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Lari Z Oct 2018
what are we doing?
we were
not close friends

more like fellowship cousins
the sort you see once a week at church
the sort you can depend on for a hug and a joke
the sort that small talk feels comfortable

we are
between clingy, lonely, dependent
between enabling and supporting
between friendship and sibling

her between us
and loving her equally, differently;

...and loving you,
within these boundaries,
of selfless love,
of intimate, commited friendship love
and maybe,
some playful love
(of I-can't-fricking-catch-feelings-for-you-so-here's-my-frustrations-written-out)
companionate love = intimacy + commitment (Sternberg's triangular theory of love)
- agape, philia, ludus
Janelle M Rivera Sep 2018
Unconditional love that knows no bounds
Warmly embraces me without judgment
His voice fills my ears with heavenly sounds
Jesus causing a shift in my movement
None of it makes sense, it baffles me so
I kept running away yet He would still wait
Relentlessly pursuing me until I know
That my homecoming is never too late
I savor the times we spend together
When we’re in a crowd dancing and laughing
Or in nature’s beauty and warm weather
Even the grief and anger-filled crying
Through my pain and brokenness, He remains
An overwhelming love that breaks my chains
Alyssa Underwood Nov 2015
To agape love someone is to hunger
for their eternal life and their abundant life
even when it seems impossible to hope for them
Arke Jun 2018
when I was little
my mother
told me a story
about the time
she held a butterfly
she loved him, she said

he was yellow and beautiful
he was delicate
and fragile
his wings were paper
and his legs were glass
and he died in her hands

and I have been
absolutely terrified of them
ever since
it's a ****** fear
I've been told
who the **** is afraid of butterflies?

and when I
think of your skin,
white sheets of paper
more beautiful than anything
and your arms, your collar bones
your shoulders, smooth like glass

I am afraid to hold you
or hurt you
instead, I'll watch you from afar
as you soar through
crystal blue skies
further and further away
you give me butterflies.
Solitude Man Feb 2018
Highs before beloved biles
Bliss followed by bitter sweetners
A paradox
She loves her beloved
And he loves her too
But she fears that he looks into her eyes to see only what is easy to find

Does he see her?
Does he have the patience to read her?
Inbetween the lines of her cries
Elegantly striding down the ailse of her heart
Yet knocking down her priceless art

Her complex heart and complex mind
Begs him to look deeper in
Shes scared and scarred
Her insides need more love
Because beloved highs and lows make her juxtaposed.

Her fear pushes him away
But the look in her eyes screams stay
Soothe the worry lines away
A task not everyone can bear
In beloved highs and lows.

                                       -Lily Bajo
LNI Dec 2017
I encountered an old Lady Poet in the underground last night.
Gloom crawled around while hope faded.
I looked for consolation in her mouth agape.
I hurried home to be alone and write about her.
Her ageless provocativeness electrified me.
I was left wholly.
Thank you, Lady.
You might be homeless
but don't you know you're a Queen?
Maria Etre Oct 2017
There are
7 different types
of love
elaborated by
the heart's
7 different
beats, decoding
7 different languages
that the mind
meddles with
Ann M Johnson May 2017
Your steadfast love

Your steadfast love O Lord never ceases to amaze me
My mind is in a state of awe at the vastness of your love
The vastness of your love could cover mountains at just a
Thought from you

If I were to count the amount of love you have for your children it would outnumber the stars and outweigh the grains of sand.

Just to think that your love existed before we came to be
If all your love was revealed, if all creation declared it if all nature proclaimed it, the oceans would drown in your love for your love is far deeper and your love is wider than the sky, for the sky is but a mere breath in comparison to your love.

Therefore, it is more magnificent than a mountain waterfall and furthermore. it never runs out. Yet it is always contained in your hand and freely poured out.

Hearts shout for joy with even a touch of your love for your love is warmer than a summer day.
Your love is steadfast and is a fortress forever to those who place their trust in you.
This poem I wrote quite a while back but it had been lost in an old notebook. I found it recently and I am finally posting it. I hope you like reading it my friends. If you like it feel free to comment, as always I appreciate your feedback.
Alyssa Underwood Jul 2016
here begins real love—
longing for you to love God
more than you love me
"We love, because He first loved us."
~ 1 John 4:19

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