' in love we 'stood.'
We committed ourselves in a mere moment,
To forever love each other, we would.

Even Storge has a presence here,
In the eyes the children see you through.
This familial love makes this a home,
And is complete because of you.

And now I find myself in Agape,
A culmination of all of the above.
It is selflessness and sacrifice,
And it is the epitome of love.

All these words of love are written,
To my darling, my lover, and best friend.
I promise you this Agape love,
From now until this journey ends.
Ryan Seth Cole Nov 2019
I am such a wretched man living in a foriegn land. No good work comes from my hand's.

The words that flow from my mouth are proceed from a wicked heart.

I know you by your name.
Your love covers me casting a shadow of shame. Your innocence was subsituted by my guilt. It was my sin and yet you took the blame. You know me by my name.

You seen my heart. My flesh was woven with weeds and thorns. You called out to me, I heard you and my sin departs. You justified a man because you love me and it breaks my heart.

Your presence is upon me, I am convicted. I ask for forgivness and then depart. I went from your light back into the dark. I clung to you. You held me, you know my heart.

I am so sinful. My every action is against you. My every plan is a plot. I wage war against you and your mercy sustains me as I continue in the dark.

I could have died so many times but you save me. I could of fallen but you hold onto me. You always have my best interest when to me you are just a passing thought.  

I fear your lashings but I reverence you because of who you are. You are the creator of all things! I am the child you sought. Your perfect son was given so that my sin would be baught.

I am forgiven and you are an after thought. I am unworthy, undeserving and ungrateful, this is what breaks my heart. You are merciful, giving and you never depart. You walk with me every day while I plot against you and spit in your face.

You saved my life and I curse your name. You changed everything and yet in me I walk the same. Your grace is upon me. Father I want to change. Will you forgive me and show me the way.

Jesus saves, I sin.
cristina Feb 2020
I was for him
abandonment in its purest form.
what of he never said
if sacrificing myself or him
the two of us, we never swam in pristine waters
the ripples
- as in feeble whispers -
always seemed to spoil the truth

in my eyes it was both.
your obedient student, dear teacher
I was needed
as you were by me
fawning, adoring,
caught in the waves
and never the flood had been so welcomed
and never drowning in it would feel more just

you yearned for my presence
I would ever accompany you
from afar
my dreams, hollow cave
you, forceful sea tide defiling the rock

once upon a time I was neither yours
nor mine to spoil
I belonged to my lonesome tears
as the scorching cold ate away my fierce apathy

for you I would have enjoyed every second
my eyes caught yours too many times
my feverish skin fewer
I regret so much

what your hand has never done

( eros )
two years ago
Margaret Jean Aug 2019
I didn't have to use the bathroom
I just needed to sit
My feet were kind of hurting
****** arch support
Cute, though

The concert is good
Funky chill
Reminds me of Cowboy Bebop
With all the hats and button downs
"See you, space cowboy"

I'm still just sitting in the bathroom
Trying to play the part
I ran away to write a poem
Better move around a little
I can't focus on the band

I think tonight I figured out
What love feels like, looks like
Agape, the right Latin term I think
So many different definitions
For this four letter word

It's this feeling you get
Looking at someone in love
With their own moment
I feel this certain kind of smile spreading
Everything is warm

When you see people happy
Yeah, you feel joy (I hope)
It's just being human
Happiness, as they say
It's contagious

But it's different
This is different
And I'm trying to figure out
How to describe it
Sitting in this ******* stall
It's days later now
From when I ran to the bathroom
Figured I might have a better word
Some heightened vocabulary skills
But I don't

This feeling that I had (have)
The warmth inside my body
Seeing these people slip into space
An outer self, void of anything
That grounds them

I went back to the show
Arch support still ****, but
I didn't say why I really left
But I knew I needed to go back
I knew I needed to feel

I left to escape my sadness
It trapped my heels in the ground
But I came back to see their sun
And I watched the people float
Weightless in their universe
L Jun 2019
What has happened to me?
I’ve been acted upon;
brought to my own becoming.
On my knees
before an altar that holds me
and all I have been.
And I’m praying, God, I’m praying,
agape in my own-loving, in my still-shock;
Defenseless to my god and silent.
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