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Pluto Aug 18
You smile
I smile
You laugh
I laugh
You cry
I cry
You leave
Do I follow ?
Let's hold hands as we walk along the thorns that will bleed our feet, sands that will slow our journey and pasture that we will build our home
Pluto Aug 4
I hesitated
But offered you
The key to my soul as you wanted
And watched you scrunch through
My love
My hate
My beautiful
My ugliest
As I see me

is all i hear from you

Did my pain infest you ?
Do you now detest me ?

Tell me that I'm fine
Or at least worth it

To be loved and to love
Whatever that is these days...
Time may heal all wounds but all wounds still leave scars
Pluto Aug 4
god !!!
now !!!
Pluto Aug 4
I often glance at you
But fear my eyes will get trapped in your gaze
Like staring into the sun
To the point of unconsciousness
My mind drifting through space and time

And then...


Your head shifts away and the spell finally...

Pluto Aug 4
Aspire to walk among those you see as
...but humble yourself
And remember they walked in the
Pluto Aug 3
A life living everyday
And feeling the emptiness of death


A life living everyday
Anticipating death with exhilaration
We plan, calculate, anticipate and concentrate all too much on what we want
For us...
For them...
And for you...

But we forget too often we were
And will live...
And will inevitably die...

Yet our minds are feed with overbearing knowledge
Our images with illustrious illusions
Our hearts with blades to pierce and rooms to enclose
But our souls drink poison from our very own cups

Take the path unbeknownst to you
To feed your soul the remedy to your melody
Pluto Jul 25
My Self love

will be the best love...

...but your love

was the worst drug
For a brief moment in time I fell in lust
But tried to convince myself I'm in love
We frolicked in our absence and presence
of pain and pleasure
I felt the current of our destination drifting us to the middle of the ocean
Where finally only the one who wishes to swim out of the drift
Would need all the strength to swim back to shore

Learn to know the love you need and want
No matter the unintentional desire
Or self destruction will become your best and only construction
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