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Cedric Chin Oct 2017
a fleeting breath
a heavy arm
his eyes of sorrow
unholy calm

bare skin
sparse hairs
raw love
a perfume she wore

tears tears
splits and liquids
drawn with blood

whiskey nights
moonlight dances
a drink oft taken

twas shame
she blamed
an excuse
to end it all

his seed
a promise
thus sown

a bond

cold and naked
on the marble floor
soft sunlight
for eternity

he would lay
in wait
for a reawakening
to come

he knows
every ending
is a new
Cedric Chin Jun 2017
oh don’t we all
chase shooting stars
clinging on to that
fading hope
that our wishes would
be granted

a little speck of light
running across
infinite sky
and yet we hope
it’ll help us

for once is enough
as it always was
and always shall be
Cedric Chin Jun 2017
when all that’s
left of us
is distant

it makes me wonder
if i was the only one
who saw through
tinted glass
Cedric Chin Jun 2017
depth is not necessary
where there's pleasure
sometimes it's better to trust
and dip in shallow waters
rather than believe
in what's not
and drown
in unwarranted thoughts
the good knight and his sore rose
Cedric Chin Jun 2017
the shifting continents
and the mountains between
serve as monuments

everlasting reminders
of our love
and the greatness
that rose
from our collision
the good knight and his sore rose

— The End —