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at your own peril!

dare to vex

provoke, antagonize, exasperate

that is what my words will do

they won't irritate or annoy,
bug or merely peeve,
a simple bother

your core,
that you more
than mere question yourself
but riptide extracts the
battery acid on the essence bared

learn the power of crafting words
for maximum effect

torment, infuriate,
expose yourself,
what has lain beneath the skin,
you will let me in,
to let you out

why play with poetry,
the most dangerous weapon
unless you nakedly intend to

!dare to vex!
Pauline Russell Feb 2016
You don't like my poems because they rhyme
I don't give a **** these poems are mine
You think your a serious writer
But my pen is mightier
You use big words to impress
You think with words you are blessed
I can use big words too
But I prefer *******!!!
Big words are great in the right context
But with your words you're only trying to vex
So stand aside and watch me go
With the rhythm, rhyme and flow
This is no childs's mine
And I'm gonna leave you far behind
Heart desolated beyond measure
shattered by broken dreams and hopeless pleas
solitude, the heart longs to treasure
pain adores vexation, it gives a strange state of bliss
© S.H
I fell in love with my Lithium
Through the haze of an endless sleep.
There exists a girl who I'd like to meet.
She sings with the animals about love and I.
A body that I feel in my drug induced high.

Across the endless space she exists.
A girl who is sleeping and desires my kiss.
I feel her allure and am drawn to her smell.
A forgotten face she wears to compel.

I see her in the eyes of my plastic plaything
Frozen in place, she lives to complete me.
My desire undying and heart now content.
That she could ever love someone in so much torment.

Enduring and withstanding together in this vision.
We dance at a ball, she hums to the rythm.
A love that is born from desperation and pain.
I am trapped and entranced by her again and again.

All those in my life who rejected me now.
They don't matter as I make a vow
I will take my love trapped in a tower.
Other people are just grass compared to her, a flower.

The only way I can sleep forever.
To finish and win in life, I could whenever.
I stand on a bridge and remember my life, a blur.
"Do you trust me?" She asks as I stand ready to join her.

Maybe if I lived in a different way.
I wouldn't be here, not here today.
I wouldn't have fought this war in disguise.
My love wouldn't be telling me to die.

Now soon she will be mine.
No matter the restrictions of reality and time.
On the sands of a planet or amidst the coral of the sea.
She will come to be with me.
A "gift" for the Happily Ever After genre I despise so much.

— The End —