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Radhika Lusted Sep 2018
Mysterious and unseen
A master of the dark and light
And all in-between
When she looks into your soul
Hers is enough to burn it to the ground
But also ****** it to the very core
She is a force of nature
An unstoppable wave of chaos and purity
that’ll throw you so off course
you’ll forget what it was ever like
to not have her in your life
She will read your mind
with the power to take every last bit
of strength you have
until you regret ever standing in her path
Do not ever lie to her
For she does not handle deceit lightly
Vengeance is her first, middle and last name
And her type of revenge is an evil noone
would wish to encounter
A queen of manipulation at her finest
she will see into your soul
long before you catch a glimpse
and change the way you think
to mend what she craves and the
desire that she seeks

She is a Scorpio,
And if you think you can escape her

You're already doomed.
A poem dedicated to my sister who wanted me to write one about her, but is also dedicated to parts of myself and any other scorpios out there that can relate. She is the darker side of the scorpio and i am the lighter, but this poem portrays more of the darker side.
Radhika Lusted Aug 2018
There once was an evil shadow
Who's body noone saw
He slept upon the daylight
But woke upon the fall

The fall of which we know of
As day turns into night
The name of which is nightfall
Brings shivers to our life

For when the clock struck midnight
And all was fast asleep
The unseen evil shadow
Came into dark to creep

He stole and struck the people
From all the towns of grace
To capture souls of infants
From the entire human race

They never understood it
They never knew quite why
But slowly in the darkness
Their souls began to die

And from that moment forward
The people who once lived there
We're long forgotten in mysteries
Of who
And when
And where
I wrote this poem when i was a little girl and changed it up a bit to post here but not too much because i didn't want to ruin the memories i have of it, but i hope you guys enjoy as this poem will always have a special place in my heart :)
  Aug 2018 Radhika Lusted
Peter Balkus
Love isn't blind,
blind are those,
who never loved.
Radhika Lusted Aug 2018
Someone help my soul reprieve
the damage has been done
I tried to love
But all i lost
is now what i've become
A poem i wrote when i was younger and had my first heartbreak. It literally felt like it could not escape the damage
Radhika Lusted Aug 2018
Down down below me
A place with no hope
Where all that can find me
Is this unwinding rope

In a place filled with darkness
We’re all trapped in the pain
From the cuts on our skin
To the thoughts in our brains

But one day in life
When we all come to die
The shadows of death
Take us into the sky

To a place where we're freed
From this life that we've shaped
And we're finally given
The chance to escape
This poem emphasies the figmentation in our brains when we are in our depression and feel almost as if we literally cannot escape.
I apologise if this upsets anyone, there is always help out there and i am always here to talk <3
Radhika Lusted Aug 2018
We're a contradiction

For with every breath
We live to die
But with every beat
We die to live.
Radhika Lusted Aug 2018
Like a shell the woods hollow
Like water the sunshine leaks  
As the leaves pass me by
I'm awoken with the calmest breeze

I hear the silent whisper
I see the glow of gold
I know that you are with me
Forever till i'm old
A poem i wrote originally about feeling at peace and the calmness of knowing my mum is always with me, even when she isn't there. But then dedicated it to a passing of life in general and the quietness we feel but the sense of comfort we still have knowing they are always watching over us.
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