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Pluto May 2022
As my body sinks into the deep blue ocean and stares towards the moon light glittering across the calm sea

The vast emptiness surrounds me as silence deafens my ears

Cries of laughter and sadness pulsat from across the void onto the hairs of my warm skin

The dark abyss behind me whispering and ecoing...

Share me the pain that consumes him
The joy that excites her
The fire that fuels them
And the misery that lingers in their shadows and envelops their very existence

I exist in limbo... a place of uncertainty between the extremes of bliss and misery

The abyss whispers behind me
The void overwhelms my senses
And the moon light's reflection of lingering hope

...offer me your hand and free me from this hidden burden or my suffering will carry to the end of days...
Mitch Prax Nov 2020
You are Virgo,
and I am a Gemini.
I want you to know
that I want you and I.
Janelle Tanguin Sep 2019
To think that the planets might have been misguided
when they let your star sign almost be my rise;
they would never have guessed
how in twenty years my sockets would confine
sullen, sunken eyes
surrounded by darker spaces,
recurring insomnia I try to hide.
Worn-out clothes now, twice my size.
You gave me the longest summer of my life.

I hate my voice booming static
on the other end of the line.
I miss all my old friends,
and I can't figure out why
I wait in my tower for a knight,
but when at long last he comes
I'd throw him out the window
expecting him to survive.
Radhika Lusted Sep 2018
Mysterious and unseen
A master of the dark and light
And all in-between
When she looks into your soul
Hers is enough to burn it to the ground
But also ****** it to the very core
She is a force of nature
An unstoppable wave of chaos and purity
that’ll throw you so off course
you’ll forget what it was ever like
to not have her in your life
She will read your mind
with the power to take every last bit
of strength you have
until you regret ever standing in her path
Do not ever lie to her
For she does not handle deceit lightly
Vengeance is her first, middle and last name
And her type of revenge is an evil noone
would wish to encounter
A queen of manipulation at her finest
she will see into your soul
long before you catch a glimpse
and change the way you think
to mend what she craves and the
desire that she seeks

She is a Scorpio,
And if you think you can escape her

You've already lost.
A poem dedicated to my sister who wanted me to write one about her, but is also dedicated to parts of myself and any other scorpios out there that can relate. She is the darker side of the scorpio and i am the lighter, but this poem portrays more of the darker side.
Ruler of water
Walking on air
Antisocial Alien
She'll tell you to grow a pair

Not of this planet
She's ready to leave
Bored with human nature
Atmosphere hard to breath

Don't touch her, she's cold
Unresponsive emotions
Can't fit in your mould

Ruler of water
Floating on air
Riddled with anxiety
Life just isn't fair

A Queen, individual
Heart racing, can't breathe
She knows what she can be
She just wants to leave

Anxious Aquarius
Lady of air
Can't breath your atmosphere
And you can't reach her
Kind of rough, playing around with repeating lines and rearranging them.
Lavina Akari Apr 2016
23rd April

She is a snowball in the ebony coloured sky and I am so in love with her.
Her full face comes into my view tonight and I watch her, sitting peacefully in the cold, surrounded by diamonds who are glittering in the dark.

There's always something I've found tragic about her expression, like an old lover broke her long ago and now she is an empty case. Sometimes I wonder if I could fix her, though she is only my imagination, my friend when I am alone.
I feel her endlessly, so deeply and intensely.
I am hers and she is mine, and no being may come between that love.

The stars hang around her, kissing the black, and I imagine them all dancing in the shades of midnight.
The way her light shines on me makes me feel so renewed, like i have just engaged in the most passionate of kisses.
But I am alone, and alone I will be, always.

Maybe this pain is permanent, I will learn to walk with this limp and leave my flesh unhealed.

I have a tendency to love things out of my reach.
Keeana Calmes Apr 2016
My Beloved Fire:

Head full of kindling,
heart's holding the light
Ready to burn through the darkness of night.
The furnace you fuel
with passion and life,
can spend awfully fast
and quickly ignite
the gasoline
in your viens;
charring bones,
scalding flesh
and Lord, that wax skin's already
starting to drip.
Oxygen properly feeds a flame.
Don't forget
to breathe.
Keeana Calmes Apr 2016
My Beloved Air:

saturated with ink.
It seeps from your lips
from your pores,
painting stories
on your paper thin skin.
Such beautiful ideas in your head but,
you hold your words
in the hands of a child;
benevolent, yet careless.
Remember that
a strangers heart
is their book, not yours.
Ink stains rarely
wash out.
Keeana Calmes Apr 2016
My beloved Water:

Teardrops ripple in the oceans
of your collar bones.
Can you breathe underwater?
A driftwood cage may
keep sorrow at bay
but love,
it cannot contain
the sea.
It's time to break your own bones,
rip open your ribs.
That heart has been drowning
for far too long.
Let it be light;
The sky still needs
the moon..
To survive.
Keeana Calmes Apr 2016
My beloved earth:

You built up walls
to keep others out,
or yourself in?
This garden has gone unseen
for long enough.
Lungs rich with soil,
riddled with roots,
They creep up your throat
and spill from your lips,
so every exhale is reminiscent
of sweet spring.
Just be mindful of each
breath and your speech,
There is beauty
in a mouth
full of roses,
but danger
in a tongue
made of thorns.

— The End —